1 minute AB and 1 minute EOTS queues right now

During the bonus period we had to wait and queue just to get plowed by ally teams that had no queue. Now that the bonus is gone, now we are allowed to enjoy the game…

But at least it’s here to stay this time. All the crying from the selfish alliance definitely make it a victory.

Alliance quit pvp.
Horde suffers.
Horde fault.

Lol k

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Now that they have instant queue maybe half their players will start to afk and not buff or put up a table/soulwell. Followed by giving up after losing the first clash.

Woe is me I’m alliance why do we lose every bg QQQQQQQQQ

Players knowingly roll the popular faction (edgy emo kids I guess), have the best racials for PvP and PvE (one comp being better as alliance doesnt make alliance better or equal). Players complain when their faction with a 3:1 ratio has longer que times than the smaller factions thinks

Your alliance tears give me more energy


Lol k

Best doesn’t mean completely broken. Alliance has solid racials.

You’re not losing due to racials, you’re losing because you’re getting rolled and smoked by nature.

Well on ironforge pro the US server differential is like 7%, so sure man, call it 3:1 and keep lying.

Bg queues for US have 2 battlegroups, West and East. In those two, they will pull from pvp, pve, rp, and rppvp for the bg queue. There isn’t a massive population difference, but there is a massive bg population difference which lies solely on the fact that the Alliance don’t do bgs in comparison to the Horde.

But stay mad that real people can now play a video game instead of being pigeon held by a dated system that requires one faction with a victim complex to play the game.

When the only thing a faction, an entire segment of the player base, can offer…

“We have faster queues.”


Horde ques tend to be at least 3x longer than alliance thus the 3:1 ratio for PvP that I stated lmao. If they want HvH BGs thats fine but do not limit the ability to premade in an MMO

Feels good man.

reroll horde and life will get easier, trust.

sounds like you’d fit right in!

Enjoy your dead faction salty boy!!

The problem is that these players don’t care and they have said so many times.

They don’t care about anything but themselves. if you say anything about server/faction concerns the answer was always the same “I don’t care I WANT FAST QUEUES BECAUSE I ONLY HAVE 20 MINUTES A WEEK TO PLAY AND ALL THAT MATTERS IS ME ME ME”. They are the most selfish players I’ve ever seen and I’m ashamed to have anything to do with any of them.

IMO BG queues were NEVER a problem. I sat in them and didn’t care. It’s like duel spec, I don’t care at all so I stay out of the threads. However I don’t like things like playing HvH which feels fake and I hate faction balance issues so I did post in these threads. At the end of the day Blizzard wants dead servers and for players to have a fraudulent TBC experience so the other stuff doesn’t matter.

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how many tears did it take again? I lost count…

not as many as alliance are providing now :slight_smile: thanks blizz!

Alliance mad because they want quick queues to out gear Horde.

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It was a hard fought battle on the forums. But once again the Horde has prevailed.

Metzen be praised!

…and now, the theme song of HvH battlegrounds:

Thank you Blizz for making the right call!


EAD ally troll

ur faction is dead

How heavy is that goalpost?

We were talking about premades?

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