PTR Maintenance Today - June 16

We intend to take the PTR offline for maintenance in one hour, at about 11:00 a.m. PDT.

During this time, we’ll be fixing bugs and applying some fixes to visuals.


Neat, keep using the PTR lads, and keep fixing things :metal:
Bug Reports has your back.

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The world editor is in dire need of fixes. Please do check out all the reports in the PTR forum and keep us updated with detailed changelogs if possible.

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Fixes already? A very welcome surprise.

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Two blizz posts in as many days. Holy Moly


The new build is now available.

Updates include:

  • Various Match History and Versus UI fixes and polish.
  • Updated PTR Season 1 to end on June 20 for testing purposes.
  • Fixed a sound crash that could follow a device change.
  • Fixed a sound echo that occurred when multiple sound lines played.
  • Fixed an issue where balance data was out of date.
  • Fixed an issue that periodically prevented players from joining into auto-matched games.