Warcraft III: Reforged PTR - Version 1.35.0

Praise Elune! The barrage siege engine level inconsistency is indeed fixed!

Sadly, there’s still an inconsistency of “attack 2” on the non-barrage siege engine, but this is acceptable as the attack isn’t enabled without barrage.

There’s also still a crash when modifying damage bonus tables in “gameplay constants” though.

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Awesome that changes are made on the ptr, some of these coincide with the initial community feedback, so that’s great to see.

I know this is getting old but I’m just here to bump the agressive game cacheing issue once more - it’s by far the worst 1.33 bug thats still in the game.


love the update to the update, thanks for listening . I have no issues with it and am pleased

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SOULKEEPA FROM THE HORDE APPROVES THE PATCH even with THE HH CHANGE with +10 wood with update december 16.

Blade Master is a nightmare when he reaches “mirror image” at level 3. No one wants to face 3 more BMs with total damage up to 75% plus critical for EACH.


with the update today i approve of all changes seems like its gonna be a fun patch for at least a few months

Amazing. This is looking to be not only good changes, but fun as well!

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Your patching UD out of this game. statues are essential . there is no alternative. there are no mana potions for UD. HS should get more expensive cause the have the highest dps and so cheap for this as well “OP”.

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like 3rd nova and 3rd stomp and 3rd bolt
Good change. Maybe not 25, but 20.

let me tell you something, with only 2 mirrors he will cut off the head of any intelligent hero in seconds


Is it a good idea that Animal War Training now only requires a Lumber Mill and Blacksmith, i.e., you can research it on tier 1 when there are no units trainable that would benefit from the upgrade?

Do the mirror images use Critical Strike?


Don’t reduce Lich Frost Nova and Obsidian Statue spirit touch mana restore
Other than Happy and 120, there are no more undead players. It’s not about balance that Happy wins. In fact, the undead is nerfed
And roll back change militia in 1.30
Base Stats
• Decreased duration from 45 to 40 seconds
And please don’t touch the Siege Engine. He had his rare place. He was recently nerfed out of experience.
p.s. i play orc

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These new changes are really based on community feedback. Thank you for this! Especially orc and undead changes are much better now. Another suggestion, if you are gonna nerf the circlet of nobility, which is mostly used for the blademaster you are nerfing him indirectly. Maybe give him +2 Agility at base.


The PTR patch is broken

All items are not appearing in the game (from creeps and shops)


The duration change of Immolation you have written about before is the damage interval. It is still 0.5 seconds. Contrary to what the tooltip of the ability says, it’s not 10 damage per second on level 1 but 10 damage per 0.5 seconds, so in contrast to the last state before PTR, the damage is still doubled.


The lack of verification here is deeply concerning.

These changes are way too drastic and seem very, very poorly thought out. Please consider that some of these ideas will wreck the already barely balanced gameplay in team games like 3v3 or 4v4.

Please stop only considering 1v1 tournament play which barely has any players and isn’t necessarily indicative of how regular WC3 players play.

Also some issues with balance are due to game design. HUvUD for example will likely always suck for the HU player because DK+Fiends is a fast-moving, ranged army against HU that has slow units that aren’t ranged unless they go Riflemen. Their workers are also exposed on wood and gold because they can’t hide them like Elf or Orc. Making the other changes you list doesn’t change this design issue and just makes HU stronger in other ways.

Also some abilities on some heroes WILL NEVER BE CHOSEN AS SECOND ABILITIES. The Priestess will ALWAYS go Searing Arrows and Trueshot Aura. Even if you made the Owl last longer or see more… you aren’t changing that. Likewise, Demon Hunter will ALWAYS go Mana Burn and Evasion. You’re just making those heroes STRONGER at level 7-10 when they put points into their unused third ability. Keeping these third abilities not used is OKAY just like how some units in Starcraft Brood War are relatively not used in different matchups. The Devourer for Zerg for instance RARELY ever comes out not because it’s bad but because it’s specific NICHE just doesn’t occur regularly. So it makes no sense to buff Devourers to high hell to hope to see them get used. If you want to see them get used, you need to have players USE AIR UNITS MORE.

So please before you go forward with even more insane changes, consider two things. One is that KEEP TEAM PLAYERS IN MIND, so don’t screw up 3v3 and 4v4 because at least HALF of the WC3 population plays those modes. Second is that some unused units/abilities are not used because the situation does not call for it, NOT BECAUSE THE UNIT/ABILITY is weak. Just some balance ABCs that the current balancing team needs to understand.

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Mirror Image benefiting from CS is going to be a fun one for sure.

Instead of decreasing touch of mana from statues by 33%, there is a smoother way of decreasing the cooldowns, so it could be like 20% or whatever the hell it should become.

also a big no to frost nova nerf, as all INT heros should have the most powerfull spells in the game.

but good luck with the anti-happy-patch.

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