Warcraft III: Reforged PTR -- Version 1.33.0

It’s surreal to see any sort of update being brought to Warcraft at this point, so I’m certainly happy for that. One easy QOL change is necessary to make this PTR playable, though, namely a way to control the in-game zoom. Please consider adding this feature as soon as possible, as it is a fairly easy implement that goes a long way in making the Battle.net ladder an actually playable and enjoyable experience.


so umm yeah, where custom campaigns?


better now than never, thank you for attempting to fix this mess and not letting it burn for longer than it already is.

Any chance to hope for overall honing of graphics ?


Dude shut your mouth to talk about W3C, the Ping there is way better for everyone, and Blizard should try to do the same.

Players from NA and EU playing together is the better way for everyone, or you want to spend 15 minutes to find a fair match?


It can’t get any worse than it already is, so I’m hoping things get better. hopefully there is a team behind it that can fix all the errors.

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Please contact prominent community figures, like e.g. Grubby, to discuss further changes to Warcraft 3.


Nice. Professional people who get payed for it managed to do 50% of the work that Amateurs did in theyr free time.

The w3c crew did it in a few month.
Blizzard took 2 years and still not close to w3c.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Give us the balance patch and Hire the w3c team. They are better and probably even cheaper then everyone at Blizzard.


Now restore custom campaigns, the removed voice lines, and let characters call Grommash ‘Grom’ again, then you’ll have my attention.


i can understand being mad at them for not doing anything.
But everything starts from something, they changed the entire team, give them the benefit of the doubt for a while. We shouldn’t trashtalk , when they try to do the right thing.

Be reasonable. They didn’t work 2 years for this patch.


Nice to hear from W3 Reforged after a long long time (:


This is great news. I wish nothing but the best for the new team working on this great game. Don’t forget that through all the thorns there is a passionate community who is eager to help.


Had something released in 2020 it might’ve prevented w3champions from being created and even if it was released late summer/early fall of 2020 it might’ve matched that, but at this point, either don’t bother with this weakling attempt at a ladder or just fully integrate w3c and hire the team to work remote, which I heard a rumor an offer was made to one of the devs but Blizzard foolishly wanted to pay him peanuts AND move out to Irvine, CA, I’d reject that clown shoes offer too.

Just a balance patch is all the community wants, any release of a ladder will be scrutinized to w3c and will pale in comparison.

I seriously hope there is an actual Warcraft 3 team consisting of more than a single person. But I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say I’ll look forward to the next patches.

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Nice to see a patch. Hope it is the first of many - we need them!


Thank you so much! Please continue updating, it’s definitely appreciated.


good update. Maybe next could be a graphic improvement, make reforged and classic separated games and reforged with his own engine.


Good update, even if it doesn’t satisfy everyone.

Looking forward to your future work!


I cant hear you because you’re literally sobbing while speaking. And by the way, just one word to be said: irony

Game crashes when you try to open your profile…

Can’t we just reverse back to legacy? We had everything there, and it worked… The only addition Reforged tried to add is graphics enhancements which literally nobody likes and thus nobody uses. In the attempt however everything was messed up.

The East Coast server was dropped so everyone from Azeroth server now has to play 120 ms to West Coast or Europe. EU server is bugged so EU people have inconsistent ping, if they even get placed on their EU server. Pathing calculation and creep AI got altered/bugged, shadow options no longer available in classic graphics, no coherent scaling in epicness of icons, reforged and classic campaing progress does not translate one to another. All channels are named the same, despite they are different channels. UI on this BNet is terrible (why do I have to open map vetoes in a specific menu when freaking 80% of my screen is empty???; I can’t see which races my friends have chosen and I’m locked in the AT window before they all pick their race so I can’t check anything or even type, in custom games the global chat overlaps with map description… the list goes on and on…). We still have massive amounts of joinbugs and drop out of ladder games notable amount of times for no clear reason.

If you proceed, at least give those who linked their classic accounts their little rewards. You know, that think you promised but then it bugged out and everything remained empty. Much like the promises from- and faith we have in- Blizzard.

Really, I’m sorry to be the pessimist here but you can’t fix this game. Restore legacy. Flip table. Start over.


Please speak with us! We would like to work with you to improve the game!