1.12 AV is a huge, huge mistake

Reddit appeared to be mix at first. But then had a meme that made it to the front page with over 1,400 upvotes.

Then people said it was because some private servers use 1.5 AV and that people who wanted the 1.5 AV are private server players who want blizzard to emulate private servers.

No Private server in history has used 1.5, most of them use 1.8 or 1.12

I don’t know what private servers use as I don’t play on them. Just heard people said they use 1.5 or 1.8.

I also think reddit is a better medium to gather feedback then the forums, aside from the blue posts. Reddit seems to have more activity from a greater number of people.

I feel like I’ve interacted with most of the regulars here. Whereas reddit just has so many opinions.

I got to experience earlyer versions of AV on Pservers and grow a likeing to them there and prob most people get the idea of wanting 1.5 or whatever version it is from there.

But ye blizz does have the time even if they miss alot of code to work for us and making an earlyer version, with av releasing months after classic does.

That said… these versions on Pservers also left in the backdoor walljump, which gave horde a way to not have and cross the bridge and avoid 2 towers of bowman…

I think it depends more on the topic then anything else. How many users from Reddit would even play on Classic compared to those posting on the forums my biggest problem is that you don’t need a sub to post here yet people don’t. So i’d take either site wit a grain of salt.

So I was browsing the EU forums to see what they’re thinking about this is. Surprise, surprise most didn’t like it but found someone on the thread link something TipsOut said.

Seems hard to argue with that. Blizzard said it gives them the most clarity. Not the most clarity for the players, but for Blizzard.


But nobody actually argued about that sentence? “Clarity” could very well equate to “least effort”.

You went on the EU forum, saw more overwhelming dislike of the decision, but managed to find and post a nothingburger.


By the by, what on earth is with the expiration date on threads there? Can the EU only fit so many threads onto their interwebs?

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If we’re making a Classic server, why not have Classic AV? The whole thing kinda fly’s in the face of “warts and all” and making a “Classic Experience”. We had AV 1.5-1.8 for how long? How long was 1.12 AV there for?


Again it is “warts and all” except where Ion or whoever is making the decisions deems it “gross” or “hard”.

I would caution you from the “how long was X in the game”, as time something existed does not directly relate to the quality of the thing.

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Patch 1.5 - AV ADDED - June 7th 2005 (Original AV)

Lasted 35 days

Patch 1.6 Changes to increase the speed of the game - July 12th, 2005

Lasted 63 days

Patch 1.7 - minor bug fixes - September 13th, 2005

Lasted 27 days

Patch 1.8 - big changes happened - October 10th 2005.

Lasted 85 days

Patch 1.9 - tooltip change - January 3rd 2006.

Lasted 84 days

Patch 1.10 - nasty items removed/ korrak removed - march 28th 2006

lasted 84 days

Patch 1.11 - most NPC guards removed - June 20th 2006

lasted 63 days.

Patch 1.12 - one bug fix - August 22nd 2006

lasted 105 days

Patch 2.0.1 - TBC PRE-PATCH - December 5th 2006.

What does this show us? 1.12 is the longest unchanged version of AV in Vanilla. Make of that what you will.

Carl Sagan
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There will come a time when the time Carl Sagan has been dead will be the longest unchanged version of Carl Sagan. Does that mean that dead Carl Sagan is better than live Carl Sagan?

Much like death, blizzard is loathe to undo horrible things they cause.

“Longest Unchanged” is meaningless.


No, but it does mean that the Dead Carl Sagan is the version you have to live with :wink:

Im not saying it’s better. I was replying to a person who asked how long each version was out for.

You’re reminding me of many other people who post here and complain.

They complained when they didn’t get a cheaper subscription. They’re still here.
Complained when the subscriptions were tied together. They’re still here.
Complained when they got temporary sharding. They’re still here.
Complained with the compromise on loot trading. They’re still here.

I’m sensing a pattern here. I bet when Classic launches and if we have 1.12 AV, you’ll still be here.

Unlike dead Carl Sagan, bad versions of AV are under the power of blizzard to not implement into a classic version of the game. If someone wanted to go to a museum and see all of the cool stuff Carl Sagan did and spoke on, it would be rather dumb to simply have a reproduction of his corpse.

And you will note that I dealt with that immediately, as opposed to your wall of dates.

Game isn’t out.
You know who you remind me of? A common troll.

I would also be dumb to have a recreation of Carl Sagan age 10, instead of a Carl Sagan age 40, if they’re showing off all his achievements.

Simple fact is, they’re reproducing 1.12 in every way possible. For all the “Blizzard already changed it” things, none of those are to use an earlier patch once CP6 comes out.

You could justifiably ask for AV1.5 for CP3 and then AV1.12 in CP6, but you’re going to get CP6 by the end of it, because they’re working on that as the template snapshot they want to reproduce. All the content patch phased introduction is a concession to us. Not for their benefit. If AV 1.5 is too hard to do as a phased element, they’re not going to do it.

Well BFA is out and I pay money for that and to access the forums. A long time ago Bornakk said they may turn off access to the forums for non-subscribers because of harassment and no productive discussions.

You’re not being very productive dismissing everyone with a different opinion and telling people who play retail they’re opinions don’t matter.

I’m actively paying Blizzard money. Why do I need to deal with someone who isn’t paying money actively trying to derail discussion on threads?

I don’t get harassed when I’m shopping at the grocery store by the non-customers outside. So why the heck is it allowed here on the forums?

You’re just showing why they need to flip the switch again. Zero room for discussion. It’s all “My way or the highway, you’re wrong, leave.”

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You know what. I have to conclude that you’re either

a) A bully and a troll, who accuses everyone of being a troll to bully them into not responding, or heaps abuse on them to try and discredit them ad hominem style.


b) Really really … really… insecure.

Please stop accusing everyone of being a troll because they don’t agree with you, or point out the HUGE GAPING HOLES in your argument.

I actively paid for D3, WC3, and other Blizzard Titles. You are not currently paying for classic, so you and I have the same right to speak in the forum dedicated to it.

YOU are not being very productive simply repeating what you read on the internet rather than speaking from experience. You habitually argue against those who HAVE that experience. You even admit you would play either way. So what is your agenda beyond getting reactions?

Also, “derail discussions”? You of all people beyond those with ZERO vanilla experience, who only has “Ion said” as a reply has been derailing since you created that alt to post here.


We are both standing outside of the store that has yet to open. The only difference is that I have shopped there in the past.

“Zero room for discussion”
Suggests removing those from the discussion who actually have experience with the subject matter

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