0 people talking about random bgs in community council

The community council is further proving to be completely useless to the average casual player.

GGs ion.


Idk, I’m just waiting for a blue response on the Frost DK balance thread. Doubt it will happen though

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Imagine not everyone caring about the same things.


What is this sudden influx of BG complaints on the forums? Did something happen to everyone at the same time that I missed? Or is this just the new topic now that MT is gone?

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You always have the most useless responses.


The ilvl gap is probably the thing effecting casual play the most. I have to assume this is what you’re talking about since your OP is bare bones.


Why should they talk about random BGs? Im sure there are issues with it like there is with everything else, but they need to be pointed out clearly. Talk to the council instead of assuming they should know everything.


Bluster has an amazing thread about bgs and pvp wdym

Its bg week meaning more people are doing bgs for weekly quest and honor levels


Thank you. I am glad atleast one person mentioned pvp.

Almost as useless as your omplaint that the CC is useless since you think everyone should care about your complaints.

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Bluster is pretty good. I’d suggest following his discussions on PvP since he’s passionate about it.


I actually won 5 BGs in a row last night on my vulpera rogue, while Merc Moding with the Alliance! Those were hard fought, hard scrabble brawls. And super fun!

But then, the next 3 matches I zoned into, my team was already losing by tons and the match ended shortly after. Being tossed into a losing match in progress kinda sucks.

It was a little deflating.

Heck, losing a close hard fought game is still fun. But zoning into a lost game is just like… ugh.

I don’t know what Blizz can do about that. But it is something I see mentioned. Maybe offer extra rewards if you get dumped into a lopsided match in progress? Idk.

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why you think she hiding in a level 10 classic toon posting? XD


In the content drought some have signed up for pvp for something to do.

so its can have more people in it now.

or…they are there for the reward hits. weeklies have some anima in them.

For bitters…it jsut gets old and rant worthy lol. To make us happy…blacklists. Many of us if we could blacklist “loved” ones like wintergrasp but keep the daily reward hit we’d be happier.

I was super sad to see that their PvP guy was an RBG tank player and haven’t looked at the council since.
Maybe there will be some good stuff posted when people are back from the holidays.

Thats not the main one

What can they say about BG’s? I know you guys think they’re full of people in full glad gear, but BG’s have plenty of alts and otherwise poorly geared players.

I figured TS had a few too many cups of coffee after that druid took him out.

Random BGs used to be fun, and actually had good competitive groups when I did about 5 during leveling at about 59. But I have zero interest in getting one shot at 60 because I don’t have raid gear. I support templates for non rated.

“Well, we could do one of these…”

picks up Beatstick and peruses over the many and various dead horses littering the GD forums

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