10/10 M (DPS)DK looking for Guild


I recently had a change in my life and would like to continue raiding.

I need Pacific friendly raid, prefer 2 days a week and I would prefer back end of the week if possible. Does not need to be Mythic only. I am okay w a casual mythic guild.

Horde is preferred but for a good offer I will go Alliance also. Whenever I say prefer please feel free to drop whatever you got. I am not super picky just need to state what I would like.

My priorities are joining a guild are, a good environment where I can log into discord at night and know I will have friends to talk to. Friends, I am an introvert so making friends isn’t easy. Progress, I want to see steady progress towards known goals.

Logs are under Untimelydoom on Wyrmrest Accord. I have a reference from my previous guild stating my capability. To be clear I will play Unholy but much prefer frost. I know this is taboo but have logs on both.

Please feel free to add Untimelydoom#1550 on battlenet or Doom#5760 on Discord. I would love to talk.