You must see this! (WC3 Reforge vs Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition)

Blizzard, THIS Is How To ‘Reforge’ Games: Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition THRASHES WarCraft 3 Reforged !!!


Well there is no question AoE II: Definitive Edition was much more polished product that also offered some new content.

However I must also emphasize that Microsoft clearly had bigger plan to revive Age of Empires franchise as whole and remaster ALL these previous games leading up to Age of Empires IV…

Blizzard meanwhile treated WC3: Reforged as single remaster, I doubt they had any plans to actually make WC IV. Ofc I wish that Blizzard had remade first two games entirely, Reforged WC III and then also release Warcraft IV eventually, but sadly its clear that the Blizzard we once knew that would have eagerly done all that is long gone. Still they should have treated WC3: Reforged with same amount of respect that Microsoft is clearly doing with Age of Empires.

I would hope Blizzard would take notes and example from what Microsoft is doing with Age of Empires, to create all this new excitment for that franchise, but it seems to me that they just dont care that much…as long as they think RTS as this “niche” genre that is not going to create lots of revenue, we wont see any such effort taken by Blizzard.


They have not treated WC3 as a remaster, they have said that they want to redo the whole experience and do something more than a remaster and it will be a REFORGED!

Age of Empires cost is 14€ ( if u have original ) with a lot better quality!!!


Well essentially it WAS going to be this whole time more of a remaster than a remake. Yes its true that they originally planned it to be BIT more than just a remaster, but we cant really talk about remake either even if their original plans had gone through.

Bottom line though that yes ofc they should take example of what Microsoft is doing with AoE

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Exactly. Warcraft 3 Reforged compared to Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition is a soulless low effort cash grab. Different as night and day.


The funny thing about Age of Empires 2 is that Forgotten Empires was actually a fan mod and Microsoft was like “let’s give those guys some money, give them official microsoft supplier status and see what comes out of it.”
The HD expansion sold like crazy and the rest is history.

Contrast this to “we have all the moral rights to anything you create with our games.”


Lan pvp. Editor. Great remake. I’m taking about Age of Empires, of course!
Blizzard, you’ll have my money again when Diablo franchise has LAN again(that is:NEVER).
Go ahead, enjoy your refund.


Age of empires 2 is a great game!!! Takes getting used to for sure lol.
I played one game, in fact, when wc3 was buggy as f on the day of the switch… it did not satisfy my desire to play wc3… its a rather different game. Still fun as f though.


And wait until Age of Empires 4 comes out

It’ll just be beauty … Blizzard can bury himself


How is that contrasting? Microsoft clearly owns rights to that mod if they sold it.

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What kind of quality are the AoE2 campaigns? Are the missions just mass units and crush enemy?

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Not necessarily. They might have licensed it from the makers of the mod.

There is a point to be made though. With Microsoft we are talking about their actions while with Blizzard we are talking about their EULA. It’s not a fair comparison. We should be reading the AoE2 EULA. Not that it is likely to be as draconian as Blizzards because woah…


Nope, not all of them. While ofc you can say majority of the campaign missions are like that, there are also missions where you are playing with limited amount of units and resources (no base building/traditional resource gathering) and overall I would say there is enough variety there to keep you interested.

While I havent yet played Definitive Edition much, I did play the HD Edition of AoE 2 and spent almost 300 hours playing the campaings (and after I had finished them they still added some new campaings + the ones in Definitive Edition), so if you are playing at hardest difficulty through all the campaings you are looking at +300 hours of gameplay from the campaings I would say…depending ofc how well you know the maps/how good player you are.

But ye, while Age 2 campaings might not have quite the same variety that Warcraft III campaing missions have, definitely not all of them are about building massive army and crushing the enemy that way. There are also some missions where you have to defend for certain amount of time or defeat the enemy in certain amount of time.

Also while AoE 2’s countless civilizations are ofc not as different from eachother than the 4 races/factions of WC3, there are some differences on what units and upgrades they have available and each civilization has its own 1 special unit you can build from castle and each have their own bonuses (like how much certain units deal damage or how quickly they gather some resources and so on)


Microsoft was extremely smart about this.
The popular opinion is that AoE3 was quite disappointing so they couldn’t just release AoE4.

So they went on and revived the classics that were loved by most to heal the bad taste AoE3 left in the mouth AND prepare people for AoE4.



In the harder difficulties that won’t work most of the time. You’ll need excelent economy management + smart use of counter-units and siege weapons.

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I am just sad beyond belief when i think about what could have happened if the game had this much support like AoE2 did and it would have been better then AoE2. Go to Hell Brack and all of the corporate snakes that poisoned Blizz and put in on quarter earning, budget cutting and easy cash grubbing path that you did!


You’re comparing an upgrade to an existing game to a new game being built from scratch. It’s easier and cheaper to do with AoE2 did. Blizzard went over budget within weeks of starting this project.

What? lol…


You also need to take into Account of Microsoft have a huge plan on gaming, they want to merge Xbox with PC, and push for x-cloud. When it comes to Netflix of Gaming, Content is King, and everything MS did the pass 2 years have been pro-consumer. At one point, they even said they don’t even consider Sony or Nintendo as their competitor anymore because they are moving away from Console Gaming. MS believe their Competitor would be Amazon, Google, nVidia, etc…

Activation Blizzard? They have only 1 plan, Cut Cost, Raise Revenue, and report a good number every quarter, they want to milk as much money as they can from every single Franchise they own. The accounting Dept. is running the show now.


Already owned Age of Empires 2, Devs done right