Warcraft III Version 1.33 Public Test Realm is now available

They are not. It’s better but still unacceptable.

Whatever’s happening in this patch, it’s made me heaps happy! It’s gotten me away from DOTA for a while and slowly back into WC 3 lol!

For whatever reason now, there’s no hidden delays or slow movements like I experienced a few weeks or months ago! The game quality has improved immensely for me to the point that I can take Bnet official server ranks more seriously. The game literally feels more responsive such as I can finally pull damaged units back, or do last second saves on Bnet server. Basically, playing on BNET feels more and more like playing on W3C champs! Maybe one of the Devs decided to inspect the framework in WC 3 and saw the coding [fps=60] and realized that the numerical value was meant to be capped at 300 fps :sweat_smile:

When this new patch update comes out, I would like to request an Oceanic server, and at most, maybe Singaporean severs pretty please! I know that high latency seems almost invisible for me right now, but I know ping will make a huge difference in higher competitive plays! W3C champs have done a good job of allowing me to play with a 100 ping which allowed me to reach Diamond Rank at one stage, so shout-out and thanks to them heaps! :d

Also thanks Blizzard ,and goodjob guys! :tornado:

I’ve had some good game experiences on the PTR, aside from the sound oddities going on at the moment. But it also was kind of an interesting experience just hearing the ambient sound and the sound of battle lol.

Bliz you seriously need to send out an email to Reforged players past and present, we need to get some more people on the PTR to run ranked through the wringer.

Thanks everybody, im on it. Almost 20 years playing the game, but im not the best with technologies and so…

See you on ladder. gl &hf

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That’s awesome to see the game getting some type of love again, I’m running into an issue in the campaign when I ran out of the game real quick, the audio for all my troops and sound effects stop working, is this going to be addressed in this patch or at least future patches??

It’s possibly fixed in today’s new PTR build.

Please let us know in the PTR forum.


<3 lovely^^

apparently the gate in Silvermoon is in wrong rotation, would it be fixed too?

I can’t believe they are actually updating this game and working to fix it. :heart_eyes:

Don’t forget about the campaign

Awesome I will be online in a few hours to continue my campaign play through and I will provide feedback for you guys, thank you for the work you put in!!

I haven’t. But anyone can test campaign changes at their leisure, testing multiplayer requires people.

Hey Kaivax, if you have a chance, can y’all take a look in the World Editor? I have found a massive bug where if you keep the WE open for a long period of time, It’ll glitch out and become corrupt. this was never an issue until the 24 player update was added. I lost map progression and lost a lot of projects due to this bug. I have found a way to survive it. But it’ll require me to restart the WE and my map projects take some time to load. Would appreciate the look, also lots of stuff in the WE need to be fixed, Why is the ability CD an option, if you can’t make it where attacking an enemy can lower CD on certain spells. I’d love for that to be fixed too. Thanks for working on this game!

Nice to see quick hotfix. However there are still major things to be done if you want people to come to official ladder from W3C. Those are the most important:

  • more servers for playable ping
  • zoom option
  • reporting system
  • updated map pool
  • reconnect function

I more than sure that people will switch to official only if all of the above will be implemented.

And one more thing that should be in next quick fix - make a 5 seconds countdown in loading screen so we can prepare, see which map we are going to play and opponent’s race.

actually: that bug is not new. i encountered it in a pre-reforged version, one of the last stand-alone patches. my map became inpossible to run through the editor but worked ingame.

I only have one request currently for this game and that is… Please for the love of god put Full Scale Assault back in the 4s map pool. Literally the best 4s map and its not even an option… Thank you

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This patch attempts to copy W3Champions and fails at any meaningful part. Why on earth would the system allow 3 placement matches against the same person? Completely defies the purpose.

Additionally, allow players to set preferences on rematch times allowed. This is one of the main problem with your terrible ladder in the first place. The system will just match two players infinitely during low traffic times. Not only is this not fun but it taints any attempt at a fair ladder. There is a large playerbase supported by W3Champions that you idiots did not manage to kill off, there is plenty of players worldwide to not rematch the same person within a reasonable span of time (4, 8, 12 hours etc)

Balanced maps made by mapmakers with experience would be nice too. Brightwater oasis, swamped temple, nomad isle are maps that are not intended for serious competitive play. W3Champions lives up to the promise made by reforged developers originally of a rotating and balance map base.

Give us also easy mute and block functions, because this game is completely toxic. W3Champions moderates quitters, harassment etc. Please either employ W3Champions staff to do it or do it yourself.

Please allow players to customize ally and enemy colors and hotkeys. Your PTR does not support these updates W3Champions already allowed us to make.

I hope you listen to the complaints of the community and improve this garbage heap of a patch or just stop working on it and let the community continue to thrive on W3Champions.

I’ve been anticipating ranked / non-ranked play since release. But I cannot see any ranked play option in the menu? Is public testing available for everyone?

the patch is only on the public test realm. you have to go there to test it.

You have to install the PTR version of the game. Click the dropdown above the Play button in the bnet app. Select the “Public Test Realm” option and then click Install. From then forth, which version you’re playing depends on whether you select Live or Public Test Realm from the drop down.