Warcraft III Version 1.33 Public Test Realm is now available

Hello Warcraft III: Reforged players,

We’ve recently begun public testing of our next update to Warcraft III: Reforged – version 1.33.0.


Please, start to talk with us. On behalf of the mapmaking community for reforged, work with us!


I’m so happy to see this, is there any chance of a rough roadmap? Maybe sit down with a Youtuber and discuss the future of the game?


Please, look at the laggy menu. A ton of people have reported this issue.


I got 3 fps on the main menu. Please fix this it has been 2 years…

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Finaly, thanks blizzard :slight_smile:

Not impressed. You want my money back, three things need to happen.

1.) Get rid of that stupid DRM system, all it does is encourage sailing the seven seas.

2.) Make the moonkin actually look like a Warcraft style moonkin, not that… atrocity.

3.) Bring back the custom campaigns.

Meet all three criteria, and you’ll get my money back. Especially if you apply #1 to your other titles as well.

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Lads I need to ask. Since the mini-patch a few days ago- is it just me or is the FPS really smooth now? I literally played ranked on bnet (Not the beta testing) and the FPS is literally smoother now. There’s no stutter or anything, especially when I move my heroes and Ghouls about. It looks amazing and don’t even notice the high ping anymore. It’s smooth both on Reforged and Classic for me. Something I’ve finally been begging for years for Warcraft.

Has it always been like this or is it just me and I’ve somehow finally and accidentally set Nvdia settings perfectly. Can anyone help me out and confirm that they upgraded and updated FPS to be perfectly smooth, or has it always been like that for years?

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Took you long enough.

The menus are janked to heck, but in-game things actually do seem to be working better.

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Can you guys maybe update the news in the battle.net app, which is still showing “player profiles” as the latest news item, dated August 19th, 2020

I cant download 1.33 , the option to download doesnt appear in the battle.net app, so i´m still in the 1.32 version.
Could it be because i havent bought “Reforged” and i play with the old key , which i have twice original since i bought ROC and TFT back in the days.

help please

you have to download the test realm client to play the new version.

Nice to see new changes but what we really need is for Blizzard to give us more servers, and to stop matchmaking AT and RT teams, which are gamebreaking issues.

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have you tried the ptr? m

have you tried the ptr? menus are smooth af there

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more servers would have been useful, if there had been more players. as of right now: they should allow games cross server and just list where it is located.

Click the “Game Version” drop down, select Public Test Realm.

it’s not on the live servers yet.

They are not. It’s better but still unacceptable.

Whatever’s happening in this patch, it’s made me heaps happy! It’s gotten me away from DOTA for a while and slowly back into WC 3 lol!

For whatever reason now, there’s no hidden delays or slow movements like I experienced a few weeks or months ago! The game quality has improved immensely for me to the point that I can take Bnet official server ranks more seriously. The game literally feels more responsive such as I can finally pull damaged units back, or do last second saves on Bnet server. Basically, playing on BNET feels more and more like playing on W3C champs! Maybe one of the Devs decided to inspect the framework in WC 3 and saw the coding [fps=60] and realized that the numerical value was meant to be capped at 300 fps :sweat_smile:

When this new patch update comes out, I would like to request an Oceanic server, and at most, maybe Singaporean severs pretty please! I know that high latency seems almost invisible for me right now, but I know ping will make a huge difference in higher competitive plays! W3C champs have done a good job of allowing me to play with a 100 ping which allowed me to reach Diamond Rank at one stage, so shout-out and thanks to them heaps! :d

Also thanks Blizzard ,and goodjob guys! :tornado:

I’ve had some good game experiences on the PTR, aside from the sound oddities going on at the moment. But it also was kind of an interesting experience just hearing the ambient sound and the sound of battle lol.

Bliz you seriously need to send out an email to Reforged players past and present, we need to get some more people on the PTR to run ranked through the wringer.