Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

Blizzcon 2018 UI pls


So the company decided to give it out to someone else to create. Gotcha.

Graphics aside, if you weren’t able to ship out a proper upgrade to what the base game was in TWO YEARS, no one has any expectations that you will be able to make anything good out of the existing situation for quite some time in the future.

You only had to build on top of the already flawless foundations, but instead you decided to strip the game of even more essential features than the number of newly introduced ones.

Only good thing that came out of all this mess is the influx of new users to the platform and the ability for users to cross play using old/new versions within the same client.

To be honest, at this point none of us are interested in hearing about what you plan on doing to improve the product. Those that refunded the game might be a little harder to convince than some of us like me that held out by not liking the new aesthetics from the very start.

If you want anyone to spend money on your game, come with some results that you would be proud of. This is not aimed at the developers within the company nor the ones that the majority of the game was outsourced to. It’s a disaster, disgrace and some heads from the top management should be waiting for us in the basket by the end of the week. Shareholders should be as disappointed and worried as much as the customers are.


All you needed to do was preserve the story. Using modern cinematic techniques would only enhance the original experience.


Didn’t you REMOVE Reign Of Chaos because you were unable to fix the bug that you yourselves caused, where TFT and ROC players were matching eachother in the ladder?

The resources excuse is just lame.


And Custom Campaigns???


What about the campain REFORGED? i want the one that you primised in 2018 not that lazzy work that you done.


Please, tell me why.

Why it’s so difficult to remaster Warcraft 3, when you have all the cards in your hand. Why did you mess up so hard. Why it’s so difficult to listen the community

I can’t believe, when the game was “over”, someone said “oh the game is perfect. This will really please fans”. No way.


Then why did you changed all the voice acting ? Was it even important to start with ?


Well there is no new information or no changes from what was already expected. Guess its over and done with. Blizzard will not do anything for the die hard fans who were playing Warcraft 3 on battle.net for years and years. With no warning they deleted that and everything that came with it, the friends you met, the clans you played on, the profile you had. All gone with no warning, and NO APOLOGY!


Too little too late, Blizz.
If you divulged a lot of the info in that bluepost prior to the release then maybe a lot of people wouldn’t feel so cheated and lied to about the game. I hope for your sake that you do this in the future with your games.
Refusing refunds because people launched the game is disgusting especially when the game is falsely advertised and you will not see a penny from me until after reviews for future games.

You burned a lot of people with this nightmare. This is your fault.


What about Custom Campaigns being missing?
What about being forced to be online to play single-player custom games and losing the ability to pause the game in the process?
What about all the Frozen Throne units that inexplicably appear in the Reign of Chaos campaign, which is utterly untrue to the lore and the original game?
What about all the missing dialogue from the original campaign that was cut?

The cutting of existing content should have been addressed by this. It’s absurd that it wasn’t.


Let’s be fair. The only thing you’re bothered about here is the fact it’s become a refund meme and that you’ve been called out for the just a straight up cash grab. You’ve assumed the blizz community would put up with it but you’ve managed to force most of those away by releasing a game that’s literally way worse than the original. It’s a lack of care, it’s a lack of professionalism, it’s a lack of any respect for the player base. Blizzard have been found out, its been coming ever since you got into bed with Activision. You’ve released a game that shouldn’t even be in alpha.


Early access and preorders is what destroyed the gaming industry. Blizzard realized their old model of “it’s done when it’s done” doesn’t work anymore; it’s cheaper to export all development to a Malaysian company that doesn’t understand Warcraft and have it released with 50% of the promised features.


!@#$ the true spirit of warcraft III. I’m paying 30€ for this “Original spirit”?


0.5/10 PR Move. I have refunded and I doubt I’ll be coming back unless there is a major overhaul. Oh and by the way the bug you’ve identified has been there for over 3 months in the beta!

How about releasing a finished product next time?


If you care so much about the game, visuals, and the players, why did you outsource work to malaysia…?

If you care so much about the game why did you release an unfinished product…?


Bugs happen all the time. Like literally, all the time. For new games, new patches, etc , they happen!


So you banned all host bots and removed their features like reconnecting or statistics across multiple games, i.e. ranking for custom games. Please specify how we can do competitive custom games in the future. Will you provide an API for that? Or give us a reasoning at least that does not say “opening ports”, because you could still just offer an API for bots as a secondary method …

Also, do you plan to change the EULA for the World Editor?



Do you unironically think that bug where the only issue with this game ?


What is your statement on removed classic client? Are you gonna bring it back? Please, make up your mind, so i can decide whether to try to get a refund or not…