10% DR is going to kill what's left of Alliance

Who at Blizzard thought it would be a good idea to further exacerbate the faction imbalance by giving Horde more of an incentive to camp what little Alliance remain on PvP Servers? Does anyone at blizzard even play Alliance? or are you all on PvE servers?
Of all the changes they made this is quite possibly the most stupid one i have seen so far.

Just Nerf AV honor or bring back the Old AV why is this so dam hard. It’s like you have no idea that faction imbalance is causing these problems to begin with.


Yes. The honor decay nerf is the most blatant example of Blizzard Horde bias.


I agree. This was a poorly thought out change. Nobody wanted this and it’s not vanilla like. No good reason for this change.

  • A. Alliance aren’t the only faction on dominated servers
  • B. Alliance do dominate some PvP servers
  • C. If you’re still on a (imbalanced) PvP server after P2, prior to BG’s, you should not have any issue or complaint.

You’re on Pagle. Probably work @ Blizzard.


Every high pop pvp server is horde dominated and because its high pop the problem gets exacerbated. Stop referring to the super small population servers or the medium one off heartseeker server.


Ah the old head in the sand tactic. Tell me, how are you at conversations? I’m guessing if someone told you points they didn’t like about the movie, you would insult them rather than make counter assessments or at the minimum respect that someone has an opposing perspective. :thinking:

So I ask again, if you were on an imbalanced server during P2 and relate to OP’s complaint, you know what you’re getting into. No amount of excuse can change that.

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As some have stated before, the 10%DR was originally in 1.12.

Still, not the best time to revert back to this 10% and just shows how out of touch blizz is on wow classic.


You don’t actually understand why faction imbalance has caused these problems to begin with do you. Talk about head in the sand and coming from a carebear no less.


Does it hurt to formulate an argument? Now you’re questions a persons understanding and insulting them.

It’s not me you’re mad at, perhaps if you showed us where daddy-blizz hurt you, then we might be able to understand your anger better.

Okay Pagle. Give us your hot take on why PvP is a dumpster fire on your 60 warrior while wearing mask of the unforgiven.


The hope was BGs would help bring balance in world pvp interactions. Horde would seek to have actual pvp interactions in world and balance themselves out instead of keeping a super majority on a server and pushing off any opposition. You’re on a pve realm so many of the aspects of wpvp are lost to you.

Having played on multiple private server vanilla projects where all you get is pvp realms, it has never been this bad with 24/7 camping of areas. You get fun wpvp encounters and the effect of watching your back wherever you go.

BG queues leave alliance pvp players in cities and horde pvp players in world ganking undergeared players in mass. The 10% DR and arguably longer horde queue will make this worse and likely make the farmed super minority on these servers leave so they can play.


you were supposed to bring balance to the factions not leave it in darkness !

jk, this will be a great change for warsong gulch honor grinding. I support it.


I love when I have no clue what yer angry about but you vent yer frustration as if I do know what yer talking about.

Until I know what 10% dr is referenced to, this thread is confusing.

When an opposing faction player kills you in game you are worth 25% less honor to them for every repeated kill. With the patch you will be worth 10% less honor every time so it is worth it for them to sit on your copse and kill you a couple more times now because the honor gain is still decent.


The sad thing is so long as Alliance prems can pop a BG at whim i don’t think these changes will do anything to stop the AV META.
You just over queue as 50 and pop a fresh or use a second accts to pop fresh.

Actually a direct nerf to the Alliance population imo.

How so, it makes it reasonable for me to go camp horde hard instead of nonstop av que with alliance who can’t pvp anyway.

This is a learn to PvP issue. If you need to use the buddy system to do things isn’t that what you wanted? It requires cooperation and teamwork to do things.

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Thanks Guy.
However, nothing in this game is worth anything.
I hope these players soon realize they might be getting camped because Red.

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It helps mask the smell from the unwashed rankers. PvP is a dumpster fire because of players like you, tbh.

You spin a biased agenda to make yourself a victim. Camping will exist, but it’s not locked to a specific faction.

Imbalanced servers have always been a thing and there is nothing that will change this.

You’re basically blowing hot air over something that has not, will not or ever will be changed because more of the player base that pvp are Horde.

You yourself have no idea what led to the faction imbalance yet made a post attempting to state your own words as facts.