Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

Please fix Clans at least? Let us import our old accounts? … No profiles… are you all serious? its 2020… 2002 game was better …

"Related to that, as we talked about last year at BlizzCon, we did not want the in-game cutscenes to steer too far from the original game. We went a little deeper into the thought process behind that at the show, but the main takeaway is that the campaigns tell one of the classic stories in Warcraft history, and we want to preserve the true spirit of Warcraft III and allow players to relive these unforgettable moments as they were (albeit rebuilt with new animations and the higher fidelity art)."

This just confuses me honestly, and doesn’t really address the whole criticism of reforged at all, let alone gives us an answer, to a point where I don’t really understand why you’d even bring it up this way.

It doesn’t matter that you had a second thought about the classic campaign, what matters is what you promised without telling us what was to be suspected. If the classic mattered that much, why even reforge the campaign at all? Why do people we never heard of give invisible feedback? So are we getting the new cutscenes or not? If we are, will they come with a new campaign to ‘keep in line’ with the lore which was also promised? Is this a remaster or a remake?


Why shout, if it will be possible to play in the old version.

I am at loss of words after reading this.

What troubles me is that you WILL inform us, in the future, about what WILL come further down the future, such as pvp ladder - which should have been there.
No response on the lackluster art, from the UI to the Non-animated Portraits.
No roadmap for updates, or what your goals are (just generic support comments)

The lack of communication from your part, or the fact that you took 5 days to make this non-apology response is what seems most troubling for your company.

A pity because I expected from you guys a “Blizzard Quality” game. Not this meme.


I think they never exist, except for a couple of people who said - “We do not need changes - and reforg is not needed either. Don’t touch our charm”(So funny - how much they were right)
And these invisible fans who demanded reforg without reforging company are an excuse for laziness.

please guys do something with the pc of lower 3gb to lower spects i cant enable the reforged and i try anything and i see much freezing on the game and lag on single player. I hope we can be hear

company is full of balony, bring back the old wc3 battlenet and repair the damage u have done to people who did not buy this game or the people who refunded it, we want old classic wc3 without broken stuff and 20 gigs of useles data


The only way for you to play WC3 is to get the old version of the game client. I hope you still have a disk from 2002 or yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

This “reforged game” slows down even on top-end PCs. The warcraft engine does not pull materials of this size. They were very stupid without converting the game to the Starcraft engine

Please reconsider, and bring back tournaments. The reason they weren’t being used is because, as others said, they were buggy and full of hackers. Ideally you will have fixed these issues by now.

Tournaments were the biggest thing I was looking forward to. I’m not even mad about the laziness of everything else, just bring back tournaments.

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Why should we believe anything Blizzard has to say from this point moving forward?


any plans on reverting the EULA, and when will (if at all) custom campaigns be added? Right now they are officially unplayable.

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Until now, Blizzard also believes that battles and commitments have affected the player experience. In fact, the most important thing is that the game screen is too bad! Especially gloomy! Especially fuzzy! Especially ugly!

The carnival version of 2018 is correct, and the picture is barely visible. The remastered version of Warcraft can attract tens of millions of MOBA and RPG players in China and earn billions of dollars, but you ruin your income.


I think no. EULA is a protection against the fact that their map editor would not use other studios to create prototypes of they games.

To play in user companies - use the old Warcraft client that is not join to the battle.net

Good morning. Demo 2018 - it was a make-up engine Starcraft2.

"We know this update doesn’t address all questions"

Dam right it doesn’t!

"We did not want the in-game cutscenes to steer too far from the original game"

What BS! People didn’t want you to change the story making the cutscenes more epic and cinematic is what we wanted! Talk about twisting words so you can do less work!

You had days to dream this post up and this is all you are willing to offer; what a joke!


Blizzard is honestly such a joke right now.


No Man’s Warcraft 3


Thank you for the reply, honestly I feel the game is decent, while there is aspects of wc III OG that are still ahead of the reforged version, I do feel that things will get patched. Honestly I have not seen this much anger in the forums since Diablo 3 Auction House fisaco, however the game was changed and now is one of the best blizzard games around.

I feel given time things will be patched , it is a lot harder to have a game run to versions of the same game at the same time and keep things running. The game is at least a solid 5 - 6 do to some of the extreme technical issues with parts of the mp being released at a later time. Keep up the good work.


100% that is total BS.

The concern was changing the original story not updating cutscenes. Blizzard has twisted this so they didn’t have to do any work.

This gets more unreal by the second!


But we were told that there would be those changes 1 YEAR LATER, ONLY 2 MONTHS FROM THE GAME, what did you know if people would like that?

This post does not solve anything, give what you promised without excuses and everyone will be happy, if you want to keep the classic campaign, optimize the game, change the EULA (INCENTIVATE PEOPLE !!!), add the cinematics with which we are selling the game since they announced it until today, put two buttons inside the campaign button, one that says “CLASSIC CAMPAIGN” with everything that the current campaign has, and another that says “CAMPAIGN REINFORCED” for those of us who want what we want. they sold in the BlizzCon of 2018 with their respective retcon, the wow faithful maps, the cinematics and so on, if you really think that Warcraft 3 is the general column for you, why do you spare resources still? Look at Metacritic and how I shut up your bag after this, do you not realize?

Do what you need, what you promised and what the people wanted, don’t put excuses now that “we don’t think …” You provoked it and you fix it.