Who wants Reforged to be delayed?!

Let’s get it later, but greater!


I want it delayed and fundamentally changed. No Upkeep, no selection limit, and Hero rebalance at base level.


I agree, we don’t know how much is finished, but with Sausa leaving, they might face a crisis, just a speculation. take your time Reforged team and do it right.


TBH WC3 mod for SC2 is where that would play way better. WC3 should be preserved the way it originally was, because any major fundamental change would be on the level of a well-made mod anyways.


If they said hey we will delay WC3 but implement this and this and theeese, maybe.
For me, depend what they will offer.


You must be really bad at this game.


they have not even released a proper release date and you are asking them to delay it. delay it from what?


Not really, I just dislike the MOBA gameplay, where 12 units is an army.

Keep Classic as it was, change for Reforged.


you can have 2 army of 12, now you have 1 IQ more.


I like the 12 unit limit, its hard to control more then 30 units in battle, this is not starcraft.


Upkeep makes it undesirable to have more than 50 pop cap of units, and as soon as one player wins a battle, and gets a level advantage, the game is over.

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Oh yeah? What’s your rank (level) ? Imagine demanding changes when you have no idea how this game even works. You want to copy paste a generic RTS into Warcraft 3 reforged when you’re not even able to read a game title: Warcraft 3. There are plenty other RTS games out there for people like you. These mechanics are what define Warcraft 3 as an RTS that takes a different approach on the genre. So please, get lost.


And that is why this Reforged will die.

wait wait… what? XD
The part of select 12 units is a decision from blizz.

The whole point of reforged using the WC3 engine was to be able to run WC3 maps, not to change the gameplay.

SC2 mod does exactly what you are asking for otherwise.

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Bast of majority hate the WC3 maps and the stupid gameplay from wc3.
REFORGED we WANT not a reskin wc3.

Why delay? They can still upgrades graphics after it’s out we are in 2019 not 2003, and they want cross play with original players repeat a lot in Blizzcon. So no new gameplay massive changes.

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It doesn’t really. The Armies of Azeroth mod in sc2 arcade still had 12 unit selection and played just like warcraft 3. It goes to show you that they wanted to preserve what made warcraft 3, warcraft 3 and not an imaginary warcraft 4 or something which is what these people are dreaming. They can’t even read…

Oh look, a very intelligent person. If everything is so stupid to you, why don’t you make your own RTS ? Also, who are you to speak about ‘majority’ ? You don’t even know how to make a coherent argument.