Update 2.1.0 is here!

October 27, 2023

Update 2.1.0 is here and we’ve updated the Player versus Player experience, Collection Levels, Dungeons and more!

Player versus Player
Level caps in PvP have been reworked and are now based on Leader Honor. We will continue to monitor the PvP experience and adjust as needed.

Leader Honor Level Cap
0 - 999 1
1,000 - 1,999 3
2,000 - 2,999 5
3,000+ No Level Cap
  • Levels in PvP before a cap is applied will continue to be the Mini’s total level divided by 3 and rounded up.
  • Players will always match with other players in their level cap range.

Collection Level
Collection level has been reworked to include total levels as well as Mini rarity. Previously each Collection Level required 5 Mini rarities, now each Collection Level requires 50 points.

  • Mini Rarities are worth 5 points each.
  • Each Mini level earned from XP is worth 1 point.

Developer Note: This rewards a wider, more evenly leveled collection that lowers the barrier to experimenting with different Minis. Most current players should see a nice collection level bump from this change as well.


  • Bloodmage Thalnos
    • Levels gained from Dark Ritual now cap at 10.
  • Sneed
    • The Land Grab Talent levels now cap at 10.
      • Land Grab will now only trigger from Sneed’s Leader Ability, Sneed Before Greed, instead of all non-passive gold gains.


  • Even more Talent icons have been updated!
  • The rate at which Talents appear in the G.R.I.D. has been adjusted. The goal is to not overload players with open Talent slots.

Obtaining a copy of a Mini at a higher rarity than Common will now always reward the full number of Star Points for that rarity, regardless of whether this was an upgrade or not.

Rarity Star Points Rewarded
Uncommon 4
Rare 14
Epic 39

The Arc Energy cost to upgrade to each rarity has been rebalanced.

Rarity Arc Energy Cost
Common to Uncommon 500
Uncommon to Rare 2,000
Rare to Epic 8,000
Epic to Legendary 20,000

Developer Note: Arc Energy costs were too back-loaded. This rebalancing slightly reduces the amount of total Arc Energy needed to progress from Common to Legendary, and smooths out the progression ramp to make more sense with the amount players can earn.


  • Player-chosen Army Upgrades (the bottom row) can now be rerolled immediately after obtaining them. Previously this required an upgrade in each bottom row slot first.
  • Army Upgrade rerolls now cost 250 Arc Energy (was 50 Coins).
  • Cosmetics! You can now select a loadout of Emote, a Kobold Miner skin, and a set of Tower skins for each army. Tower skins have variants for each tower type (Guard, Rocket, and Dragon), so be sure to check them all out! Skin selection will appear once the first skin has been collected.


  • When defeating a dungeon with an army that is significantly higher level than the dungeon, that leader will be able to advance multiple dungeon levels at a time and earn all of the rewards for the jumped levels at once, including upgrades.
    • Leaders can advance up to 3 levels at a time until the dungeon reaches 2 levels below their average army level, rounded up.
    • Rewards for the jumped levels will be granted upon beating the final boss of the dungeon.
  • Dungeons have a variety of new relics to choose from, including relics that affect your towers! Delve into the dungeon to discover them all!
  • Really Big Candle now increases your Kobold’s level by 20, down from 25, and correctly applies to only Kobolds.
  • Dungeon relic choices for each particular leader and level now naturally reroll each day.

Additional Changes

  • Missing sigils are now re-earnable by replaying the corresponding campaign mission.
  • Many other issues have been addressed and adjustments made!

October 17, 2023

Update 2.0.0 is here and we’ve added accessibility and Turkish language options. We’ve also done some balance tuning, bugfixes and addressed the pesky unbound Mini issue.


  • Holy Nova
    • Holy Nova should no longer fire twice in a row on non-Elemental Minis when Amplify Magic is equipped.
  • Whelp Eggs
    • We’ve addressed an issue that would sometimes cause the game to crash when Whelp Eggs were used against enemy Whelp Eggs.


  • Amplify Magic
    • Damage increased from 140, to 150.
  • Dark Iron Miner
    • Gold Mine damage increased from 100, to 120.
  • Earth Elemental
    • Shrapnel Blast damage increased from 150, to 225.
  • Quilboar
    • Bramble Burst will now activate faster.
  • Spiderlings
    • Bloated Carapace damage increased from 10, to 25.
  • Some Talent icons have been updated!


