10.0.7 PTR Patch Notes

Wheres the frost mages nerfs?

That’s not real. Op added that in like the demo joke. Hunter actually is ignored.


Oh lmao it was funny.


We are not you play classic. And until you grow a pair and start posting on your main account no one care about anything you have to say.

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I’m finding it less funny as weeks of silence go by. :cry:

Btw I checked 2-set and it has no visual indication of barbed proc like wild call. Sometimes got 2 back to back, often 15-20 kill commands until getting a proc.


I watched it during my testings wasnt looking for any visual ques just a refresh after each KC

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Yea, I just find the lack of visual indication annoying. I have a weak aura that tells me when I have barbed up anyway; but it’d be nice to get the light up like wild call.

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I love you, dont ever forget that.

I care what he/she has to say. They(?) are usually right.


It’s amazing, all that anger… all your carefully and meticulously planned rage over the character that I post on…

And you still can’t figure out how to direct that anger into playing a higher skill floor class than hunter. Dyrus once said, “Lose is Improve.” - you’ve been doing a lot of improving I guess.

Passive? It’s a change that makes utilizing their hard casts much clunkier. Do you even have reading comprehension?

Indeed, it’s difficult to understand how you think the class is defensively strong.

Obsidian Scales confers the same meager damage reduction as Divine Protection, except not even usable while stunned, making the class incredibly prone to just getting 100-0’d when combined with its 25yd range putting it in inherent danger.

It’s simple to say “hurr durr 24 seconds of silence immunity” while ignoring the fact that wasting your weak and only defensive as an aura mastery is a fast way to die (and has to be PvP talented, when that third slot has multiple other talents competing to be slotted).

I need the ability to laugh react to posts that genuinely think evoker isn’t in an absolutely baffling broken state atm.

Evoker’s defensive capability is flooring compared to everyone elses. 24 consecutive seconds of cast/move, 100% silence immune, 30% damage reduction, snare immune, 70% increased movement speed… Like what?

You can literally Shroud-DR-Hover and 70% movespeed 30% dr 100% silence immunity 100% stun immunity cannot-be-stopped-for-any-reason-at-all-in-the-entire-game sleepwalk CD force off…

As both specs. You can do that literally as both specs. It’s insane. Evokers gaslighting the community that their defensives aren’t S+++++++++++ tier is wild to me.


I need the ability to laugh react to posts too, because you suggesting to overlap all your cooldowns and use your wall consecutively for aura mastery is absolutely hilarious and would lead to a very, very dead player after the first 30 seconds of the match, when the evoker now has no mobility, no CC immunity, no defensive CD.

You should make gameplay tutorials, they’d have high entertainment value.


OH WAIT…Did you see there is a new Hunter change…Stampede is now 40 yard range :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

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Where did this part come from


the OP added it in as a joke.


Hehe they made a funny.


why would they not announce this, the quest takes like a month to complete and i have this active and nearly complete on at least 3 characters.

this company seems to not give two shiz or even consider it being a slap in their players faces.

Its wild to me that people like you can confidently be this stupid on a public forum. If this was 200 years into the past you’d be publicly executed as an unfunny jester


id like to report a murder.


Aw, how cute, only problem is Euniper is ignored by like 98% of the human race in-game, out of game, and on forums. =(

I do appreciate your vague attempt at me mocking you yesterday, though.