Soft Launch & Store Offer Rewards

With global release just around the corner, we’d like to take this time to express our sincerest gratitude to you – our Beta and Soft Launch players. Your feedback and game testing have been critical to the development of Warcraft Rumble, and as a token of appreciation, we’d like to offer the following in-game gift:

Eligibility: Anyone who played Rumble before Oct 18th, 2023
Gift Details: 2000 Coins
Grant Date: Week of Oct 23, 2023

As a part of this update, we’ve also adjusted various Store Offers to better align with the expectations and needs that all of you have communicated to us. As a result, some offers have seen overall value increase relative to their previous iterations.

To reward players who supported our game and purchased the affected bundles prior to these changes, we’d like to provide an additional one-time grant in Coins. The amount will vary for each player depending on the offers purchased and the difference between the original and updated offer pricing (up to a maximum of 6000 Coins). Please note that offers which have not received modifications (e.g., Arclight Booster, Coin Packs), or offers which did not change significantly in value, will be excluded.

Eligibility: Players who have purchased at least one affected offer before Oct 18th, 2023
Reward Amount: Will vary for each player depending on the offers purchased and the difference between the original and updated offer pricing (up to a maximum of 6000 Coins).
Grant Date: Week of Oct 23,2023

Thank you again for being a part of this incredible journey to launch. We hope you’ll continue to create chaos in Warcraft Rumble and share all of your joy and learnings with the incoming global launch audience!


All the VPN players are going to have same reward? Are you going to make servers to send people to their respective region? I think this can be a measure to make things fair.


Thank you for not letting me nor my region into the beta. Appreciate the gift


I’ve literally been waiting for this game since it was announced. I’m a big time mobile player, spend far too much on mobile games and a massive fan of the warcraft universe, exactly your target market and I pre registered as soon as possible, didn’t get in, havnt violated terms by using a VPN to backdoor my way in and you continuously seem to alienate the massive part of your would be player base that you havnt let into the game yet time and time again.

IF we choose to play anymore after all this we are already facing a massive disadvantage against all these people that have had a head start on us and now you widen the gap by giving them free currency… If anyone should have had a boost it’s the new players.

This feels completely tone deaf as the rest of the world has had to watch a select few play the game we have all been waiting so long to play.


The only disadvantage is in PVP. You’ll have a blast doing PVE missions. Onyxia is the real flex. You shoot her Dragon Breath Spell in PVP, and you’ll get admiration from all players; PVP & PVE!

All the VPN players are gonna get banned bro lol using a VPN is against TOS.

Are u sure about that? Blizzard has not said anything at the moment and there are hundreds of people playing with VPN to get ahead of the launch and gain rewards and advantage in the game. I do not speak from ignorance and I have refused to do that even knowing how to do it because it seems unfair to me.

@Terika: I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Only recieved 1000 coins for now。

I’ve both been playing before Oct 18th and purchased the Arclight booster but did not receive either bonus. Is there any other action we need to take?

I got 3000 x 2 earlier today. I bought the fancy hero banners each time they showed up; since they were the best for the buck.

Look how all the VPN players are also desperately claiming the reward to gain even more advantage. It seems incredible to me how blind those at Blizzard are and even more so when a company like this has the ability to track VPNs without any problem. TunnelBear users must be having a great time.

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There are many people who are not VPN users (like myself who is Canadian and part of the soft launch and some in my guild) who have received nothing.

I recibed 1000 coins, But my friend recibed 2k, anyone know why?
My friend started playing 3 days ago and I’ve been playing for almost a month.

I got another 2000 coins today. Based on blue post.

One batch of gold, 2000g, is for playing prior to Oct 18th

Second Batch of gold, maximum of 6000g, is for buying certain packages prior to Oct 18th.

Since I bought every hero banner along the way as I was playing Pve and PvP in total I did receive the amount listed in blue above.

Yesterday 3000g x 2
Today 2000g

My guild mates also received 2000g today, which is probably the play before Oct 18th one. So I can only assume the first batch of gold I got yesterday was the reward for the store purchases during soft launch.

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I got mine delivered today 2k + 1k which says “Sorry about the bug getting in the way!”

100% agreed. Hopefully Microsoft lays off the entire blizzard staff! It has been nothing but a woke dumpster fire for years now

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What about people that bought packs and actually lost 1500 gold? Max 6000 doesn’t seem correct since there might be other that even lost more than me and we are compensated possibly with nothing.
So far i received 2k plus 1k but it actually puts me at plus 1500 since of the minus gold bug. Atleast I’ve posted about the bug and actually contributed while many others were silent or didn’t even have bugs to report and still rewarded more…

I just want to say I really enjoy this game. I currently play Hearthstone, D4, D3, D2R and Warcraft Rumble and this is by far the one I’m enjoying the most these last few days. I like that when I get stuck I can literally just go do quests and power up my build more. I also like that you can design your team very specific ways to excel at certain things the same way you can build decks in Hearthstone.

This game so far is a slam dunk.