Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

Im sorry you are 20 probably, so you dont know how that back in the day there wasnt something called internet, so devs released finished games with no gamebreaking bugs, because they didnt outsource their games, and did proper beta testing rather than letting the consumer do the job on top of PAYING for the game.


I’m enjoying the game a lot, personally. Love the new graphics. I appreciate all the hard work. Keep it up!


The plan is to lure a billionarie into buying out Activisions shares maybe just maybe Blizzard will go back to making quality tested games with amazing content and story like they used to do for years.


Many reasons. One will be to combine the players of both versions! How would it be to have 2 separated version of the same game?! You have the old W3 Classic within the Reforged client now, minus some features from this post, like Ladders, Clans, Profile, etc, which will be added.

Anything else I’m missing here?

Give me back my classic client. I did not ask for reforged or cared for it, I want to enjoy the game in peace with a working client!


and we want to preserve the true spirit of Warcraft III and allow players to relive these unforgettable moments as they were (albeit rebuilt with new animations and the higher fidelity art).

What about EULA rights??? (this is a big part of why this game will fail, pls fix it (you can’t just own our moral rights and our idea of what we create in world editor.)


Separate Classic and Reforged and we’re good.


Poor answer without any commitment.
I’m not even surprised.

You should enable refund to all, go back to beta stage, fix it all even if it take half year and for love of God, bring back classic as it was…


You’re a bunch of liars and you cashed in on nostalgia. Enjoy the long fall to the bottom.


Well, basically they will fix what is already broken, nothing hopeful for their customers. With respect to the big patch because it doesn’t attract much attention to me personally, I prefer that they change the interface, add more history and an option to make personalized campaigns with alternative stories of the game. In addition, the excuse of not adding anything to the story seems to be a simple desire not to labor or earn more money, making less literally.


Blizzard was (almost) ALWAYS owned by another company. Having another “billionaire” at the helm, does not guarantee in any shape or form, that Blizzard will go back to their roots.

I agree, Blizzard is no more the same company, but also is not THAT bad of a company like some from here are trying to imply.

The only option for Blizzard is to buy THEMSELF out from Activision and start being independent. But then again, we will still have no insurance that they will be back to their roots, mainly because the people who were involved at Blizzard 20 years ago vs the ones today.

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How do we go about getting a refund?


Yeah, make a separate, new campaign, a whole new experience and leave the classic untouched. That’d be nice. I really don’t understand that explanation “we didn’t change the cutscenes because we wanted to keep the original Warcraft III spirit”. Well, guess what, if someone wants to experience original Warcraft they have classic. So that explanation does not make any sense at all.


That’s not what was (and still is) advertised. If I wanted to “relive these unforgettable moments as they were”, I would play the original WC3 non-reforged. Oh wait, you screwed that up as well.


That, or because the same people which are crying now, would of cry OUT LOAD, that the new story parts sucks, not part of the original, doesn’t fit in W3 , etc.

Please WIII Team, fix this! This game is half of my life, you can do better. Keep going!


yeah, i would like to play an rts without lockups every 2seconds…


So nothing about custom games and custom campaigns? Seriously this is what made Warcraft 3, to have all that just go to waste is so disgusting.


Translation: We can’t be bothered to deliver what we promised. Here’s our BS reasons why.


If you don’t incorporate the link classic account feature soon, might as well remove it. Old profiles disappear after a certain amount of time, so this is a fix you should consider putting at the top of your priority list with your other Battlenet fixes.