What about WC3 Classic owners?


Besides, I think that the games you used to make the comparisson , is like If we were talking about apples & bananas.


Because we had years of fun playing the game we bought back then. Do you even realize, that Blizzard kept the Bnet servers alive for all that time? Servers aren’t free, you know? That’s why other publisher will just shut them down when the game is no longer profitable.
Tell me, why did you buy the game back then? Did you get less than expected from it?


I got the game because I have been following it since the beginning of Warcraft, I consider myself Just, that is why I think that the ones who already bought classic version, should at least get a min discount. I am not saying it should be free, but It should not be the same cost for everyone


being given old games for free sort of implies that old games have run their course as well as their value. In other words, old W3 and TFT have almost zero value so why not give it for free, as well as if you have that worthless old pos and want new one, youll have to buy it like new.


Those “free games” you are talking about , for many, I include myself, were not cheap at the time we bought it. So I strictly disagree with “want new one, you will have to but it like new” , Maybe for you was not a big deal but for others, it was something we had to worked for.


I almost never bought any game myself, so to me it was about if there was somebody having extra money who wanted to play coop or pvp in lan. 30€ for me is a lot too, but Im just looking from their corporate groody perspective. For westerners 30€ is nothing. 23 years ago a game I bougt for mega drive was worth more than 1/3 monthly parent salary. So I understand that games are not cheap. But some people dont understand others so whatever.


Reforged is counting on WC3 veterans money. They arent going to bring in a huge WoW crowd, even though they are trying to appeal to them. This game is made for our money. They give us discounts they may as well lose money.

Warcraft IP is not at its height of popularity, it is shrinking. RTS is not height of popularity or even in resurgence, it is on life support across the entire genre. This game is made because classics are guaranteed sales and not a financial risk like a new IP could be (cough Immortal).

Reforged is like adding a new store mount in WoW but with a higher development cost. If they discount War3 players they may as well lower the price across the board.

If we want discounts, I suggest waiting for 2020 black friday. SCR is on sale right now and it came out last year.


What Laberlu said. You shouldn’t get a discount because you bought it 16 years ago. You should be thankful that it only costs 30 bucks and not sixty.


it is more about the market value. You bought something 20 years ago. Ok, nice. But products grow old and they lose their value. From a moral standpoint, it is hardly justifiable, it is more like : Here, I throw you some bone because full-price games arent 30€. And there are worse examples that force you to pay a train of DLCs with very little content too, like pdx, or infamous ea. There is also an option to not buy, you still have free will to decide if the game, its remake/remaster is worth your blood and sweat.


like an alienware from 2000 (not sure if they existed yet) with pentium III did cost like 3k $ nowadays its worth nothing.


I gave away my 8 years old computer for free, I got 3 bottles of honey as thank you. True story :smiley:


Actually its not about CD Keys Blizzard have been selling WC3 as a digital download in the store until just before Blizzcon. I bought my copy fairly recently because I lost my CD copies in a recent move. I logged in after Blizzcon - it said there was an update for WC3 so I clicked on update. Then it said I had to pay £24.99 to pre-purchase Reforged.

I was given no warning I wouldn’t be able to access Classic and now I have to pre-purchase a game which I don’t like doing ever on principle to get access to a game I have only recently paid them for!

To call this sharp practice would be polite.


man, the just gave starcraft remastered to the ones who had the game owned from before (that costs same i think)… i belive we at least deserve a discount of that amount of money


do you know, to download old game you have to go to the web page, right? you will never find them in battle.net


With SC Remastered did they introduce any new content other than graphics? A lot of people want this to be more than just prettier graphics - we want new quality Blizz content and game modes. And if it has more then giving it away is a lot harder to justify.

In any case only somewhat tangentially I discovered that my vanilla Empire: Total War was recently upgaded to Definitive Edition for free at no cost. And Medieval II and Napoleon were similarly upgraded for those that owned them.


“I bought a BMW in 1991 and now I have to pay again for the brand new model!? This is an outrage!”
This is what it boils down to, essentially.


There should be some kind of reward for already owning classic. Maybe some special in game portraits, instant beta access to Reforged, in game banners, exclusive skins. Stuff like that.


I buy classic both roc and tft twice + one another copy for a friend, I would buy it again full price in a breeze. We are talking about the king of RTS (sorry SC), the grandfather of moba.


Even the original is still more worth than what it costs now, it´s totaly fine if everyone has to pay to get Reforged, especially considering Blizzard putting resources in to make the remaster. But it would be nice of them to gift us long time fans with something ingame, since we are the ones that held WC3 alive :wink: A multiplayer portrait for example.


This is just wrong. There are plenty of ways to make money from a product without directly charging your customers. Think of Facebook or Google. Think of the most popular game in your lifetime - FORTNITE. He’s not unreasonable to think the game might be offered for free. Maybe the failing ACTIVISION needs to take a page from epic games book. Loosing half your company worth in 6months… yeah that aint a good look.
Perhaps its time for a shift in paradigm.