Warcraft III: Reforged PTR Version 1.36 -- Updated May 3

We’ve deployed version 1.36 to the public test realm (PTR). This upcoming patch features a new Observer Mode UI and Automated Tournaments.

Thank you for your testing and feedback!

Patch 1.36

Observer Mode

  • Added new features and Updated UI for Observer Mode.
  • All panels can be toggled on and off individually, using hotkeys or the Control Panel.
  • Added Statistics Panel: you can now view the Race, Gold, Lumber, Food, and APM of all players in the game at once.
  • Added Production queue: you can now view what units each player is currently building at once.
  • Added Unit view: you can now view all the units in each player’s army at once.
  • You can toggle between seeing the Production Queue or the Unit view.
  • Added Hero Panel view: you can now view all the heroes and their items and abilities of up to 4 players at once. You can also click on heroes to center your camera on them.


  • Tournaments now accessible via the Versus screen.
  • Tournaments will run daily.
  • Tournaments are open to all players.
  • Each Tournament will have different game rules, maps, and available races.
  • Preliminary Phase: play up to 8 games, and earn points based on wins and losses.
  • The Top 16 players from the Preliminary will face each other in an Elimination bracket.
  • Going undefeated in the Elimination Bracket will win the whole tournament.
  • Unlock Unique Portraits by earning points by competing in Tournaments.
  • Stats on Tournaments performance are displayed in your Player Profile.


  • In-Game and Global chat can now be toggled on and off in Settings.


  • Fixed an issue where FX being played in FOW would cause the game to crash on Reforged Graphics.
  • Fixed an issue where you would crash while observing a CPU Game.
  • Fixed game crashing when becoming an Observer on Defeat.
  • Fixed an issue where in-game hotkeys were still functional while your Menus were open.
  • Fixed an issue where Replays would be soft-locked if you attempted to watch one immediately after playing a match.
  • Fixed an issue where you would see a black screen when observing games with a large number of players.
  • Fixed an issue where player’s division icons in the leaderboard were not updating properly.

Update April 27

The 1.36 PTR build 20167 was deployed a few hours ago. This update includes the following additions:


  • Immolation mana drain per tick increased from 7 to 8.
  • Sentinel Research cost reduced from 100 to 50 lumber.
  • Arcane Tower Feedback increased from 12 to 18 on heroes (24 on regular units).
  • Sundering Blades bonus reduced from 15 to 10%.
  • Troll headhunter hit points reduced from 375 to 350.
  • Pulverized cost reduced from 225 to 200 lumber.
  • Cannibalization cost reduced from 75 to 50 gold.
  • Cannibalization research time reduced from 30 to 15 seconds.
  • Claws of attack +5 damaged reduced to +4.
  • Claws of attack +9 damaged reduced to +8.
  • Potion of Greater Mana reduced from 250 to 200.
  • Wand of Mana Steal reduced from 65 to 60.
  • Lighting Shield removed from the item table.


  • After the end of each season MMR will now hard reset previously MMR did not fully reset after each season.
  • The map pool has been standardized to have 10 maps featuring a collection of well-known classic and new community maps.
  • Map vetos have been increased to 5 for all modes.

Observer Mode

  • Hotkey to swap to the Production panel is “Alt +P”, and to swap to the Unit panel is “Alt + U”.


  • Reduced overall duration of Tournaments.
  • Updated Time Zones information in Tournaments FAQ.


  • Fixed issue where selecting Blademaster’s Mirror Image would break the Observer Mode UI.
  • Fixed issue where Grand Finalists (1st and 2nd) in a Tournament would not see their results at the end of the game.
  • Fixed issue where Ranked icons were missing from the Versus: Ranked Screen.
  • Fixed issue where your Highest Rank and Race stats were being pulled from recent Tournament history.
  • Fixed issue where Tournament Results screen would show MMR gains and losses for Tournament games.
  • Fixed issue where the winner of a Tournament would sometimes see 2nd place in their Tournament Results screen.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes you’d crash on log in.
  • Fixed issue where you would remain in a Tournaments Matchmaking queue if you entered matchmaking, but then didn’t find a match.

Update May 3

We’ve deployed a new 1.36 PTR build. This update includes the following additions and adjustements:


  • Immolation damage reduced from 7/12/18 to 6/11/17
  • Sentinel Research cost reduced from 100/100 to 50/50 gold/lumber
  • Arcane Tower Feedback increased from 12 to 16 on heroes (24 on regular units remains unchanged)
  • Pulverized cost reduced from 225 to 175 lumber
  • Mana Stone mana granted on consumption reduced from 250 to 200
  • Circlet Removed from drop table (still available for purchase from the Goblin Merchant)
  • Ring of Superiority added to the drop table as a level 1 item (+1 to all stats)
  • Ring of the Archmagic added to the drop table as a level 4 item (+3 to all stats)


  • Map vetos have been changed to 3 for all modes

Observer Mode

  • Added the option to disable/enable observer mode UI. This is automatically set OFF by default
  • Added click to follow in the observer mode UI by clicking the command card
  • Removed the control panel and moved the command card to the far right, hotkeys for toggling menus are available in the help menu
  • Production bar progress color is now white


  • Added additional UI to indicate when the next tournament is


  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from creating 512x512 custom maps
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when calling BlizHideOriginFrames

Oh my god thank you so much guys, you fixed Naga buildings (sort of, at least are aware of the problem), I just want to point out that the fix only applies to Tidal guardians, however, other Naga buildings still have the problem.

Help: This is not a per model problem, this is a generalized problem, it’s not exclusive to Naga models.

