“Stay a While”: A Look Inside the Quest

You didn’t get the “oh, then again maybe you can imagine” (or words to that effect) line we got?

(I though it was a nice touch)

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I read it all and tried to get into it the first time I did this quest. Now it’s just something I skip entirely because I can’t skip the seemingly endless clicking of dialogue for blurbs that I don’t have any interest in reading again, but since I can’t thank you for giving us an option to just skip to the end of it for credit I’ll be grateful that nothing of significance is tied to it so I can just skip the quest altogether.


My only criticism of this quest chain–which is by far my favorite of the expansion–is that it wasn’t voice acted. I think it should have been and would have been all the better for it.


It could easily have been used as the script for a melancholy pre-expansion cinematic if they had been going for a focus more on the flights and their history rather than introducing the dracthyr.

Do more quests like this. I also enjoyed the Dragonmaw orc visiting the Lifeshrine.

Quests like these remind us that real people are swept up in the events we’re plowing through, and there’s fallout from it.

Thank you.


Got to admit I didn’t read the rp text the npc was typing out lol. Although it is nice having a quest every once in a while where you are not having to gather 10, or 20 zebra hooves, etc, or slay x amount of this, or that repeatedly to complete a quest.

Love this quest.

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I really felt ripped off because you can Interrupt his soliloquy and still get credit.

Nah, because if they are all like that, then it takes away the impact of that type of quest. Usually, questing follows the yellow arrow to kill/gather/talk to someone and then comes back with people not really reading the quest text.

This one is an optional quest, so if someone doesn’t want to wait around for the dialog to happen, they can skip and abandon it. Those of us who enjoy reading the quest text can enjoy this type of reprieve from the normal questing formula.

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You missed out then.


I’m surprised that you don’t get at least the Night Elf follow-up line. To a Draenei, he adds, “Although… I heard about Argus. Whether you were born on the planet or after your people fled, I imagine you can relate to what I speak of.”

He also has a follow-up quest starting from a book that you can find in the Black Dragon area, in one of the side-rooms downstairs where you fight the spider rare.

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Veritistrasz’s quests were definitely a highlight for me. I always make sure to do them, and sit and listen even when I’m going through on my alts again. Following up and fetching the old diary is important to me too, I always make sure to do it.

It was a very thoughtful and well written quest that made WoW’s world feel more… Lived in, if that makes sense. To see the story of a non-major NPC shared with such detail and emotion was insightful and beautiful.

I hope the devs reading this thread don’t take the trolls, and the people who only ever want to rush to heart. Quests like this make the game world so much better. Thank you.


The quest allows you to leave at certain points. You can always just leave, too.

I never would have found that if it wasn’t for wondering why I didn’t have credit for his tale in the achievement for listening to all the story quests.

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May we have an article about the Taivan questline next? Pretty please? He’s such a good boy


Duroz was the one that tugged at my heartstrings.

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Was happy to do this on one toon. But I wont do it on any other.

The poor little red whelp that befriended him. At least they’re traveling with the other orc now.

You can sit down, get up, and turn in the quest for full credit, either right off the bat or at any subsequent point. You don’t have to listen to any part of the story.


This is an extremely well done quest. I loved it, did it on several alts and have copies of his journal still.

Ty for this. It made me want to buy DF & I’m glad I did. Good job. Be well.