We have been scammed

Alright, first things first. I dont care, i absolutely do not care that you only bought this game for the new models, if you wanna piss away 50 bucks like that, that is your choice.

I cancelled my pre-order. We have been lied 2.

  1. No new VA, i payed for this.
  2. No new ingame cinematics, i payed for this.
  3. A complete reamagining of wc3 i payed for this.
  4. No expanded story, i payed for this.
  5. No new dialoges between arthas and other characters like kaelthas/jaina or kael’s father.
    I payed for this.

You are still lying on your website, you still have the culling trailer on there with all the broken promises in there.

You still have not adressed the fanbase.

How dare you blizzard? How dare you pull this crap, i am absolutely bewilderd by this news, stunned actually, how can a company be so unreliable? I’ve slept on it and i am still pissed off, its like a knife in the back, you should all be fired and lose your jobs. I mean it. Stick your Cough “reforged” cough where the sun doesent shine, im done with you, after all the crap you pulled with Hearthstone and the crap following and now this? I’m done.


Do u know what, all the cut of what they promise us and the left is only new model, even the model itself is not made by blizzard team, but outsource by Malaysian’s Lemon Sky Studio. So they said themself retcon with WOW to attract new player, and wow player alike, after they buy the game, and now they said not retcon-voice-scene when the game almost release to increase their profit, and even use some purist as their meat shield.


Already did m8

I don’t share your opinion but I like criticism, only helps us customers. So keep going, have a like from me :grin:.

Can you give a source on any of this, also what does reamagining mean?


As it states on playfalsyadvertisedgame .com

Warcraft® III: Reforged™ is a complete reimagining of a real-time strategy classic. Experience the epic origin stories of Warcraft, now more stunning and evocative than ever before


lol I mean the source on where they say they aren’t adding anything new. Also that is an advertisement; reimagining, stunning, and evocative could just be new models and engine (which I thought they would do).

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Uhhh, check the deepdive panel and bridenbecker’s posts? I am not paying 50 bucks for 3 recreated maps that any intern can do within one day. This behaviour is disgusting.


lol I just did, you’re still getting redesigned maps.

"They ended up redesigning certain locations in Warcraft 3 to match what exists today in WoW. The look of locations like Silvermoon, Stratholme, and Dalaran had evolved in WoW while they remained the same in Warcraft 3. “We spent a lot of time leveling up the looks and the aesthetics of these missions so that players familiar with the Warcraft story can say, ‘oh, this is where this event happened’ or ‘I raided here.’”

Just no retconning or new voices. Not sure why you’re complaining. Have you bought the game yet? Or played the original. Because I have.


Maybe you should be reading books. It looks like computer games are not for you.


Ive played the original for over 16 years, i dont want the same exact game. As the same exact game wasent promised. A reamagining was promised, with more lore bits, more voice lines, new voice actors and new damn ingame cinematics. Nothing, and i mean nothing but the few redesigned maps are coming, and like i said i will never pay 50 bucks for a cheap china knock-off with 3-5 new maps proboly made by an intern. Just cancel the game or make it 10 bucks and announce it as an HD upgrade.

But like i said if you wanna piss away 50 bucks for this p.o.s go ahead. Like i said in my above post.

  1. Yes this was promised,
  2. Yes this was promised also
  3. NEVER promised. They said from beginning they would add in SOME minor things here and there as well as change only SOME of the map layouts in campaign, NOT all of them
  4. Again same as previous one, the story was NOT supposed to have some major expansion, just SOME additional voice lines/small cutscenes for characters like Jaina and Sylvanas.
  5. again same as above.

You honestly expected WC3: Reforged to be bigger overhaul than they said it was. While the first 2 things were promised (and scrapped), other than it really was more of a remaster and NOT a remake.


They promised so much but give us so little :frowning: I liked the new stuff


here is the petition to change it. sign it now!
http:// chng.it/8D8MR76jV7

Yeah, I requested a refund. I pre-purchased last year after the reveal. This game needs an infusion of players…not the same 200 that’s been playing the last 10 years. Not sure what’s hard to understand about that.

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Too bad you didn’t pay for a better education or a better translator.


100% agree

Absolutely gutting! The name Reforged should be changed immediately as that is now a complete lie.


this is blizzard pulling a fallout 76


thank god blizzard decided to stick to their roots when it comes to reforged. i would have hated to see modern blizzard writing staff take a dump on the previously established story/lore.
all you moaning about wanting changes, feel free to buy DLC packs that are sure to come out after the game is released, but don’t you dare demand that they retcon the original story because i will find each of your houses and burn them to the ground Culling of Stratholme-style.
“Reforged” doesn’t mean “change literally every aspect of the storyline” because if you plebs got what you wanted, we’d get an Undead Campaign where Sylvanas literally pisses all over Arthas because “muh whamen” just like they did in the new WoW cinematic, when Sylvanas pissed all over the Lich King. and no, i don’t care if it “makes sense” that she was able to do that, its terrible writing and clearly has an agenda behind it. Sylvanas was suppose to die during WOTLK, but now she is a literal god, and i absolutely hate everything about that.

suck it up or get your refund! the rest of us will relive the glory days of warcraft with updated graphics and cutscenes, which is all we really wanted in the first place.

if they choose to add new campaigns as DLC’s that’s fine, just make sure to put a big “POST-WOW-ERA” stamp on those DLC’s so the original storyline doesn’t get messed up. i would like a demon or naga themed campaign as much as the next man (or whaman) but not at the expense of the original story.

EDIT: i say this as a person who has played the ROC/TFT campaigns over 200 times+ throughout my life, since i was about 11 years of age. no other campaign in any other game has ever intrigued me as much as the story of warcraft 3 (and its expansion) has, and still does, and to see that be messed up for the sake of WoW’s butchered lore would be an absolute heartbreak to people like me.
now you might call that selfish, and well; right back at ya, buds.


I don’t care about the campaign (though I would still prefer a completely new one to just a reskinned one of course). BUT I am looking forward to the multiplayer and…from what I’ve seen in the beta, the units still block each other/move like idiots. I know they need the game to be compatible with WC3, but…fk I do not want to be playing with clunky units that have pathing issues. That’s so 2003. If all multiplayer gets is new graphics…I don’t know if I see a point in paying $30 when I can just keep playing WC3 Classic for the same experience basically