What actually happened?

Can someone from Classic team tell us what you’ve all been doing for the past year?
You had a demo at Blizzcon 2018 that was working pretty much perfectly, it had a great new UI, perfect terrain, shadows, perfect lighting and the engine was working great, yes, there might have been some small bugs here and there that you had to fix.
Now looking at what we got as our “beta” is a last minute spaghetti code bundled with high quality models with zero post processing, literally just pasted new models in the old engine and call it “beta”.
The only explanation of how a great Blizzcon demo from 2018 got downgraded so much is that some evil witch came to your headquarters and wiped all the computers that contained Reforged on it, and you had to start from scratch like a month before Blizzcon 2019. There is literally no other explanation unless you tell us what happened.

P.S. one person could do a better job in a year than the whole Classic team, judging based on the “beta” we have now.



Everything seems to indicate that 2018 demo was run on a different engine.


Then do it, you monster. At least some kids at Blizzard were willing to try.

If you want to blame your supposed “last minute spaghetti” on someone, blame the people who wrote the original 2002 version of the game and made unmaintainable crap code because it was fun to do so. Either that, or blame Blizzard for hiring people who loved the game instead of C++ developers with experience in the style of C++ from the year 2000.

The original game, not Reforged, is a spaghetti mess where all the units were punched into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and saved into the game installation as hastily as possible. If you install Reign of Chaos Patch 1.00 from the disk, you can still see the Excel comments and the names of the people who wrote them. If you install Reign of Chaos Beta from 2002 from a shady website, you can find the Excel macros that defined the stats of the units relative to one another. The developers were just having fun. They doodled, “OOH EXTRA SPACE” onto the skin texture files of the Demon Hunter and also doodled in a cigarette to make the texture file look like it was smoking. The developers are the guys responsible for the Mysts of Pandaria WoW expansion, hence the reason for the final boss in the secret level of the expansion being a wave of pandas.

They had little to no previous 3D game programming experience and had only built 2D games. They saved textures drawn in an sRGB color space into a linear RGB rendering format, then just dimmed it until the bleached look went away. None of us even know what that means.

Alongside efforts made by the classic games team to accomplish this herculean, momentous achievement of building something improved out of the original game code, there was a constant barrage of people like me making fun of them.

Literally every single one of these were linked to inner Warcraft 3 modding discord channels where Blizzard employees would be influenced by them. I’ve been making fun of these guys since February 2018:


Total and complete lie


If the game receive the modern graphical details from the last year, the release will be fine.


Sad thing is, the demo last year was still not perfect. It looked good, but unit differentiation still seemed to be a problem. But back then it was “we have over a year to improve” but now its, “we have less than 1 month to get back to where we were a year ago” lmfao


Why not simple remake the game from scratch…?

This ideia of working of the old engine and trying to keep backwards compatibility is a mistake.

Crash Bandcoot showed how a superior result is delivered when you actually remake everything from zero.


Custom maps.


Well, see, you’re not legally allowed to admit to doing that.

(Ask Dhale if you have a question.)

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Don’t forget they don’t want to split the community any more than it already is.


Spoiler: They gonna split anyway because in any scenario some people will stay at Classic and don’t want to interact with reforged one.


Blizzard: Waiting that lemon sky studio give us the new model.

Q: And you didn’t do anything in this past year?

Blizzard: Well yes look at the scrap content but actually no.


How do you think people will manage to differentiate like that if online play is all compatible with each other?


Like they always do. They find a way to see if you are a reforged player or not and if you are (at least in custom games) they don’t let you play/kick you out. Even if is compatible a lot of icon are only reforged esclusive so if a player use that “goodbye “casual””


For the game that isn’t out yet? Also yeah, sure. There might be a way in custom games but it’s kind of tough cookies when it comes to melee/ladder.


The thing is simple: a lot of people are starting to hate reforged because is simply Wc3 BUT with still WoW “crappy” model. So they start bulling the one who actually buy it. Like they already do in this forum. When the game is release in custom game (and I think in some ways even in ladder) the reforged player will be bullied to death.

Okay but how do you know how other people will know in the future if someone’s on a Reforged client or visual settings or not?

I don’t think there’s that much of a way in Starcraft: Remastered, but I could be wrong.

EDIT: Also generally speaking and to throw these hypothetical people under the bus, that’s a lot of effort to even think about let alone “act” on (even if it’s just being a troglodyte in chat) over someone preferring visuals you don’t.

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Well said about the actually problems! Is really that as missing! Much people are saying about what is going on, and they say this problems. But lets hope this situation of this beta are only for be more easy to test and give the feedback,ideas and suggestions. Lets have optimism and hope for the launch! We already are in December.

Oh god, you broke the record of most stupid comment. Unbelievable.


No, he has a point. Backwards compatibility is why the models look out of place with their animations, like an Uncanney Valley effect.

It is mistake to make Reforged backwards compatible with Classic.