10.1 massive PvP changes

Yeah I’m not really sure why they didn’t include anything in that regards. They had said during DF beta that 10.1 was going to see an overhaul of PvP talents. They were talking about it at the same time as Rated Solo Shuffle, which wasn’t supposed to be released until 10.1 either.

This seems pretty scarce as far as a “PvP talent overhaul” is concerned. Maybe there is more to come?

They must have hired New World devs because these change… woo…

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Honestly i love how blizz touch the worst of pvp and every games… stuns.

This will force to people to understand better their spec and learn when they have to kick or stun, not just running along the map spamming kick and stun to stop a random frostbolt

Precog change its the best, its unfair that players are forced to lose 1 pvp talent on it


I’m not a huge fan of pre-cog in general but I’m glad to see reduction of CC across the board, it will add to players skill to be able to use them correctly.

Maybe players won’t need to play with precog embellishment if other good alternatives exist.

I think the problem with CC was that people would throw it at healers without thinking. I would’ve reduced CC across the board on healers but left it the same for everyone else. For example a polymorph on a healer would last 6 seconds while on a DPS it would last eight. But I see why blizzard went this way because CC can be kind of annoying. But I’m afraid we’re kind of going to lose something special along the way. And precog being baseline is going to make casters a little too good so I’m hoping we see some caster damage nerfs


I’m really scared about that, the last time they said that, we only got damage increase PvP talents.

But this time around it seems to add more defensive/cc/utility. I’d love to get a taste of that aswell. Screw damage increase PvP Talents for Ret, its zzz.

Also 10.0.7 is coming close and pretty sure we will not get PvP Talents to replace the 3 that got removed. So I trully hope Ret also get a pass of PvP Talents in 10.1

Well they said more to come for PvP Talents, so lets cross fingers.


overall bad changes. There are some good things in here such as the critical damage reduction. Im interested to see how the kick durations work out overall too. Unsure if that is a good or bad change. I greatly dislike the overall CC reduction. Would be fine with them targeting a few abilities even if it just consisted of blind and sap and nothing else. That being said, targeting almost every cc ability in the game and reducing it is overall a bad change. It will just increase the zugzug on top of re-enabling orc racial to rule the meta once again.


It’s bad enough they can’t even balance racials, that says how poor they are at doing such things that there’s no hope of them ever balancing classes

Bright side, all those people that race changed from orc are gonna race change back, ez $$ for blizz. Also I like your name arfy

Well if the changes go through I might delete and free up the name if you want it.

Wishing they’d at least add a slow suppression to darkflight. Feels so troll to press it and have it basically do nothing unless you’ve also got a freedom or immunity like bladestorm.

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Just go DK and enjoy built in slow supression, then you pop darkflight and zoom around

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Way too dramatic. Stop throwing a pity party


these changes won’t stick altho i hope the rogue/hunter ones do… and the micro cc, they just want feed back on PTR… either way 1O.1 isn’t for many months still…

what is stopping hunters from stunning into trap with these changes? I missed that.

You would be crying if they rightfully nerfed locks which they appear to not care at all about for some reason while they continually nerf spriest again instead of nerfing certain classes dmg and utility already

Nothing, but the combo goes from 5 + 8 for 13 seconds of CC to 3 + 6 for only 9.

nothing, but the fact its lower duration is what’s nice and i hope it stays… sitting in a 5 sec pet stun into 8 second trap, then followed by fear etc… was too much

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I do not like these changes to CC. :frowning:

Getting traps is bad enough as is. Now the reward is even less. This is not a good direction for PvP.

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You will crank maximum pve damage.