Who else refunded?

I will. Not happy that the models are the only update. I mean, at this point I’d prefer playing with the old models to match this ancient UI.

My refunding is on load too, very disapointing game :frowning:

I did. I requested for refund 1 hour ago.


secoundly: if you really thought they would add so much more other then a remaster then your a freaking idiot

third: even though they promised stuff. Dosen’t mean that it is the intented selling point, but the fact that people could go back to playing a game they no longer could play due to having too updated systems.
So what exacly is there to complain about other then if the remaster happens to have bugs or other problems
not trying to be dick, but i dont really care what they add as long as the core gamplay from back then is still the same as i rememper it

I refunded, it’s ridiculous that they didn’t add 21:9 support. Very disappointed in Blizzard. Was really excited to play this and I will only purchase it once more if they add this.

I don’t want to have to mod it just to play a game meant for PC players. Just a small indie company guys.

First: When did they ever refered to this as a “remastered”?

Second: they advertised through a demo at blizzcon2018 what we had to expect. So they did false advertising. Btw. Nice that you’re now insulting. Just shows how great your arguments are.

To your third Point: i have Win10 and was still able to Play Classic War 3. So lousy argument on your side.
And noone Said, that core gameplay elements should bei touched. Ofc it should stay the same. But for what we got it’s not worth $30. If they’d lower the price, i’d even be happy with what we got so far.


Thank You for guide on how to refund.
It helped me.
Looks like anly action we as community of old WC3 can do is refund, as money is all this joke company cares nowadays. I hope amount of negative feedback will bring back old client.
But I fear that it is lost forever.

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I was able to get a refund just now. Hope they respond to this fiasco with a new build including everything they originally promised, then I will re-purchase.


I did, it also made me go and dig up my old physical copies of WC3 and The Frozen Throne, installing them right now. Sure, i won’t have 16:9 resolutions but atleast i’ll be able to play the damn game without running into countless technical issues and other nonsense.

Btw. Just to Quote the original Warcraft III Reforged Website:

“Warcraft® III: Reforged™ is a complete reimagining of a real-time strategy classic. Experience the epic origin stories of Warcraft, now more stunning and evocative than ever before.”

https ://playwarcraft3 .com/en-us/

Just to all those “this ist a remastered”-sayers


Heck, I did not buy reforged to begin with yet I also got screwed over…


Got my refund, it really is a shame since this game looked so damn good in the 2018 announcement.
I do feel bad for the support guys, they probably don’t even know what’s going on and they’re getting hundreds if not thousands of tickets calling for refunds and I know some of those tickets aren’t very considered for the support guys position, to them all Blizzard employees are the same.


How is it that people are still so in denial that the game wasn’t meant to be a remaster?
The announcement was clear, even the website is crystal clear that this was suppose to be a remake and they have the gall to bash us for wanting the product that was advertised? Children, the lot of remaster-sayers.


pre-downloaded the game yesterday but did not start the game.
i opened a ticket for a refund.
preorderd this game 2018 after the blizzcon. an error i do not repeat with this company.

srsly blizzard. this is a shame.


Hi Dragon. People don’t buy unfinished products in any industry. Why should games be an exception?


When a game is officially released and the developer puts it on store shelves and asks you to pay money to receive the product then i assume that the product is finished and fit for consumption. Would you buy a car for full price if it meant you only got the chassi and some seats and hope that the seller drops by and finishes putting it together after you bought it? No, i doubt it.

As previously mentioned, basically no other industry rushes out unfinished, broken products because they want the profits NOW and then proceed to maybe fix them after the fact (and there is no guarantee they will ever be fixed, they’ll only fix them if they managed to fool enough people).

This wasn’t always the case for video games either until people proved that they are stupid enough to go along with it and not only that, in your case for example you prove that you’re not just willing to support this anti-consumer behaviour, you’ll also act as unpaid PR support after having been duped.


Just FYI, there’re phases of development: Alpha>Beta>Demo>Release. “Release” means complete with all major aspects. People have all rights to complain because fo the status the game currently has.


refunded my purchase. NO 2560x1080 display support. Blizz just go back and support W3 original multiplayer, At least its already a functioning game.

I just refunded. This game is unplayable on my mac. Too bad, I was looking forward to reliving some good memories but instead attached some crappy release taint on the memories. And to emphasize, this was a Release, this is all on Blizzard.

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same, not eligible. What a crap show