What happens if you report a player?

We quite often report a player. Some are just laming with hiding trees or farms to prolong the game. Some are just upset and yell something bad before they alt QQ. But some however just rage and rant for no reason directly from the start. Insulting and wishing someone to death.

We tend to report these players after the game. However; nothing ever seems to happen? Anyone knows if this functionality actually works? Never did I see or hear anyone actually getting penalized.

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Not sure laming and hiding farms is a reportable offense.

Insulting and wishing someone to death however sure is one, and people are getting temporary/permanent ban.

But you do not hear from it which can be frustrating. On the other hand, this give the opportunity for people who have been temporarily banned to change their behaviour and return to the game without a public shame on their name.

Now, due to the amount of hate in this world, even if Blizzard banned all the people you report, there would always be more for you to report. It may seem pointless to report, but this help reduce the toxicity.

I dont think it will ever get better. Its really toxic and everybody just wanna be best.

I dont think its blizzard fault. If every player wanna just be angry rage kid who bullies other there is basicially nothing you can do to make enviroment more friendly. :confused:

I created DotA and I make warcraft3 maps and I do better, but they do not want Blizzard. They make the game worse than many developers create maps on Blizzard tool. On the contrary, they exist at the expense of their fans and those who create games on their instruments and not at their own expense. Therefore, in some way, they earn on us. You cannot and do not have the right to write this if I am a paid game and I paid for it, it would be possible only if the game was free.


I have also made maps during the excistence of whole wc3. Dont underestimate me. I know what I am talking.

They also made big changes to the old engine and you cant expect everything to work immediately.

I guess it happens what always happened, with the exception that if they are particularly nasty at disrupting games they are hired by blizzard as interface programmers^^

Did you create DotA just because your account is called “eul”?^^

Obviously he’s not actually Kyle Sommer aka Eul and he most certainly did not make DotA… He can’t even make a coherent sentence. I have a hard time believing that someone from the Greater Seattle area would refer to World Editor Tool as “instruments” (we ain’t playing music ya know…)
He’s also spouting nonsense. Blizzard never earned a dime on WC3 apart from sales of WC3 copies and apparently he’s a game now (?!) quite the evolution of mankind right there.
Fact is that you’re using Blizzard Tools, Blizzard Art, Blizzard Assets, Blizzard Audio etc to create a map. They don’t own the idea or genre it creates, but all of the things you have used which they provided - they own and they do have the right to call Daddy Copyright down on your sorry a** if you use any of those assets/audio/art or similar looking versions in a future game. This and only this is what the updated EULA prohibits you from doing, it never said you couldn’t take your idea elsewhere and develop it - as long as you don’t break copyright laws, you’re good (and they are extensive).

This is why stuff like the League of Legends tribunal and Overwatch’s report system are nice. Hell, even Twitter does it.

They don’t have to name and shame the individual you reported, but even if it’s a generic message that says ‘hey some disciplinary action happened to someone you reported recently’ goes a long way in feeling like someone actually cares about what’s happening in-game.



Nothing at all.

Or maybe you could just grow a pair and get on with it?

I’ve been playing this game for 10 years, before we had a big red report function, and we did just fine, stop being such a snowflake.

Says person that came into thread of their own volition to get snarky.

True, League of Legend tribunal actually used to work.
The old system Blizzard used for WC3 was like gathering info for an amount of time and then apply cumulative bans. Still remember the cleansing messages from time to time.
Worst system ever is Dota2. It’s pathetic, but it allows the game to have million of so called “users”.
Best system was shared banlists across servers with Ghost bots. Players were called “elitarian” until a new spawn of noobs sadly took over it.

epicwar. com/maps/303253/

I am the original creator of Defense of the Ancient. I’m not Kyle Sommer. Kyle Sommer is a front man and he works directly for IceFroge, does everything he tells him. It’s probably a friend of IceFrog who stole my DotA from Warcraft3 and now IceFrog claims that he created DotA. At least he bribed all the news media to make everyone think that Icefrog created dota. And as you can see, I’m creating maps. After creating Dota, I just changed my nickname. My daughter was stolen from the AllStars community, probably by mistake of Guinsoo. I also have almost all the original versions of dota unprotect and any day I can change my name in them in accordance with my battle.net login. If you want, I will do it specifically for you to demonstrate and you can be sure.


Price Flux?

and btw all the DotA maps are unprotected since ages, everyone can change them.
they can also be easily downloaded from repositories.

I don’t know about this, provide a link to the repository,

Is there really a 5 or 4 version over I’m still working on?

At least my version of Defense of the Anicent 1.0 is certainly well protected, I’m sure of how much only 1.1 was originally released. As long as I have 1.0, I’m still confident in it in terms of protection as far as version 1.0 is simply not available to anyone.


You are probably talking about the Dota Template? - it was made by a completely different person, it seems in the hiveworshop its code is noticeable, they created it looking at my version, they differ from my version, there is a different balance even creeps as they do not see the original units from my version they create them based on their balance and completely unsuitable for play. There are no trigger spells for the abilities of heroes.

Blizzard itself did not support the Warcraft update, and if it were at least at the level of Starcraft2, then such an option for the return of Dota is quite likely. As I wrote earlier, Blizzard itself does nothing to update Warcraft3, not to save Dota. The updates made to REFORGED are too insignificant.


Please point on the doll where the big bad forum thread hurt you.