“Stay a While”: A Look Inside the Quest

“Stay a While”: A Look Inside the Quest

Dragonflight introduced a variety of quests to draw players into the beauty and wonder of the Dragon Isles, but one has stood out among the many—"Stay Awhile.” We take a moment to look at the genesis of this quest and how it evolved into the quiet moment of remembrance so many players love.

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Love this quest. Do more stuff like this.


I got absurdly excited to do this quest as soon as I saw the objective say to just sit down.


In general, I thought the quest was a nice touch. Small moments like this are crucial for world building.

Veritistrasz says: Perhaps you think me overly sentimental. You try living for ten thousand years, never being able to visit your home, finally visit it only to find it completely different, and then come back to me.

It would have been nice if the writers remembered that Nightborne, who are one of the few races who could possibly claim to be alive 10,000 years ago and potentially have friends and family outside of Suramar when the barrier was raised, don’t have a unique interaction with Veritistrasz.


The placement of this npc is perfect too. Its not part of the main story, but you can’t miss this guy.


This one is memorable for me because once I realized I had to sit and listen to his long winded story I walked away and abandoned the quest lol


This thing was hella bugged at one point during beta and wouldn’t actually let you leave.

Me on launch day, walking past this guy: “Nope. Nope nope nope.”

Guild chat on launch day: “I don’t get this quest.”
Me: “Did you talk to the dwarf?”
Them: “Yeah.”

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You’re going to sit and listen and you’re going to like it :unamused:


why cant i get next quest “bitter end”?

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Honestly this is my favorite quest in dragonflight.

It’s something I do throughout the expansions. I just sit somewhere remote and just take in the scenery.

The other one was the dragonMaw orc story

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Not just the quest, but that whole ledge was one of the highlights to DF for me.
Your first proper look at the new landscape. Seeing the Dragons soaring in the distance, knowing it’s about to be your turn.

I can’t help but feel as if I’d enjoy Revendreth a little more if there was a moment to sit down and take it in. But it was so hectic and just felt like a vertical maze.


Every quest in the game should be like that one. That will sure as heck slow everyone down :rofl:

I cannot express enough how impactful on my player experience, and general experience this quest was. Through out the years i have made “core memories” of the time period in which i have played. Dating all the way back to vanilla and my teens. These core memories are what fundamentally keep me paying and playing. I would categorize this quest as one of my core memories of this current time period. It captured the potential that I see in wow to be a medium for more than just iLvl. It offers a chance for reflection, and extrapolation of concepts to the real world. Which is always welcome. Covering topics such as loss and grief, war, betrayl, power dynamics, family, resolution, and hope in a beautiful and safe enviroment really gave me a place I felt safe to think about my own beliefs and values.

On a shallower note; this is the depth i know the wow story line is capable of. Its classic high fantasy good triumphs over evil, which is essential, but with a bonus of “there is depth and consequences to good triumphing over evil. It all doesnt just go away the next expansion.”

I know and believe everything is a team endeavor, but i would really love if specific persons names were attached to the quest lines like this. Just like people follow authors, it would he awesome to be able to identify and follow your favorite quest writers. Like a quest writer fan boy.

Thanks for the thoughtful article. Eternally a fan.


I shed a tiny tear then promptly commanded my wrathguard to shove him off the ledge.


Definitely a breath of fresh air from the chasms of shadowlands

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To have immersion in the game at this level is nice. Please continue, and know there will always be haters, but this was indeed a remarkable touch, and the follow-up with the ‘book’ is lovely.


this quest was awful. you can’t even afk it because you have to interact with the guy at random points in his “story”.

It’s cool to have stuff like this for people who like it, but for god’s sake let those of us who don’t walk away from our keyboards and come back 3 months later to a finally-silent dwarf.


From the article,

We hope this helps shine some light on the development process and shows how many ideas in WoW are born from a collaborative team effort.

Wish we could get this kind of insight into some of the balance decisions the team makes, and how you start with “is this fun?” and end up, through feedback and collaboration, to the version that is put in the game.

When is that article coming?


More quests like this please, and most yes more articles like this!

And just thank you! <3 It is oh so very nice just to be having fun playing your game. If I am being completely honest…it’s been a while…



Is this what you tell people that open up to you irl? The quest was brilliant and made an impact on those who have the ability to care about someone’s sadness.