0 people talking about random bgs in community council

My favorite thing to do is random BGs. They feel so forgotten

I’ve tried to do some RBGs (Random right, not rated?) not sure which you mean. Randoms were one of my favorites things to do back in BC and LK. as soon as I hit in the 40’s brackets things became one shot, even while I was leveling before that MM was insane and I was extremely OP.

Max level? Same thing. One shots to the point where it isn’t even fun. Why people raged against templates for randoms I will never know. Of blizz listened and took them away. I just don’t think PVP is something I’ll be involved in much unless I can really get into 9.2 and stay caught up with gear but I highly doubt that.

As someone who has played thousands of BGs over the years, I stopped playing them this expansion because I feel like the current PvP gearing system is fundamentally broken.

That said, I expect no changes to happen this expansion, but am hopeful for the next one.

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Nah, the CC forum is working as intended.
Blizzard just somehow thought this will be a good idea and implemented it poorly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ~ [nothing new there I guess lol]

Oh… that makes sense. Thanks!

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I noticed this as well @ OP

So far not a single mention of any of the issues or map imbalances that exist in the actual maps themselves (…but especially in epic BGs). I’m guessing because almost no one on the CC seems to actually play BGs regularly.

So far the only thing I’ve seen in there that pertains to random/unrated BG’ers is that the idea of blacklist was BRIEFLY mentioned in a reply comment to an unrelated topic, that’s about it though :laughing:

The board is very PvE-centric so far, it’s quite noticeable. Shouldn’t be surprising I suppose, a lot of the CC members are primarily PvE/Mythic raiding/CE type players so that’s where their interests lie - those types of Mythic raiding players maybe dabble in BGs once a month/once-in-a-blue-moon and not because they actually enjoy the content, but rather to complete an Oribos weekly. They simply don’t have the same perspective/experience of someone that dabbles in the content every night as their “main” form of PvP or prefers it over rated arena.

So far only seen a token amount of 1-2 PvP players, from the players chosen so far. Like 95% of the council is made up of PvE’ers.

Although I don’t care at all about random BGs, I’m with you on this one. That poster seemingly exists to provide only negative feedback in a manner in which they alone think they’re witty and edgy.

Thankfully, the rest of GD generally has them on ignore - the same way they’re likely to be treated in real life.

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