Warcraft Reforged soft relaunch - whishlist!

  1. add terrain variations (I am waiting for this since launch, currently the terrain in game looks very boring)
  2. fix desync bug, so we can play a map without disconnects every 5 minutes
  3. fix game crashes (if I put particles on low it seems to be working but there are no weather effects on low)
  4. add Malfurion without stag model
    5.****Please add at least 3 more inventory slots, or at least the possibility to make Hero inventory bigger in editor so we can make better RPG maps.
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  1. Old background system and not a lazy .webm file slapped in there

Easy option in editor to officially add additional races to a map complete with UI and music options (can start fresh or using one of the existing races as a template).

Option for modable unit selection. Let us make custom maps with massive unit selection like starcraft II.

More skins. Give us all the campaign hero skins as options in melee. Also some unit skins would be nice like blood/high elven swordsmen and archers for the footmen and riflemen. Or the red orcs.

  1. The Allies tab displays which race each player has chosen. This is very useful if you can’t check races when match loading.
    This feature has been useful in SC:R & SC2. - [T], [Z], [P], [R]
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Old Battlenet and reconnection. Give this nonsense a meaning…

  1. Revisit Reforged models and hire animators to polish up the animation pool for many entities. There are many Reforged models that are missing stand, attack and spell animations:

Missing Animations:

• Swordsman (Thalassian)

• Anasterian Sunstrider

• Thalorien Dawnseeker

• Arthas (wielding Frostmourne)

• Dagren the Orcslayer and all of the other new Paladins

• Mathog

• Slave Master

• Orc Warchief

• Gar’thok

• Chen Stormstout

• Rexxar

• Grom Hellscream (Fel / Possessed)

• Crypt Lord

• All Pit Lords

• Detheroc

• Druid of the Talon

• Warden

• Maiev

• Night Elf Ancient Buildings (Uprooted)

• Ghost (Keeper of the Grove)

• Malfurion

• Forest Troll Berserkers (and others with axes)

• Forest Troll Priests (and varients)

• Centaur Khan

• Pandaren Brewmaster

• Giant Skeleton Warrior

• Furbolgs

• Dragonspawns

• Ancient Wendigo

• Sea Giant Behemoth

• Skeletal Orcs

Poor Animations:

• Paladin

• Infernal (two attack animations use the same arm and look too similar. The classic model has attack animations that alternate between both arms)

Animation Variety / Quality is Very Disappointing - General Discussion - Warcraft III: Reforged Forums (blizzard.com)

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properly implement the quick cast system

while we’re at it, why not just allow any and all cliff and tileset type to a map; remove the tileset limits !

A working version of the map editor for mac users. We haven’t had that in over 10 years.

That is even better, I agree

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I actually wanted to know what kind of content they were trying to expand the story for, since they didn’t do that back in the OG Warcraft 3.

A working version.

That could already be enough.

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1.Remove profiles and ladder, because your developer Team is too incompetent to make this working correct since 3 years.

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Add skins to the campaign units, like kerrigan for Jaina.
And the original models for the Night elfs.

PLease make the promised extra content a thing!

Fixed bugs and removal of the B-net DRM so I can back up my game install and play it without an internet connection, ever, in the event I end up having to cut the cord due to costs. That’s all I’d want from this “soft relaunch.”

What original models for the NEs?

DLSS, FSR and XeSS. So that way it can be useful for competitors and fix the performance problems. Also, a nice touch for players to run the game at a higher frame rate as well with raytracing if they would implement it as well.

The night elves got new skins with more clothing, I want the original skin back alongside the quotes that was deemed inappropriate (censored?)

A small thing but and useless but still

So far, they only censored is the Dryad. They did brough back Night Elf Archer’s quote back. But still there’s no excuse to censor when that wasn’t the case with the original.