0/10 on Shard

Anyone else cursed like me? Haven’t seen it drop once lolol

Got it my second time in there. Ez game.

0 shards

0 glaives (clearing since week 1)

this is kinda BS blizzard. we know you already give bonus drop rates to streamer guilds and arena players, just buff the drop rate for normal humans too.

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Lol what? We do?

I don’t think you want it hard enough. You REALLY have to want it.

But on the serious note, I’ve been running MGT since practically Day 1 (may have missed a day or 2) and I’ve only seen it drop one time.

Be thankful it’s not BRD. I HATED having to run that miserable dump over and over for hand of justices. We can add it to the “list of reasons I never want to go back to classic.”

I told some guildies I’d help them daily with running H MGT until they got the shard, ran it twice, and it dropped both times so they are done. That wasn’t normal RNG luck for us though.

First 3 drops of mine were Shard, finally my time on the 3rd drop.

only run it 3x on my ret, saw it twice, lost it both times (the first time 93 to 94) it happens.

Still better than my what 16 year streak on NOT getting headless horseman mount.

Got mine today but the last 9 days have been “Lf2m dps shard HR.”

It’s a high drop rate. 1/3 trinkets always drop.

0/11 now. Curse you.

0 maces, 0 glaives, 0 shards with never missing a lockout… Gotta be a good speed running guild or have a content creator/blizzard employee in your guild to get those items

My guildie warrior has been farming shard with other guildies since MGT opened. Another guildie warrior joins the group in his first H MGT run, rolls for and wins the shard. It’s a rough life for shard farmers.

Hmmm :thinking: you just want it too much. Want it less and it will drop.

I’ve seen 5 shards so far. 2 of the caster trinkets, 1 tank trinket, and 2 healing trinkets.

My guilds melee are pretty happy.

It will drop. I used to have terrible rng loot luck in classic vanilla. Couldn’t get a 2h to drop for over 3 phases. Now in TBC I’ve had Cata’s Edge and Apolyon drop week one of the raid being out.

You’ll get shard eventually. If not your luck will manifest elsewhere.

I went all of TBC without getting my T4 helm. I ran Kara pretty much every week. The token dropped a few times, but someone else win the rolls.

Yeah I re-rolled ret and got nearly all p4 bis in literally 7 days. That’s where my luck went haha.

Also, top tier guild name btw.