1 Night per week Mythic Progression. Drama-free raiding and mythic plus with adult friendly schedule

Team Mile Hyjal Club of The Pantheon - Sargeras


The Pantheon is launching a new team dedicated to 1 night per week mythic progression. Perfect for adults balancing the thrill of high-level end-game content with real-world responsibilities. We’re a diverse group of passionate gamers dedicated to efficient, fun, and progressive raiding without the drama.

While many of us are incredibly active, adhering to a fixed schedule isn’t always feasible. We keep scheduled events to a minimum, ensuring flexibility, yet our guild is always bustling with plenty of activities to engage in (keys, pvp, etc).


A single night of Mythic raiding each week (post-AOTC), tailored for adults who value high-level end-game content without compromising their real-world responsibilities.


We’re a collective of gamers united in our passion for WoW, bringing together a wealth of raiding experience. Within our ranks, you’ll find a mix of highly skilled raiders, including former Cutting Edge achievers, ready to tackle challenges on a one-day-a-week raiding schedule, all while fully enjoying life’s adventures outside of Azeroth.


Our team values a laid-back raiding environment focused on fun and progression. You’ll join like-minded adults navigating similar life experiences, in a community free from the drama or toxicity often found in competitive raiding guilds.


To raid Mythic on a one-night-a-week schedule, aiming to progress as far as possible each season. We prioritize focused, efficient raiding in an atmosphere that’s buzzing with the anticipation and thrill of our next big progression victory. While Cutting Edge may not be the primary goal, we approach every raid with the conviction that we can surmount any challenge.


Initial Phase (new season release): Tuesday 9-10:30, Wednesday 9-12.
Post-AOTC: Wednesday 9-12.
All times are PM and EST.

Contact Us

Discord: pimsley (quickest way)
Bnet: Pims#1410

Current Openings

Evoker - Aug
Monk - WW
Druid - Balance

While your class may not be listed, we encourage all exceptional players to reach out if you believe you may be a great fit.


  • Dedication: Commitment to pushing through content efficiently, prioritizing the team’s success over individual accolades.
  • Engagement: Consistent focus during our 3-hour raid windows, with minimal downtime to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Preparation: Arrive on time, equipped with necessary consumables and a thorough understanding of the encounters.
  • Vault: Completion of weekly Mythic+ keys to maximize gear optimization is critical to our success. We ask that all raiders do their best to try and max their vaults each week.
  • Transmog: Professional attire is mandatory during raids. However, Raider Casual is acceptable at all other times. As a wise wizard once said “Dress for the raid you want, not the one you have”.


  • Performance is regularly reviewed to foster improvement and adaptability. We recognize the complexities of adult life, and while attendance is critical, we also understand the occasional necessity for absences. Our goal is to maintain a ready and capable roster, ensuring each member’s readiness when their name is called.

  • We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for toxicity. Raiding challenges us, but poor attitudes can undermine our team’s spirit and success. We expect everyone to maintain a supportive and constructive demeanor, recognizing that while we all have off days, the raid is not the place to vent personal frustrations.

  • Respect for each other’s time is paramount. We recognize the significant commitment our raiders make by dedicating hours each week to raiding—time that could otherwise be spent with family, enjoying hobbies, or relaxing. This shared time is valuable, and we are committed to making every raid minute count. ```

Still looking for a few classes!