<Proud Manlets> 7/9M - 8/8M Sales – Mythic, heroic, and M+ (16)
[A]<Deathnote> 3/9M 2 Nights LFM Cutting Edge <3 (1)
[A] <Forte> Heroic raiding BfA 6/9H (4)
4/9 Heroic <Killionaires> Recruiting DPS and Heals (1)
<A> 2 Healers LF Guild (1)
LF PVP Guild (Alliance or Horde) (1)
5/9M <Juice> Recruiting for ALL DPS for CORE raid spots! (8)
[A] <Shiden> 4/8M recruiting for Mythic 8.1 (2)
<Aeternitas> Heroic Raid Recruitment (15)
<Meters Over Everything> 1/9m 8/9h 9/9n [H] Turalyon (1)
<Deathnote> 6/8M LF DPS BoD Cutting Edge 2Night Raids (2)
[a] <proud manlets> 7/9m lf Spriests/Lock ( 2 ) (21)
Rdruid 390 LF a raiding guild (2)
Late Night Casual (1)
<Divinity> ex US #6 2days 8/8M LFM (7)
WTS [Heavy Junkbox] x a lot (1)
3/9H 396 MW Looking to come back to KT (2)
390 Ele Sham LF Heroic/Mythic weekday Raiding Guild (2)
H+ Raiding & M+ Community (1)
[A] <Forte> Heroic raiding BfA 9/9N (4)
(A) 5/9H <Evil Minds Inside> LFM (1)
[A] <Cash for Spiders> LF Memers for H Progression (1)
EDFC 4/8M (Weekend Guild) LF 1 Tank and All DPS! (6)
[7/8M] <Nobility> is LFM for LATE-NIGHT raiders (5)
First time back in 12 years, Holy Priest looking for guild (semi-casual / social a plus!) (2)
384ilvl MW LF a gd raiding guild (2)
[A] 390 ret LF heroic/mythic-lite weekend raiding guild (2)
[A] <Audacity> Recruiting for H Progression (1)
<PALS FOR LIFE> 6/8M Recruiting (6)