10.0.05 Storm Sigils

What’s the point of storm sigils in 10.0.05, now that Rethelshi no longer sells 385 armor?

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I thought it was a bug, no?

There’s a new “vendor” for them. It’s one of the vendors in the back of the pvp area in valdrakken. The name starts with a c I think. He’s an item upgrader, so you click on him, click “upgrade an item” and it shows the armor you can upgrade. I think it’s kind of stupid in my opinion. It just adds an extra place to go.


I thought if I handed in all four elemental storm sigils, that would do it.

Nope. Where’d the 385 armor/weapons go?

What is he selling now?

Thank you!

Found him. But I’m getting a “can’t be modified” message after the slot accepts the 359 weapon and asks if I want to upgrade it.


I can see why they did it, it makes all the upgrade mechanics consistent with each other, I wonder if this was what they planned all along but they ran out of time before launch?

I do think it’s silly to change it two months after launch though, at this point everyone was already accustomed to it working the other way.


Same here, I bought a helm, brought it to the upgrader, have enough currency, and got “cannot be modified”. Though please give Blizzard a break, they are a small indie company and don’t have the resources to test patches before launch.



Let’s see if today’s maintenance does anything.

EDIT: This game is running so bizarre today. Still can’t upgrade 359 weapon to 385 … but just got a 382 weapon with better secondary stats. - facepalms -

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Sigh… Still broken, finally got 14 sigils, and can’t update the staff. :frowning:

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This might help explain the devs’ intent, but it sounds like the new upgrade vendor is bugged?

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I imagine the upgrading on these items is disabled right now. Was reading over in the bug forums that it wasn’t taking the currency but giving upgrades for free.

you go to the item upgrade vendor now Corxian in Gladiator’s Refuge.

you go to the item upgrade vendor now Corxian in Gladiator’s Refuge.