We got scam ( Evidence )

Comeon guys you just crying like childrens and talking about how you feel. In fact nobody cares your feeling. Just play the game… If you cant enjoy it than you should learn the lession on the hard way. If you can than you just made firework for nothing. One thing is sure you’re very tiering.

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My post is just about single-player campaign which i care most about not to mention other missing features such as custom campaign or really poor matchmaking system which is clearly just copy pasted beta… Not to also mention that weird graphics and not really clean edges even with AAA on… shadows/sharders are also horrible… and yes i have it on max details…

If folks wanted the game with a new coat of paint why did they not advertise it as such? You and the lot are the definition of bootlicker.

His comparison was sound. You should be able to understand the purpose of metaphors.

Thanks to ppl like you companies like Blizzard, EA etc. do what they do and don’t care! We need to speak out LOUD because it can get only worse if we don’t!

Its our money… We fill their pockets!

If you will be silent about everything you never get what you deserve. That applies for life not only for this scam release of a game.


Compared to the standard WC3 it actually looks fantastic. The standard WC3 honestly looks like trash compared to reforged. Sort of how the classic WoW graphics look like garbage compared to the graphics from Legion/BFA.

And again, they listened to feedback from their ‘customers’ it just seems to be the case that the bulk of the customers don’t agree with you.

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According to the bulk of these forums it looks like the bulk of players do agree with me. And I have seen no evidence that they have listened to their players… perhaps some focus groups who obviously had different interests than their main playerbase


These forums represent a tiny spec of the amount of folks that are actually playing this game. So, sure, the vocal minority agrees with you, but they’re still a minority.

i never heard they made announcement… look at their twitter for example? no update whatsoever for at least almost a year. and don’t expect people would pay attention to everyday article? most people just don’t have time for it. we have life.

“We have lives” is not an excuse to not be informed. I too have a life, I knew about the changes before they were made, and it disappointed me, because I did want that revamped experience.

But as someone who has played through the Prologue and the Human Campaign and is now working on the Undead Campaign, I can say with certainty that my money was not wasted.

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well, i was… that’s why i asked for refund… face it, there are people like me who dissatisfied, and there’s people like you who like it. these argument actually useless… let people kept their own opinion.

I never said people weren’t entitled to their own opinion.

If you dislike it, then that’s fine, you’re welcome to that opinion, but trying to claim that you ‘got scammed by Blizzard’ because they did a thing they said they were going to do, isn’t acceptable in my book.

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You have no evidence to suggest that it is a minority.
Chatting with people on Bnet I found the same sentiment.

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Have you ever heard of the 80/20/5 rule? You should look it up if you haven’t.

You’re in the minority, I know it, and so does Blizzard, because let’s face it, if you were in the majority then Blizzard would have revamped the entire game and not listened to the feedback which told them that they just wanted WC3 with a new coat of HD paint.


bah, now i get the feeling those who support the game are actually acti-blizz staffs for hire.

Please, do you really think I’d be wasting my time with you lot here if I was working for Acti-Blizz? Clearly I’d be too busy dancing on my pile of gold to care about the opinion of the plebs.

(That was sarcasm by the way)

That and the ingame scenes we were shown back then, are not in the game, I just beat Culling, and the end scene was stupidly placed, the Arthas model just stood there like he usually does in the game, not lifting his hammer or anything like we were shown, how is this even legal?

Yea the 80 20 rule whats that 80% of the idiotic comments come from 20% of the people (thats you). Sounds legit.
Saying you know something without any evidence makes you sound like a libtard snowflake who argues using feelings vs facts and figures.
And they didnt listen to their feedback, thats the problem.
I am also of the opinion it just needed a new coat of paint but that is not what they did at all.

80% of the positive comments about reforged are coming from 20% of the people. You are a great example arguing with multiple people at the same time.
Sorry to sh1t on your super hero yoy fanboy.

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when you want to buy w3 reforged today