Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

be real though… you guys lied to sell copies and that’s just bad. Your quality assurance department isn’t catching bugs that should be caught prior to launch or you’re choosing to fix the bugs.

Step back, be the Blizzard you used to be. And give us the cinematic cut scenes you promised


(World of) Warcraft and overall Blizzard isn’t anymore the Comapny I fall in love back in WotLK/Cata. You run this beloved franchise, for a few years now, now as an
Business and THIS hurts YOU, your Games and overall the Community.

The Blizzard, back from WotLK/Cata/MoP is dead. You try to make Money and get your investors happy, no matter the cost - so it seems. You put Warcraft 3 into a very bad light, you made a living Joke out of you. Blizzard. You dont deliver anymore the Quality you had once. And for the first time, im done with (World of) Warcraft and you Blizzard - Your rewrites the Warcraft lore - Frostmourne and the Crown of Domination didn’t came from the Shadowlands in the Original Story - (pls corrected me if im wrong :thinking: ) and you killed the Only Symbol with Shadowlands and with you newest actions in Warcraft 3 Refunded why I startet to Play Warcraft and WoW in the past.

Its sad what have become out of you. Blizzard isn’t anymore the Comapny from 2000. And I will no longer Support you new Investors… I mean… “quality”


yeah bugs happen, but breaking another seperate game by releasing a “new” one is not a bug, it is malicious to the customers who bought and liked the original - explain to me why that was necessary


Why does the Account transfer not work? =(


All i want is the option to have the UI shown at blizzcon albeit with feedback ie Item bar looking more original. I want the moving trees, no drops in fps. And the option to customize the hotkeys.


So uh. Any chance we ever get the additional cutscenes and missions? Or that the EULA will EVER change?


“You lied to your fans and betrayed the people who preordered from you. What’s happening to you Arthas Blizzard?”


So basicaly you will do nothing. I as a lore fan am very angry like many people with the campaigns you gave us. And no i dont need any new things added but you didnt even use 20% of the new assets you added to the editor so that you can make the layouts of the maps better. The changes you made were probably stitched together 10 days before lounch or something. Silvermoon looks like a Water park and Dalaran like a set from a Super Mario game. I am going to leave this link here if you read at all the feedback we give to see what 1 guy did that respects the lore it would seem more then you do using all the assets you made yourselves and didnt use : xhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INJrfi2UuoU


Thanks for the update. Been loving the game.


dear Kaivax…

aside from the bug issues, let’s focus on the campaign and the cutscenes issue, we DO NOT want to relive the original spirit of WC3, we’ve lived it for 18 years, we’re ready for a fresh take on the campaign, no, I’m not talking about drastically changing it, I’m talking about what you presented on blizzcon, we want that, do NOT force (the original spirit) on us, we didn’t pay for that, we payed for the fresh take on this story, the New UI, new voice overs and all…

it is always a good idea to make “two options” for players on how they want to relive the story, save this game, I did NOT pay for an HD upgraded models only, we’re willing to wait more if that what it took


Show, dont tell, i dont have any faith in you as a company anylonger, so all this is to me is a bunch of excuses with nothing to show for all your mistakes, i dont care if you’re sorry, your excuses wont make the game any better.


Relating to the cutscenes, there are certain cutscenes that are better, some are worse. I don’t think actually fulfilling your promise of the more cinematic cutscenes will take away from the original experience. It will only ADD to it, because it connects us more with the characters and the stories, rather than the camera being so far away from all the action. Again, It’s not terrible, there are some nice shots, but there are some obvious downgrades, like the ending of the Culling mission, where Arthas shouts at Mal’Ganis, in Classic he does an animation, in Reforged he just stands there awkwardly.


I did´t want to refund, but this “update” could change my opinion. How can you write this after all the feedback you have recieved, pathetic. Where is the blizzard I fell in love with.


Warcraft is Blizzard’s top IP…

I think this project had a huge opportunity to retain fans and bring in new ones. It was not the one to outsource and undercut.

Wish I knew what caused the game to be delivered in its current state. My best guess is a small budget with unforgiving time constraints.

Either way, no one wins here and it’s a shame. I’ll be eagerly waiting for a ladder and watching players slowly leave.

Best of luck to the Blizz employees who see this as their passion project and still want to right the ship.


Please take a look at all the remakes and remasters done in the past few years. Take their pros and cons, bad and good decisions, and look at the final product that you’ve delivered and ask yourselves: Is this the level of quality Blizzard should deliver? Is this what our playerbase was expecting? Is this what WE expected, besides the obvious money income?

Taking care of your playerbase is something you should have learned after the Diablo Immortal fiasco. As an old hardcore Blizzard fan I can say, this direction is worrying me.


^ That is a load of crap.


Please give us the old ladder, stats and profiles



  • cutscene (albeit rebuilt with new animations and the higher fidelity art)
    90% of the cutscene is the same of 17 year ago or with the new animation you
    mean walk instead run?for stratholme for example you remove the finger point
    animation for uther
  • for talk the promise you promise to not change the voice and dialogue but
    maintaine that promise only in English, you change last day patch all other
    language dialogue withoute make the choise (that you tell at blizzcon9 to choise
    to use old or new voice.And also if we would to make different language for text
    and audio we cannot make it like all other blizzard game
  • what about the terrain texture we had see on 2018?in beta there are 1000 feedback
    aboat that and remain the same, like portrait that seem plastic and many issue
    with the light

and for the purge of all old-client?i can’t anymore download the old copy
for play offline or for play in my old laptop.I have the old cd, i’m lucky on that at least make a download patch for 1.29 that was the last patch with xp support and 32 bit. I prefer pay 30$ dollar for that.

p.s.=at leaste remove the word beta from the option menù


Related to that, as we talked about last year at BlizzCon, we did not want the in-game cutscenes to steer too far from the original game

So why did you show off higher quality versions of cutscenes (looking at you Culling of Stratholme) at blizzcon if you didn’t intend to release it with the launch of the game?


If there is no change besides graphics than why play on reforged.

PLS bring classic client back, classic names back (still cant link my 5 different accounts), custom campaigns.

You say you wanted to preserve the core of wc3 story and what not. That just sounds like a scape goat to say you couldn’t make it. But why not just make an updated story option while keeping the classic there.