Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

Then i wont buy it…the 2018 demo is why i got hyped, ( not the cutscenes, the terrain n the models ) i dont like this extra bright look with plastic toy buildings.
BTW what about the UI? is that also part of the engine that they cant change it ? why they did it in the first place? does not make sense, i dont believe its only for marketing.

The real core issue is the EULA, honestly… Blizzard, or the people who now own Blizzard, underestimated the strength of the open source community and the social interaction that was integral to their games. Blizzard was, infact, an open-source phenomenon. When you get greedy like that, and you’ve built a franchise largely on the backs of user-contributed content and social interactions, expect problems. And yes some of your fans are borderline-personality disordered temper tantrum throwing brats, but blame yourselves for knowing no limits, lacking morality and getting greedy. Blizzard / those in charge of Blizzard have shown they fundamentally do not understand what really drives their community, and keeps it alive … and by extension their game sales / reputation - and actively they’re ruining their reputation as a gaming company.
Could you not have just been content with being the largest, most successful gaming franchise out there? In hindsight, your actions have infact been horrible business decisions. Hell, you could even have used another business model - find the best, most popular user created maps … contact their creators, offer to purchase their maps and have blizzard officially host them. Do it only for specific maps… profit? No need to strangle the open source community whatsoever… how difficult is it? Hell, you could even stipulate that you have exclusive rights to purchase the map ~after it reaches a certain popularity~, and leave other maps alone. You don’t understand your own company, what made it what it was… why are you in charge? (whoever is making the EULA decisions). You should not be in charge honestly.
When will you recognize the strength of growing an opensource community around your franchises? What do you think led to the WoW phenomenon? It was, in large part, culture based - it was the opensource Wc3 community that preceded it. What do you think ~kept WoW going all those years…~? It was not hacking away at some interesting new model, it was the community itself. You have WoW and Overwatch, … how much more money do you need? But you strangle the life out of your company…
Greed… it doesn’t always pay. If you’ve got something great going… why change it?
TBH whoever thought it was a good idea to do this to the EULA (of sc2 and this game) should have been fired a long time ago, they deeply misunderstood what made Blizzard successful, both of these games would have been so much more otherwise. The person who made this decision does not understand what it means to contribute or grow a company, and they don’t understand the relationship between a truly great game company and its user base.


once a lier Always a lier. Blizzard 2020

With all due respect to the developers, who I am sure have an undeniable passion for this game, I don’t think anyone really buys this argument. I was there in the audience at BlizzCon when you made this statement, and it just was a massive red flag to me. While you definitely seemed to touch each mission in some way, they were largely just reskins of the original missions, with all of them being the same except Stratholme.

Nobody in any universe would make the logical conclusion that this was done to “preserve the true spirit of Warcraft III”, especially with a company that has a pretty strong recent track record of cost-cutting at every opportunity. This reeks of cost-cutting, especially given the initial advertising on this matter.

Besides that, the missions are riddled with mistakes, such as high elf units having green eyes in the first Undead campaign, Arthas’ eye color changing prematurely, in the last mission, and the awkward camera angles and movements of some of the newer cutscenes. It feels like a rushed product.

Again, I am sure the developers did the best they could with the resources they had, but this product just feels so unfinished. It makes me believe you lost resources halfway through and had to make do with what you had.


Não olhem para outros títulos e por ventura pensem que algum deles precisem de uma “reforjada”.
Ninguém mais quer ver algo “reforjado” por aqui.

I will not bash the game, because I didn’t buy reforge. I will say though, by not allowing users to play the original, that is where things are not right.

When warcraft 1+2 came out, they were at the Apex of the RTS genre. The only other game that stood out was Red Alert at the time. Then came star craft, and wow did that give people the chills. The visions and insight was amazing. Then finally Warcraft 3 was released. The jaw dropping story line, the character voices, the head to head or coop vs bots. The campaign was enthralling and the story was told so well that it built the World of Warcraft legacy.

Warcraft 3 was a symbol of freedom in games. It gave people creative rights to be able to make maps on any given night and test them out with friends. It brought back similar feels that StarCraft did in custom gaming modes. It gave people an unbelievable experience and a great game to replay for very little disc space.

Now the game is 25+ gigabytes. It has more bugs than new content. It took away core functionality in which enriched the game and the player experience. It instead tried to stream line the gaming experience and push for very little GUI overhauls and very little video cinematic refactoring. It kept the voice work and did very little to expand the intellectual property.

