10.1.5 Demonology - But why?

I’d recommend looking at each spec problems before you comment on them, they wouldn’t be getting changes constantly in 1 xpac if “no problems there” was a true statement.

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All my max level characters are WARLOCKS of all 3 speccs ; I DO Have experience with all of them; i have 11 warlocks of all 3 speccs.
I only said I don’t have M+ experience.

Heres the thing, rather you have those things you say you do or not is pretty irrelevant when the things you say are lacking in knowledge.

Barrels of fun spec. If the numbers are an issue nerf it but dont change the play style please.

Your comment is ridiculous and just wrong in every aspect. Destro and aff are nothing like demo. Ruining demo is essentially no different than ruining the entire class if youre only playing lock for demo. I have multiple other classes at 70 or close to 70, but none of them are fun to me. If blizz ruins demo, I will not be renewing my sub. Not in protest or because I’m rage quitting, but simply because I have more fun playing Rocket League than I do playing any class other than demo… and its free. I’ll also save $15 per month. Win/win

PI should have been remove. Instead, they made an entire new spec (Evoker) about it. They are actively breaking this game


The current demono is only fun to play if you have the class trinket and 4 pieces bonus and i’d say even PI. Right now i have the 4 pieces bonus, the trinket, the cloak and PI and yeah when you got all that it feels good but before i had nothing at the beginning of the season it felt 100% totally awful.

I preferred the dogs playstyle where the sustain damage was better. I welcome a change toward a more sustained damage profile but shadow bolt really is not the play. Also i think they plan to bring the dogs back to only two so i really don’t see how it will work.

I mean dogs will do no damage since there will only be two. If you want to remove the peaks and valley then Tyrant will do nothing again. Imps are mostly useless outside of Implosion. Where the damage will come from? Shadow Bolt??? Not sure what’s the plan there.

PI is a bigger problem for demono than demono itself. As long as PI is there as soon as demono will be slightly good it will look broken in logs (even though it’s really not broken if you’re not PIed and don’t have broken trinkets giving you major buff under Tyrant).

Demo is fine

Let’s start with sources:

10.1 Sims for Pure single target:

10.1.5 Sims for Pure Single Target:

Both are using an updated APL and same gear as T30 For the sake of fairness and truth be told, the change is very small impact all around.

Similar Curves

Similar Demonbolts Cast

Similar Shard Generation

Similar interval between Tyrants/Grimoire:Felguards

Hell, even if i bring the T30 profile with the older APL https://simulationcraft.org/reports/T30_Raid.html who never holds Tyrants and is more trigger happy with Demonbolts (but becomes less efficient and with that eats some damage losses) with 10.1 values the difference isn’t that big either.

As you can see, the changes aren’t rly much cause for concern or Doom N Gloom outside of a few more boring talents and different path of talents to approach.

In fact, i wouldn’t be surprised if as APL gets refined we change Gear to better fit new talents, the values of simulation for 10.1.5 goes higher.


#1 - Affliction is very underwhelming in Mythic+. It’s pretty good in single target but make no mistake it’s very very meh in mythic+.
#2 - Destruction is very good but the playstyle is vastly different than demono. You can’t ask a casual player like me to switch to destruction in the middle of a season and have success just like that. Takes a few time doing the dungeons before you get use to destruction and your tank must also understand how the spec works. Destruction is not a fire and forget spec like BM hunter not even close to it.
#3 - Post on your main.

doesnt the evoker spec buff everyone though and not just one person?

4 people in the group with Ebon Might, 1 to 3 people with Prescience (different uptimes).

Ideally you want to move Ebon Might around to buff people at their highest moment of damage.

A spec like Demonology being buffed outside of their burst is almost a waste, you deal tank-level dps in those moments.

But buffing you inside your burst windows is very worth as you are doing damage 2x-4x higher than a sustain dps would ever manage to output.

So what you do? Buff Demo during Their burst window, then move the burst to someone else when they stop bursting.

ahhh i see. well i think they shouldn’t stifle evoker new spec just because they are incapable of fixing demo’s peaks. If Demo doesnt get any further changes that means it was half assed.

As far as i am aware, no evoker damage buff will reflect as your damage but as evoker damage.

Because its damage is a roller coaster peaking at 400k then down to 40k. So they are trying to fix that…

That said, they removed 3rd dog and buffed spells that do very little dmg. Which will not change the roller coaster of our dmg profile. I think who ever made the adjustments, really doesnt understand where and what is doing dmg for Demo. If anything they should have buffed our dogs even more, not removed the 3rd one.

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Can’t they fix that by buffing hog, demonbolt, and shadow bolt even more. Thinking about 25% to 50% more than it is currently on ptr. And lowering tyrant/np burst?

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Well, yes, but is this an issue?

personally i enjoy burst specs like Demo/Unholy who have very powerfull super-bursts but low sustain levels to compensate for that and having every class be sustain (or sustain-ish) is kind of boring.

I must remember the levels of burst demo currently have are kind of inflated due to us running double-on use effectively (class trinket + irideus)

In the sense of evoker buff this is also interesting for them, as the “skill level” of a good augmentatio evoker will be knowing who to buff/when to buff them to maximize their own damage.

Shadowbolt does more than damage comparatively than in the last 2 expansions’ iteration of the spell.

I actually enjoy fel covenant, im sad its being removed.

LOL. Just LOL.

Yea for sure to a point. You want those exciting big cooldowns to feel meaningful and show on the charts they are in deed doing something. But outside of those CDs, you also do not want you DPS to dip below the tanks DPS. There straight up needs to be a balance where if you dont get your CDs lined up and executed perfectly, that your overall DPS doesnt make you look like the worst player ever.

I like most of the changes to Demo so far. But removing 3rd dog was a bad move if their goal was to help reduce the magnitude of the peaks and valleys in Demos DPS profile. Maybe if they buffed Shadowbolt, Demonbolt and Hand by 100%, then just lowered output from NetherPortal, then things would looked better. But sadly its clear who ever is balancing Demo doesnt play Demo.