WC3 Frozen Throne Installer missing

Going to the installer for Frozen Throne gives Reign of chaos (Warcraft-III-Setup). The correct installer is missing from the auto download and “try again” link. This is for the Non Reforged edition, sorry for not mentioning that in first place


I sent this up to get clarification. Technically, WarCraft III: Reforged includes The Frozen Throne expansion and replaced the older client as the latest version. That being said, older links Here might help you download the original downloaders for the game. NOTE: If you connect to Battle.net, the client will update to Reforge.

Thank you.


I purchased and downloaded Warcraft III: Reforged, and I am not able to download Frozen Throne or play Frozen Throne. Every time I try and download it from the battle.net website, it starts the Warcraft III installer. How am I able to download and play Frozen Throne?

Hey there,

There is no separate download or install for Frozen Throne in Warcraft III: Reforged.

In Reforged you can play with Classic or Reforged graphics. To access Frozen Throne you would play through the campaign (originally Reign of Chaos) and once that has been completed it will open up the Frozen Throne campaign.

As Jambrix said-

Reforged includes Frozen Throne and it is not seperately installed, nor is the frozen throne logo used ingame or in the app. But in-game, it is 100% frozen throne. It is easy to tell this by the tech trees and available units and maps.

To play the Frozen Throne campaigns you must complete the RoC campaigns first.

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