10.0.7 PTR Patch Notes

i thought that was today, which of us are losing control of reality?

I’ve slept since then. New day to me, chiefo. Welcome to the graveyard shift.

You that salty the random rogue guy from the other thread pointed out you FOTM rerolling? Seems unfair.

Tbh the classic paladin is very likely the type of person IRL that some people want red flag laws imposed on behalf of. It’s not just the unironic postage from classic account, but the insistence on post-from-experience and degradation of others’ opinions despite that very clear circumstance that anyone can just click and look at. Like obviously some stuff is happening IRL that is causing a lash-out online.

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seeing that i had each of those classes before the nerf/buff cycle doesnt exactly make it fotm rerolling or does it?

every time i reply to you, you respond by saying im blocked, but you still reply to me.

So either youre a 15 year old girl who didnt get attention from your parents (very likely) or you are a pathological liar.


Am I reading this wrong? Seems like they are going to bring back resto shammy 100k-150k+ lightning bolt with stormkeeper?

1- I didn’t reply to you, I replied to the guy who quoted you. Fascination is strong. Continue chasing me thread to thread whine-crying at me because I pointed out spriests were overpowered.

2- You can click “View 1 Hidden Reply” and view people who are blocked that have posted replies.

It’s… not really that difficult. Built right into the forums.

Idk if its just me but it seems like most of the people who actually expect to be taken seriously on forums don’t post on alt classic accounts


They must have lost the ability to walk within 500 yards of a school.



  • Stormkeeper buffed by 20%

  • Rdruids can make a target immune (double swiftmend buffed rejuvs that tick for 40% more)

  • UH Dk -1 talent point

  • DPS Lizards paper mache molting phase complete

Seems like a good patch. Forgetting to nerf chill streak and you probably want to remove feign death too. Hunters have too many abilities.

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Pretty crazy how some specs like Unholy DK, Resto Druid and Resto Shaman seem to get CONSTANT changes but some specs like Frost DK repeatedly get none.

They even said there’s more Unholy DK changes to come…cmon Blizz, Frost DK is seriously underperforming and needs some improvements too.


Or an entire CLASS has had zero changes all of DF except a removal of Double Tap lol.

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  • Swirling Currents has been redesigned – Increases the healing done by Healing Stream Totem and Cloudburst Totem by 10%/20%.

This is a big nerf to Restoration Shaman in PVP :cry:

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Shoulda just exp locked the class at 29. They’re happier there.

Hey marks is actually really bad. Idk if y’all actually like playing against bm better or not. I’d rather play marks.

242 days of no fdk specific pvp changes and counting. Count yourself lucky lol

Man I linked this to someone on Twitter because I saw it at a glance and looked like an idiot. Got me good :rofl:

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My alt is a 1h fdk but it feels kinda meh atm.

Rip big tide totem. :pray:

Ya iunno about that one, the sustain dmg with rapid fire build is pretty good.