10.1 pvp design intentions


  • baselineish precog
  • 150% crits
  • 8 second ccs probably pulled down to 6

honor talent “revamp” as well


No more blind into sap


that fistweaving change!!!


I know I just read it lol

It looks like a cocoon nerf though

-ethereal form removed
-seasoned winds duration change

Blizzard’s idea of honor talent “revamp” I guess.

removed spriest’s mandatory talent against melee’s 100% uptime on them!

wooo revamp!!!


Gotta trade one thing for another. This will put fistweavers on the map. Actually make it viable in ladder play.

there’s going to be a LOT of stuff coming out every couple weeks for the next roughly 12 leading up to 10.1

i assume they’re probably going to make ethereal a shamanistic rage spin off
it’s either going to be an astral shift augment that makes it kind of like sham rage
or a different kind of defensive button

this is a fried take

fistweaving on ladder is fine orbxreth and feed do fine
it’ll just make it more approachable for the bad fistweavers that are feelin themselves over shuffle cr

it’ll be interesting i expect it the wotc damage to end up being significantly lower than it is now in exchange for it being more forgiving to play


Can you link your fistweaver? or naw?

Fistweave wasn’t a smart heal. There were tons of things you couldn’t realtiscially play it with. There were only certain comps it did relatively well with on the ladder.

These changes will 100% make it more than viable to just default to fistweaving since it removes the RNG element to it.

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the crit change makes sense for 90% of specs.

But for ele, destro, frost that are tuned based on guaranteed crits they just got a significant damage nerf that will eliminate them from pvp.

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i can link u being a like 2k player for >10 years
then i can link u playing triple dps in shuffle against other 2k players playing who are just playing t1 specs at 3k in shuffle and u egoing like crazy about it

3v3 isn’t unplayable for your gimmick
you just didn’t actually get better at the game and are being baited by a number in a bracket with a non existent skillfloor


Never said it was unplayable/ Said this would make it a lot more viable.

You need to go take a sip of water, champ.

Going to toggle that ignore function tho. Thx

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you literally said this would make it viable LMFAO

10 years to not get a 2700 achievement and u send people messages like this when your spec feeds you a number thats still less impressive than 2700 in real 3s even in a season like unchained LMAO


Sorry but if RSS rating isn’t real because inflated, etc. then Any season 3’s rating got higher than 2500-2700 was too inflated to matter too. Pretty sure that was any season you played.

(Also if you cared about what’s the most skill-full I don’t think you’d be playing melee only)

i mean a career 2k player sees 1000 rating higher than he would normally in shuffle and attacks ppl ab it

you’re free to think he just got better
but anyone with a brain can recognize that the bracket is just different

thank u for taking the time off of being a 2100 (shuffle only) shadow priest to share with me your opinion


Could you queue 3’s like you can RSS without requiring a team and comms or no?

You’re welcome, at least I play real specs (Not melee, all melee rating is irrelevant and far too easy to get 3k on. Play a REAL spec!)

i’m pretty sure it’s just a troll
nerdx opinions with ferfykins skill



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