WC3 Reforged Refunds / Class Action Lawsuit

So the https://us.battle.net/support/en/help system to request a Refund for WC3 Reforged is saying there is nothing to refund.

I have paused the installer, WC3 Reforged, it hasn’t been installed on any of my devices. If Activision-Blizzard refuses do refunds on WC3 Reforged we may need to contact lawyers and start a Class Action Lawsuit.

WC3 Reforged Pre-Purchases were made based on obvious false advertising. We must be allowed to receive refunds. If they refuse because Bobby Kotick and the other Corporate Stooges will have their Bonuses hurt by a massive amount of Revenue loss due to refunds then a Class Action Lawsuit is the next step.


This is probably the best next step. The game is not even close to the advertised product, and we need to make sure that developers are held accountable.


I thought so too although the cut scenes aren’t the blizzcon ones.


From what I’ve read, support tickets will get you your refund.

Forget about lawsuits, the game works as advertised. The only ones who have any legal ground for a lawsuit are the classic players who had their working game copies bricked by the forced upgrade to reforged.


False Advertising is both a Crime and grounds for a Refund. My pre-purchase was based on False Advertising.


Really? Where was the promised new cut scenes and campaign missions?


What about those who pre ordered with promised new missions and cut scenes? Feel free to show me where those are


go look at what is advertised for reforged including the new cutscenes and tell me where you find that in the product, i’ll wait.


Ignore FaTalAggro, he says the same stuff in every forum about complaints.


wait i have posted before lmao

Show me the new cinemetacis.
Show me the new missions.
Show me the updated ui

Tell me why competitive multiplayer got cut.
Show me why custom map support is butchered?


So you ignored the updates, news and emails that blizzard send you, that they would understand if you want a refund after they showed us what the final product was going to be like…

And now you’re jumping on the bandwagon asking for a refund.
If you don’t like it now, just take your loss. accept you went in blindly. and next time you purchase something you learned to research better. Turn it into something positive lesson for you for only a few euros


I didn’t get any updates or emails from blizzard


I understand your anger, I’m not that thrilled about the game either but really? A lawsuit? For a $30 game? I mean its an expensive retaliation IMO. Just don’t buy products from Blizzard again…they’ll get the message eventually.

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This isn’t even a 30$ game. It might be worth 10$.

I spent 15$ on the upgraded aoe2 and that came with.
New Civs.
New campaigns.
Updated graphics and ui.
Balance changes.
Updates to old campaigns.
New units and updates to map creation.

A heck of a lot more then I got from wc3 refail


Class Action Lawsuits involve multiple litigants.
I go to my lawyer with the Advertised Offering from Blizzcon 2018, show what was actually delivered, build the basis for a case.

During this process we find additional customers who were refused a refund which would likely be thousands of people. It is not $30, it is tens of thousands of people part of the same lawsuit along with punitive action based on blatant false advertising.

Lawyers primarily will get paid by the settlement with Activision.


I think i see the discrepancy here Europeans still have standards for quality control whereas Americans have gotten used to being fed sh*t because their government provides no real consumer protections.


lol, same here :smiley: i also bought aoe2 de just a week ago for 15€ on steam and i was stunned how great it is :smiley: it runs smooth as butter, is superfun, has unbelievable amounts of content, has incredible modern day improvements etc.

all this for 15€. sensational graphics and it doesn’t tax my system at all… i mean it uses like 15% of my gpu and 5% of my cpu… thats impressive ! even in extreme battles

meanwhile i bought warcraft 3 reforged for 30€ 14 months ago (pre-ordered ofc) and it turned out to be the biggest disappointement in years… i agree with you, compared to other remasters, especially compared to the aoe and aoe2 definitive editions, warcraft 3 reforged is worth 10€ max and that only if they polish and fix the glaring bugs…

IF they wouldn’t have downgraded the game and if they would have delivered all the content that was promised and that the game was advertised with (and still is to this day i think), it would have been worthy of 30€, even compared to aoe2de !

but they didn’t, they released a version that feels! like the ultimate scam compared to the advertisements and promises. especially because its not only massively downgraded, but also lacks any polish and quality at all… its bugged as hell and its lowest quality imaginable everywhere…

I’ve seen betas and early access games on steam (i actually own around 1000 games on steam and those aren’t cheap bundle games but most of them are triple aaa and double aa titles… i literally own all good games from the past 15 years on steam, with only very few exeptions) that had a much higher quality than this FULLY RELEASED product.

what have you done blizzard ? how could you do this to your faithful fans and customers ? my believe in blizzard is shattered and it won’T be easy to get this back… i just hope blizzard will finally get back from their customers (like by abysmal sales on future games etc) for doing this…

those coorporate a******* can’t even imagine how many ppl they hurt with this release… thousands if not hundreds of thousand ppl and because of this i hope they will finally get back for all they pulled :(:(:frowning:

edit: i think its time that blizzard as a company will be REFORGED ! bring back all those veterans that knew what they were doing and fire all those ppl that destroy the company… i know, this will never happen, i’m just dreaming :frowning:


Good luck holding that argument up in court lol. Blizzard has gone way too far this time…WC3 Reforged has been a sham from the start.

On the bright side, I have had no issues securing a refund just know your rights and open a ticket.

Woke up to an approved refund on the 2nd ticket i submitted with a more detailed explanation of my disappointment of the game.

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