1.12 AV... I'm Losing Interest

The new forum software, which includes old forum posts, put AV at a fairly low number comparatively.

Loot trading/sharding weren’t discussed until Blizzard said we were getting one and they were thinking about the other. We didn’t even consider that they’d use it until then. That makes sense, but it is a VERY popular topic these days.

and yes, ret paladins are special =P

It literally is the only reason they are doing it, and yes it does apply.


other mmos and other games are falling into these categories for ‘preservation’ because their versions of the game are no longer on the market place. The only thing stopping them from becoming up for grabs is something they are discussing to this day that if online play is part of the preservation, which it’s looking like this will get passed. I did a deep dive on this stuff about a year ago so I forget most of the facts around this, but blizzard was 100% at risk for this.


I’m not making any decisions for them. Nor am I telling them what to do with their time. I’m simply questioning their priorities, since AV is such an infinitesimally small reason to be coming back to Classic.

I’m cool with this. I never had any illusions that it would be anything but 1.12 considering that is the patch we are getting.

The old forum software shows it was a relatively popular subject back at the time, these people didn’t come out of nowhere. I can’t get anything but a useless “50+” posts from the new search.

Even in 1.12 AV if both sides want to win long games will happen. It wont go on for days like in 1.5 but that was largely due to all the NPC’s with high hp / dmg slowing things down.

Also there won’t be any zerging in 1.12 either due to many things like slower movement speeds in general, longer recovery times, longer respawn timers, and healers not being god mode all make the modern zerging of AV not possible.

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I can use the same meme about you and your ilk too, buddy.

I know you asked for an expert and this might not be what you’re looking for, but from what research I did and put into laymen’s terms it basically said that any video game that has been off the market place for X amount of years has the right to be emulated and preserved for ‘art’ history reasons. But this basically just meant that they can legally be emulated but not played by the public. But I believe I read that they were looking into laws to make it so games that required you to be online and play online that they could be emulated like on a private server for preservation reasons. I’m sure there is way more to it as well but that’s a rabbit hole I’m not going back down into.

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You calling me a tea pot? Seriously I’m more of a Coffee machine comrade.

As to this, You CAN still zerg 1.12 AV 100% doable, but there are more power checks in it. For example Back-dooring alliance, and the same strat people used on P servers will be 100% viable, since we use to do it on AV weekends in Retail vanilla.

We did have a couple threads with decent post counts, which I did acknowledge. A few people were legitimately dedicated to trying to get old AV.

Though it died down and people seemed to more or less just stop caring other than the odd person who would post a thread about it.

It’s certainly not like sharding which, despite having been mentioned half a year ago now and been debated to death multiple times is STILL getting a ton of posts.

Back in the day a lot of us, myself included, were very adamant about “No changes outside of the timeline of Vanilla”.

So we quite literally did get what we asked for =P


Are you short and stout? No, that’s a dwarf. Dwarves are teapots. You’re more like the huge pitcher my iced tea is kept in while in the fridge. :stuck_out_tongue:

POST this everywhere cause I don’t want to play 1.12 AV garbage lmao. If I wanted to “PVP” by completely ignoring all enemy players in a BG IL sub to retail Blizzard…


The biggest thing that we’d probably need a lawyer to clarify is that fact that World of Warcraft is a game that is very much so still on the market and being actively developed.

Granted World of Warcraft as it was in 2004 is so different we could say “It might as well be a different game” to what it is in 2019, but it IS still technically the same game.

Though I’m sure if these laws pass it’ll all get sorted out the first time somebody is willing to take a developer to court over “preserving an older version of a MMO”, and that will be the precedent that we all go with.

If it’s not a lot of work, why the (insert cuss here) is it taking them this long to get it out?

Hell if i know, i wish i had a crystal ball, i guess maybe back porting the data is a pain, they only hired a small team, so it’s a lot of work for em. Maybe they just want something out in the summer? There where a lot of lay-off’s. Maybe they just want to troll us.

Anyone got some better answers?

Maybe it’s already done and they’re just until April 1st to release it after a post telling us it’s been cancelled.

Yes that’s true, anything is doable with the right team / approach. But It will be the exception rather than the rule at 60.

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Boy, would THAT cause the forums to implode.

Just speculation, but my guess is that the team isn’t very big. Blizzard pretty clearly doesn’t consider this a major project, and have called it a “passion project”.

I think it’s something they want to do and convinced the higher ups they could make some money off it, but they don’t think it’ll be that popular and can’t get a ton of resources for it.