  • Onyxia
    • We’ve addressed an issue that caused Guard Towers to stay under the player’s control, instead of becoming Onyxia’s, at the start of Phase 2.

Player versus Player

  • Timbermaw
    • The meeting stones have been replaced with towers.
  • Player bases have been moved back to prevent exploitative damage from S.A.F.E Pilot, Flame Burst Whelps and Quilboar.
  • Player bases can now detect stealth.

Items and Rewards

  • We’ve addressed an issue that caused Tomes to not be usable on Minis that were max level with bonuses, even when their base level was not maxed.

User Interface and Accessibility

  • We’ve added Menu Narration!
  • We’ve added high-contrast to the game which will be automatically enabled or disabled based on the player’s platform settings.
  • Players now have the option to tap-to-skip some screens. Tap-to-skip will not be available during the tutorial or first time player experiences.
  • Turkish language option has been added.

August 17, 2023

Update 1.0.0 is here! Guild improvements, War Chests, Path of Onyxia, Heroic Campaign, Mini Rarity, Dungeon Overhauls, PvP Improvements, and more!

The Guild system has been updated to improve quality of life and functionality.

  • Guilds now have an Invite-only status option.
  • Membership controls have been improved.
  • Icons have been added for improved customization of Guilds.
  • Guild Chat has been overhauled.

War Chest
Speaking of Guilds, War Chest is a new Guild feature that allows you to work with your friends to reap seasonal rewards from Arclight Surge and PvP!

  • Just like PvP Seasons, War Chest events are also 6 weeks long.
  • War Chests have a reward track for each family, as well as a reward track for your overall progress in a Season.
  • Each Arclight Surge mission will award 30 Crests matching the family used to complete a surged mission.
    • Missions where your Army is provided, will award 15 Crests for each family in that Army.
  • PvP Crests are also awarded per family.
    • Family Crests from PvP are awarded at 200 Honor increments and escalate as you progress. Each reward can only be earned once per family per Season.
      • For example, if Rend has already gained 36 Blackrock Crests from getting to 5200 Honor, Drakkisath will not claim 36 Crests from getting to 5200. He would need to reach 5400 to claim the next 36 Blackrock Crests.

Number of Crests per 200 Leader Honor Earned:

Leader Honor Earned Crests Awarded Total Earnable Crests per Family
200-1000 6 30
1200-2000 12 60
2200-3000 18 90
3200-4000 24 120
4200-5000 30 150
5200-6000 36 180
6200-7000 42 210
  • Family rewards are granted at 2,000, 4,000, and 6,000 Crests.
  • Overall progress rewards are granted at 10,000, 20,000, and 30,000 Crests.

Path of Onyxia
Formerly “Skulls” or “Skull Road,” the Path of Onyxia is a measure of your progress through the game that will unlock Features and Rewards!

  • Start earning Onyxia Sigils from completing Campaign Missions.
  • Path of Onyxia will unlock game modes including PvP, Arclight Surge, Dungeons, and more.
  • Additional rewards like Leader and Troop choices are also available to collect.

Heroic Campaign
Campaign too easy for you? Want to flex your skill to earn more rewards? Time to get your Rumble on!

  • New Heroic Missions open at 50 Onyxia Sigils.
  • Heroic Missions are 10 levels higher than their Campaign difficulty, and each mission has new challenges to overcome.
  • Heroic Missions will grant rewards for winning with each family, a reward for completing each mission with all families, and a reward for completing each entire zone!
  • Conquest has been removed and replaced with Heroic Mode.

Mini Rarity and Star Points
Minis now have an additional growth track: Rarity!

  • Mini costs have been reduced from 350 for a Troop and 400 for a Leader, to 90 for a Troop and 120 for a Leader.
  • Mini Rarities are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
  • Minis can be upgraded with Star Points, Arc Energy and Upgrade Cores. These can be earned from the Campaign, War Chests, PvP, Dungeons, and the Daily Rewards.
  • Minis can show up in the GRID as Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Epic.
  • Each Rarity beyond Common will grant a bonus level to your Mini.
  • Uncommon, Rare, and Epic will unlock Talent slots 1, 2, and 3, for each Mini.
  • Collection Level (formerly Player Level) will now increase every 5 Mini Rarity, instead of every 20 Mini Levels.
  • Talent costs have been reduced from 500 to 250.

