Who else refunded?

i refund… really disappointed.

I refunded but one week ago (or two, don’t remember) 'cause I saw the disaster coming :slight_smile:

I wait for a statement of Blizzard. I really hope, that they underestimate the project and only released it, because they were already late.

Please Blizzard:

  • Update the Game periodically
  • Give us the promissed Cutscences

or lower the Price. You have my money until you give a statement. If this is really the finished game, then i will also refund it.


I was hoping for the release patch to be huge and to be the rebirth of war 3 but obviously that didnt happen, i found very sad what is happening right now they have no respect left for the ips that made them famous in the first place…

Long time Blizzard customer, first time I’ve felt compelled to request a refund. Their games have generally been very good, and (mostly) delivered on promises.

This game is a complete mess and does not warrant $30.



I’ll tell you the honest truth, this is actually a way to recover your old Account that got Key Banned!


hmm i can’t seem to be able to get hold of live chat support

I dont refund the game, chose reason:

  1. Because it is first release, and i believe they will implement all my “quality of life” upgrades i sugested. Also i believe the game will be much better, with new animations , new quest lines, new stories or OLD stories from WOW re-maked to strategy game! They will ad so many cool FREE custom skin for each unit! They make amazing balanced and easy multiplayer with so much co-op options. And They wil make Warcraft III Great again !

  2. i am not legible for refund

(2. is correct )


I’m glad actually Mildas, that somebody made this clear.

Have any of you guys heard of waiting? You don’t barrage all your game complaints the first day it’s released.

LET THEM FIGURE IT OUT, and actually make your ideas clear. Can we actually use this forum to talk fun stuff?

I refunded the money after blizzcon 19 (spoils of war edition)
Then I realized this is scam
I understand your pain, buddy

Of course it is, and everyone knows it, but cultists will still deny, even as their idols are brought low and debased.

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I refunded back in Nov when they announced they were scrapping the bulk of the campaign reforging. That is what I initially bought it for. So when it was no longer going to be there, I no longer was interested.

It is a skin pack, not a new game release. There should be no bugs.


I didn’t download or play it yet. Waited to see what others said so I could refund if needed. Now it’s clear that this game isn’t worth the money. I refunded.

You were wise enough to have a contingency play. The idyllic future should be people like you.

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I got burned on an overwatch refund over a three hour session. I learned my lesson. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This was my first … and last game, that i preordered (and played the Beta) - no refund. Man, i was really dumb…


What fiasco!
And disgrace!
To ruin name of game just like that…


I can’t refund my TFT game :confused:

I already refunded this game and now they force me into using it by stealing my old TFT Client. Complete sh*tshow