Tidal guardian (fixed now), Spawning grounds (shows black water), Firelord (tiny particles surrounding it should be red but instead are black), Goblin Laboratory’s glass is not animated (it was before).

This shows that there is a general problem with animated textures not exclusive to a single model.



Do you believe that this is a comprehensive list of models not working? If not, can you identify any others that we should investigate?


I am in the process of doing so, I will check my older install and reply you back with more models that are also affected, need to verify manually


Considering the ladder is still bugged, there is no or a very poor match making system, profiles often not load and game results are often not or not timely retrieved I must say I have very little faith in this patch going to work. The EU server has not even worked properly since release, we effectively run on three servers globally. In fact, I act it much more likely that this patch will further grind into the already nearly non existent stability of the bnet platform. Join-bugs, unexpected errors and a myriad of miscellaneous errors are still rampant. The list is actually so long it is difficult for our monkey brains to comprehend.

Frankly I am surprised Blizzard tries to add features that were lost in the (compelled, I remind you) transfer from legacy to Reforged, despite the host of very basic needs and QoL features are still not even on the horizon.

I know this ship is sailed but I still do not understand why legacy is not reinstated. Even as of today, this would solve 99,9% of all issues.


Okay so I have rechecked and I was mistaken regarding the firelord, it seems to be exclusive to Naga buildings that used the water texture unless I missed another TFT unit that uses the same effect, this however has to be fixed on a systemic level due to custom models I assume also being affected if they used naga buildings as a base.

Model list:

  1. Tidal Guardian (fixed already in 1.36 ptr)

  2. Coral Bed:

  3. Spawning Grounds:

  4. Water elemental (harder to see, it’s an animation timeline thing, explanation below):

Might be unrelated but:
6) Goblin Laboratory:

(Regarding the last model) There is a difference in the glass texture, might be unrelated but it could have been related to the swap to dds textures that happened in reforged.

According to a user on hiveworkshop the problem is:

“The binary KMTF chunk now only sometimes loads on 3D assets. This is not a particle density chunk. This is an Animated Texture ID chunk. On last year’s water elemental the texture was a flipbook of animated water textures that also translated across a surface. Now that flipbooks of animated textures are broken, the water elemental has a single surface texture translating along its surface. You cannot take a screenshot of the difference easily because the problem is a failure to load an animated timeline.”


would be cool if we could fold and unfold (minimize & maximize) individual menu items from the new Observer overlay (doesn’t have to be a must, just thought would be Optimal if possible

Else I think there are still too many bars without a transparent background. so it would be neat to have the game itself in the background together with the new overlay features

I really love that you work on it though! It is great that you try to implement this feature for observers in Warcraft 3! You guys Rock!

That was my first impression on it

Thanks you guys for working on this project

P.S. Would be cool to have a graphical user Interface Hotkey editor built in warcraft 3
SOmething like on this website:
Google Search: warcraft 3 hotkeys editor jason gitlab
It really makes everything so much easier for beginners :smiley:



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Can you guys stop catering to back2warcraft? Like wtf is this garbage. Fix the imbalances in the game so I can enjoy playing it.


Will there be a fix for visual effects and units where adjusting their “Art - Maximum Pitch/Roll Angle” resets upon loading the game? I wish to recreate a big laser from the Flamestrike ability.

Dang Blizzard that’s what’s up ! Keep it up !

Thanks, this seems a promising update, but could you please have a look at the performance and FPS related issues too? I have been addressing the FPS drop issue since 1.33 and have not seen any response from blizzard, it’s due to game not being rendered on the proper GPU, it uses CPU on-board GPU to render Classic Mode, which is not enough in High Resoloutions

LOVE the observer mode addition!

A big issue though:
As a tournament observer, we usually click & hold on a unit portrait to follow that unit. that creates a smooth camera movement, pleasent for the viewer. Since the portrait is gone now, we don’t have an option to follow a unit anymore, making observing quite painful.
I hope you can find a way to let us camera-follow units, without reintroducing the portrait cuz in general removing the huge UI at the bottom is a great development.
edit: apparently, ctrl+c does almost the same than clicking a unit portrait, but since C is the hotkey for the control panel it looks really bad now and its also not as smooth as click+hold on a unit portrait

one small thing i noticed: can we move the control panel somewhere else, so that the selection box is at the edge of the screen (like for example the minimap) ?

also, since the hero portraits are clickable (great!) can we make things in the production tab clickable as well?

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Bug #1 for me: XP is not showing correctly in the informations tab (Observer Mode)

Suggestion #1: make it possible to turn this Observer Mode on/off — bringring old layout back in the process — cause this can’t work properly with custom games. Just tried with DotA and one custom menu crashed all game
Suggestion #2: maybe showing hero/unit portrait in Observer Mode? On the left side of the informations tab. I use this a lot for the camera to auto follow the units

Any chance to see more balance patches soon? Immolation is still absurd and there are more things that need to be fixed.


Observer mode looks good, but I see that the trick to hide a button or stacks could be added in this mode. Regarding errors, there are models that still crash, such as those with moving textures that warcraft 3 reforged does not render and the game crashes.

Observer mode is great, but still waiting for normal nerf Immolation, nerf cooldown FS summon wolves and increase +5 sec duration militia.


Nice. Please make Human race great again! :frowning:


The human Water Elemental in versus mode is also affected, however enough of its original design loads onto the screen that most players dont notice the missing animation. You have to side-by-side compare it with the one from before the August 17, 2022 patch last fall and then you can see the difference and what was lost.

more suggestions from 2200+ mmr players

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It might be a bit of particle density at the bottom but I don’t see another difference