10.1 caster buffs

Bgs are dying so the solution was to buff casters and make it even harder for melee to play

Cool blizz




I’m excited about the Precognition embellishment. I always wanted to run that but didn’t want to give up a PvP talent slot. Now I can just put it on my gear :slight_smile:

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Should have made it a healer exclusive

Game needs more healers

Not caster geeks

also getting dome free’d up! excited to run archangel in bgs


To be fair they seem to be nerfing healers too so…

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Fistweaving is getting changed which is good imo

No longer a random proc RNG brick wall


Other day, I was in AB, and there were 11 huntards. 8 on horde, 3 on alliance. It was grim talk in the Alliance pregame lobby, but the hordes were terrible, and we curb-stomped them in short order.

I’m going off bg q times/arena participation

340k active arena pvpers in s1 is extremely grim

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Dunno, reduced crit damage and reduced duration to all CC (DRd CC is going to be very short) should help melee out a bit since they are the target of most CC and damage in a BG (provided the healers have good positioning). It should also benefit healers with reduced lockouts on interrupts.

One thing is for sure; pvp is going to be changing a lot with these changes. Not sure how it will pan out.

It’s more or less the same, they’re removing all passive cc reduction we have now

Interrupt reduction doesn’t matter, because getting kicked doesn’t really mean much in an instant cast meta

Orc warlocks/mages are now going to be getting stormbolted for 2.1 seconds

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We’ll be seeing more orcs again, yep.

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Baseline precog should have also been exclusively for healers.

I don’t like precog just on general principle since a person can be punished pretty harshly through no fault of their own. I think healers just need a situation where a big crit badly hurts someone but just doesn’t delete them so they have at least a gcd to recover.

I’m not sure the 175% to 150% change will be enough, but it’s a step in the right direction.

This hurts melee more than casters I feel

Often you’re barely able to kill a caster in the current game

Where as I’m getting overkilled by 100k by glacial spike

Ranged damage is just generally way too high for how easy it is to get off in a roughly stalemated team fight in random BGs.

Hard to balance that with rated BGs and arena without having different modifiers for different types of pvp.

In the old days (before rated content), you could actually have melee versus melee fights while a hunter freecasted on you and be able to win the melee fight and have enough left to fight the hunter (at a disadvantage). Now, you have no choice but to ignore the melee and try to counter pressure the hunter or just die. Same is true of most ranged/casters.


you got really good takes on the game Vanazar <3

You know you could say hi in the bg when you get on my team lol

Was filming an episode of Undercover Scrub.

Not saying casters are not strong, I know we are. But looking at the top 100 of 3s, there are 40 melee, 31 healers 29 casters/hunters. Hunters don’t even belong in the caster or melee column but we’ll count them with casters since they are ranged. It’s odd how randoms and solo shuffle are caster dominate as you said, but top rated 3s are more melee heavy.

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AWC is all wizzards

Solo shuffle is all wizzards

bgs are all wizzards

Melee is fun in 3s/2s

When people play for money, they bring godcomp.

Yea I’m talking regular 3s, not solo shuffle or randoms. Regular 3s which is what Blizz always seems to balance by

Have you played a caster in 2s or 3s?