⫷- [H-RP] <War Wolves> - Military RP Guild -⫸

"Always Forward, Always Unyielding"

“Those that consider themselves enemies of the Horde should be weary of the wolf’s howl, for it may mark the coming of a pack unlike any other. Blood and Destruction is all that awaits those who stand in their way, as they leave nothing but death in their wake. A storm is approaching, with all its glory, and all its horror, and it goes by the name of…”


:red_square: Horde RP Guild - Moon Guard US :red_square:

OOC: War Wolves is a 18+ Roleplay guild on Horde Moon Guard centered around the concept of a Warband. It takes influence from both Orcish Clan culture and Horde Military structure to make a conflict heavy, Pro-Horde group! We run D20 and Casual RP Events within the guild and partake in community events as well such as Community Campaigns and RP-PvP Events! We promote character growth and development as we are like a military family.

IC: “The War Wolves are a warband dedicated to serving the Horde and its interests, doing what others cannot to defend the Red Banner and those that serve under it. If you find yourself ready to take up arms or use your skills to the advantage of the Horde, seek out the nearest bulletin board to get in touch with our officers.”

:red_square: The War Wolves is constantly growing and would love to have you! :red_square:

Would You Fit In as a Wolf?

You Would Fit In If:

:diamonds: You Play a Pro-Horde Character
:diamonds: You Are No Stranger to Combat
:diamonds: You See Yourself Being Active In the Guild and RP Scene
:diamonds: You Are interested in a wide range Horde themes
:diamonds: You Like the concept of Militaristic/Clan-esque RP
:diamonds: You Play Lore Abiding Characters and Concepts

What We Offer

:diamonds: Consistent Activity with Plenty of Chances for Character Development
:diamonds: The Opportunity to Host your Own Events as a Member!
:diamonds: Semi-Regular PvE Content: Raids/Mythics
:diamonds: Strong Knit Community with an Active Discord

Commonly Asked Questions

:question: Q: What, if any, are the requirements to join?
:exclamation: A: You Must be 18+ and have a Discord account. Your Character must be Pro Horde, as well as a Horde Race (Not Accepting Dracthyr at this time).
:question: Q: Im New To RP, can I still join?
:exclamation: A: Of course! We Would be happy to have you and teach you the ropes!
:question: Q: Is Attendance Mandatory?
:exclamation: A: We know people have lives and therefore are not obligated to come to events. However, inactivity for 3 Months will result in a kick.

Additional Info

:diamonds: Website: https://warwolves.carrd.co/
:diamonds: Moon Guard Wiki: https://moon-guard.fandom.com/wiki/War_Wolves
:diamonds: Horde Vanguard Community Discord: https://discord.gg/fUjuna5QZt

Questions? Interested in joining? Contact a GM or Officer today!

:red_circle: Contacts In Game: :red_circle:
Soranah | Tarkha | Krokthar

:red_circle: Contacts Via Discord: :red_circle:
The Wartotem#0252 | Cakefartz#3220 | DemonServer#1373

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Such an amazing Guild filled with great people!


They give hugs, head pats, and punches! Sometimes at the same time! Who doesn’t love that?


War Wolves will be starting up Dragonflight campaigns again after New Years. Until then, we have been and will be doing social events as well as plenty of content.

A lot of great new people have joined us recently, so again, if you are interested, get a hold of one of us mentioned in Krok’thar’s post above.


Great folks. A lot of fun to work with.


Sora’nah Grimtotem is in the guild. Should join. Also amazing guild.


Last night we hosted our recruitment ceremony, and welcomed many new members!
Welcome to the War Wolves!


Sora’nah is stinky. Stinky Grimtotem. Come exact revenge for Cairne by putting dead fish in her caravan.

All jokes aside - this is a great guild and has been extremely welcoming and we put on some damn good (And brutal) events. Come join in on the fun!

PS. We need more Troll RPer’s here =)


Can confirm, Krok’thar’s tusks can canonically be used as fully functional beer bottle openers.


This might be a good fit for my Sunwalker Arkhad, I’m looking to get into RP for the first time, but also heal PVE.

I will reach out.


Message myself, Soranah, or Wyrmscream in game when you have some time. One of us can talk with you a bit more and I can definitely use another healer for raid/mythic+ stuff!

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This is true. I make Krok open cans to my favorite caffeine products daily.

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I just joined War Wolves yesterday. They are a great group, very welcoming and supportive. I just wanted to pop in here and promote the guild in general.

As a returning player and longtime Warcraft vet, I completely give my stamp of approval on War Wolves.

For the Horde! For War Wolves!


Not in the guild, but have bumped into the folks a few times. Can confirm Sora’nah is stinky.


As a green-blooded gobbo, I give my prestigious stamp of approval to War Wolves! Ya get the bang for your buck with this gang, no doubt about it. There’s no better way to fight back against the annoying Alliance than being a part of this guild of truly dedicated Hordies. Their military might is truly profitable from a moolah-standpoint, plus ya get to 'splode some gnomes in the process! How can ya argue with that? Sign up today and cash into the scrappiest clan of roughies and toughies on Azeroth!


Really good folks here. Love the dedication from the officers and how everyone gives it their 100% in RP and lore accuracy.


How do you feel about Ogres?

We really must teach you all about information security! It has been awesome seeing you around though :heart:

Harumphs and sips tea


While the Warband itself doesn’t have issues with Ogres (I mean, their strong line breakers. Always a good thing) there are PLENTY of those in the warband that ICly do not like ogres.

Again this is all ICly, and we want folks to RP what they want. But because of that we have tended to in the past to not readily pull in the Ogres.

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