Who else refunded?

I’m 28, but well. What do you Know. :smiley:
And you don’t even know what hate really means. Most ppl are not hating, they’re Just disappointed.
But i get it If you’re not able to understand those things. :wink:


I defunded Actiblizzards account, and refunded my own account. and personally helped about 20 people refund who didnt know how. through live chat.


my farts wreak of death and gas and trash right now . ruin the room

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I’m not getting a refund either.
I personally would have been all for the original Blizzcon 2018 ideas, but even when they said, they won’t do that, I was okay, more original WC with only a few enhancements but with better graphics.
Now it’s even a bit less than that. Disapointing that, but I was epected to be disapointed, which probably softened the blow for me.
I still enjoy the Campaign.

But I can fully understand the anger of the people. Not everyone got the news about WC3 Reforged development been downscaled (not everyone simply follows gaming news all the time) and in addition, Blizz is still showing the fancy ingame cutscenes that are no longer in the game on the WC3 Reforged webpage.
The fair thing would have been to rename this to WC3 Remaster and explain in more detail that the whole development has been downscaled.

Shame this and sorry Blizz, even a longstanding fan like me (I own every Blizz game and even have my original Warcraft 1 CD still) will now never pre-order a game from you again.
Me been more the optimistic fella, takes a lot to get to this, but unfortunately you managed to do it.

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Didn’t refund.

Bought it today after release and I’ve already refunded it.

This game didn’t meet the “Blizzard quality” for me.


They prolly baited all of you in with the wow mount lol, and you used that and now you cant refund… Why play modern wow in 2020 anyway.

Refunded, **** this.


Refunded - online issues are one thing but when I get micro freezes every time I place or destroy a building or use the mini-map and missing non windowed resolutions makes it difficult to enjoy the games.

I pre-ordered Spoils of War edition shortly after WC3:R was announced at BlizzCon 2018. I had so many hopes and expectations. I even had plans on going back to map making, like I did 15 years ago. Fast forward a year later, after BlizzCon 2019 and demo showcase, I refunded the game. I knew we weren’t getting what we were promised so I am not surprised with this… problematic release. And it makes me really sad, because such a legendary and iconic RTS that was Warcraft 3 didn’t deserve this.


Eh, I just paid them 2 days in advance :slight_smile: Would have still gotten the same rewards as the people who fell for the lies one year early.

Where is live chat? In the game? i unstalled it.

Yep, just refunded today. Unless they fix the majority of the mess soon, I’m keeping my $30. I’ll stick to Classic.

Open a ticket and get a hold of live chat and they should be able to refund you from there.

Go into your account settings, on the top right corner you’ll see a support button, click on it. Go to payment and click on refund, select WC3 reforged, you’ll be prompted to write down your reasons, do so and continue, you’ll most likely get denied, click on “i need more help” and open a ticket for further review.

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I’m afraid we won’t be able to play customs on the classic client anymore because I’m hearing they’ve merged the two together so unless you download the 30GB Reforged update, you’re screwed.

I dont need wow story in warcraft 3 i think the story was great, but they just made this game trash, cause first of all, all this reforged is a big scam, it should call remaster, second releasing a game full of bugs, you can’t even play multiplayer it says found game but nothing happens need too restart the game, many many bugs, animations in new graphics looks terrible, its actualy same like the beta nothing improved i really can’t belive that they release this, no matchmaking, no stats, no profile, can’t add friend too play together,no microphone option, no observer game, nothing new, zero new feauters, the cutscene if you compare it too the demo its so much downgraded, the ildian vs arthas fight looks like made by a kid who is learning too make videos, this is just a big scam, the fake advertising, i didnt want any new game i think warcraft is one of best rts game the classic one, dont need new story or something but atleast a good remaster which will bring new players in competitive scene, but this is just bad, the old graphics in reforged are downgraded too, there is no brightness, when you want too pickup a item or a tomb its so hard, when i go into option settings like games who are ten years old have more options, no hotkey settup ingame, i have six buttons on my mouse i would like if i could bind on my mouse some hotkey, i will see many people refunding this game just because blizzard didnt take this serious they were so lazy, i can’t belive that they realese a unfinished product, that’s the worst what can you do in todays buissnes because all people gonna review this game as terrible and then no one will buy it, thats why its really important too release a game which dosent have so much issues, i remeber when sc2 beta was out it was so much superior this wc3 is worst then many alpha games state, i didnt see one guy who is happy with this game i just see people who are really disapointed like i was, all this waiting for nothing i dont know why did they take this project was they purpose too kill one of best rts game of all time, they think they can scam people and take the money so easily for nothing, blizzard you are digging a hole too grave for your company with this mistakes.


I didn’t even bother buying this trash to begin with

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I was able to get a refund. Just got the confirmation email. Waiting the actual money now ( Credit card, will take about a week)

Regarding this, I purchased a few hours after the game released, yesterday. After playing for a total of approximately 5 hours, I was initially told that my purchase was not eligible for refund; however, I appealed the decision with another ticket. Shortly thereafter, a game-master processed my refund. My purchase was not worthwhile; however, in my experience, I received great and responsive customer service — I give Blizzard credit where it is due.

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