Dungeons have received a significant update to encourage you to play all the Leaders in your collection instead of just your highest-level Leader.

  • Dungeon Levels are now set per Leader, and each Leader must fight through Dungeons to earn their Army Upgrades.
  • Valor as a Currency has been removed.
  • Dungeons begin at Level 5, and each Leader will earn an Army Upgrade immediately upon completing a Dungeon.
  • Once a Leader defeats a Dungeon, the level of the next Dungeon will be 1 level higher.
  • Arc Energy is awarded for each Boss defeated in a Dungeon, and partial progress will reset each week.
    • This allows you to earn Arc Energy each week regardless of fully clearing a Dungeon. Each level provides more Arc Energy than the last!
  • Each week, Dungeons will feature a specific family to gain rewards, creating 20 unique combinations of Dungeon and family!
  • During a Dungeon run, players will now only be offered Relics that affect at least one Mini in their Army.

Developer Note: Army Upgrades directly improve the power of the Leader you are using, while Arc Energy can be used on any Mini in your collection. This balance provides different kinds of play while not encouraging players to play every Leader in every Dungeon every week.

Player vs Player
PvP is getting some improvements!

  • New Map: Timbermaw Hold!
  • New Level Rules for PvP:
    • Ranks through Bronze (0-3000 Player Honor), all Minis will be set to level 1.
    • All Ranks above 3000, Mini levels will be divided by 3, rounded up.
      • For example, a level 7 Mini in your collection will be level 3 in PvP.
  • PvP Seasonal rewards now have more variety and players will be able to obtain Minis every Season.
  • Unbound Minis can no longer be played in an opposing player’s Base deploy zones.

Developer Note: We’ve always wanted PvE progress to have some impact on PvP, but also want to make sure that the power gap between players is expressed less in PvP.

Additional Changes

  • Final Art for Gnomeregan is in!
  • Bases and Towers have new art!
  • Earned Army Upgrade Slots can now be rerolled for 50 coins once all empty slots are filled. A rerolled trait will maintain its current level boost.
  • XP levels are now 1-20, down from 1-25.
  • Whelp Eggs are not targetable until after they fully land.
  • The Rookery Talent from Whelps now spawns 3 Whelps, from 4.
  • Big Red Buttons are now storable, allowing players to use them in bursts.
  • Many other general improvements, bug fixes, and much much more!

Known Issues

  • We’ve looked into an issue causing some players to lose their Guilds. At this time, we are unable to revert this and players will need to recreate their Guild.
  • We are aware that some players have recently lost access, we’re looking into how we can restore access to those players.

Is this game comming to Belgium @Aezztra

Do we have any update on the belgium release please.

It’s weird to edit the 1.0.0 post instead of making a new one.

It’s also weird that it’s called 2.0.0 instead of 1.1 or something. But I see that’s even the client version, so…

Can you please add the possibility to reroll a talent? Maybe have a reroll option for 500 gold or something.

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i thought for sure Raids were going to be added with a entire update on a version number.

the changes on PvP is nice and some balance changes are great but feels more like a 1.0.x kind of update.

lol 500 gold you serious? I would like to reroll my talents too but 500g is a bit much

So what exactly is the “pesky unbound Mini issue” that was “addressed”?

  • Player bases have been moved back to prevent exploitative damage from S.A.F.E Pilot, Flame Burst Whelps and Quilboar.
  • player bases can now detect stealth
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Great update with 2.1.

But, any chance to fix the bugged dungeon-upgrade for the drowning amount of people?
And now you have actually removed the X (to close an error) so that now the game has to be restarted.

Error while upgrading your army

You can only have one talent active at a time. Rarity nor amount of talents don’t matter.

One at a time.

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Please add a pvp and pve tab on each leader

After the update the first arclight was only a single level instead if the usual two.
My wife plays as well and hers was the same, she also got 500 gold given to her for the hassle but i did not recieve anything.

Why is the arclight only a single level when it has always been 2?. Why is this game becoming a pay to play only game?.

I have 110 sigls and a 33 collection level.
My pvp is 3700 and i cannot get past level 17 hard levels. Now youre taking more gold out of the game making us have to pay even more…
I have already paid $26 into this game and im not happy.

They just changed the rate at which the arclight surges appear. There are still 4 per week, but instead of 2 on Sunday and 2 on Thursday there is now 1 that starts Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

For more info look for the 3.0.0 patch notes.