People grew up playing both WC and Wow, we remember the stories of the frozen throne and arthus. We know why the plaguelands are the way they are. All we asked for was to redo the graphics in a more current engine.

I have not bought the game, so I really don’t have a say, but I did buy the original and I can’t play it as before. Why remove content from the original and force players into a stream line launcher. Please hire the quality assurance to manually test your software. Keep quality engineers here in the states. Do not outsource for low cost, or pretty soon, you will be known as a company who tarnished the brand.

Release a game that was advertised and not misrepresented.


All right. What was demonstrated in 2018, it was a map on the starcraft engine at maximum graphics settings.

They could put together a game in the movement of SC2. But too greedy. They did not want to spend money and time on remaking the company’s missions.

A couple of years ago. I saw interviews with programmers who are afraid to touch the Warcraft UI engine. Too deeply inscribed in the game. This in Stracraft UI is easily modified even in the map editor

If you “reforged” the cutscenes, I was willing to purchase the game after it was refunded some days ago. However, it is now clear that there is no intention of you fixing this broken promisse.

This game had so much potential, and now it is completely wasted. Good job, Blizzard. What is the next game your are planning to “Reforge”, so I can be prepared for my next disapointment?


where do you readed?

I have only one question.
Do you plan to separate the old War3 from the reforged ?
Because I’m not touching the new one, and the old Warcraft 3 was ruined with the merge.
I’d love to go back to playing the old War3 on LAN with my friends.

So let me get this straight… The updated cutscenes that made fantastic use of the new models were cut because Blizzard wanted to preserve the spirit of the original campaign? Preserving the original campaign was also the reason for cutting the ‘remastered campaign’ which was supposed to update the lore, correct?

Then I’m left with two questions:

  1. Why is the one cutscene that actually was remade used to advertise the game on the official website? Why is “4+ hours of reforged in-game cutscenes” still advertised on the official website? If these aren’t going to be in the game, then stop advertising them.

  2. If the reforged campaign was cut for the sake of preserving the original, for pleasing all of the purists that supposedly told Blizzard not to touch the original story, then why is the campaign changed anyway? Why is the layout of Stratholme, Dalaran, and Silvermoon different? Why is it no longer raining before the culling, and why has the death of Sylvanas been made to more closely resemble her Warbringers cinematic? Why has Anasterian and Thalorien been added to the campaign with their own unique character models?

This whole “we wanted to preserve the original campaign” spiel feels extremely disingenuous.


2013-2016? It was in the news message of warcraft - I don’t remember exactly the year. They talked about the introduction path of new permitted for wide monitors for the classic WC3.
And they apologized for not being able to change UI in game. Cos they cant.

So at Blizzcon 2018 everything they said was a lie, cause everything they have done was in starcraft engine, means they haven’t started working on W3R at all, they got the models from Lemonsky, now it all make sense, the beta and the silence for a year. Good job Blizzard.


With regards to the enhanced cutscenes? I have to say that is a bit of a weak excuse. When people said they didn’t want you altering the story? They were referring to writing significant new portions of content for characters that had previously had none.

I feel that you could have presented the cutscenes that were shown at Blizzcon like the Culling of Stratholme and it still would have remained faithful to the original story. There is a difference between presenting a beloved story in a new way with the aid of new tech and retconning things as you discussed to fit with “World of Warcraft” which is what many had issue with. And now you are using those shots from Blizzcon in advertising the game leading to allegations of false advertising and broken promises. If your using them as promotional material then you as in Blizzard must feel that they are indeed better than what is in game currently. Your still advertising 4+ hours of reforged in-game cutscenes on the official website.

The other sticking point is still the EULA that is going to remain a thorn in the side for custom content. Because of how draconian it is? You have ensured people are going to be less keen to create new maps and content when they are not guaranteed even something as simple as being credited for their work. A reason why the original persisted for so long is because of the community and custom content.

Appreciate the response as it’s more than we have had and honestly I wish it had come sooner. I really don’t envy the community manager’s jobs and do hope you guys can turn it around. But I am disappointed.


Any plans to give units more animation variety, or is Lemon Sky out of the picture now? Some of the units in Reforged have LESS animations than their Classic counterparts, with a few dozen units merely having their Attack 1 animations being copied to their Attack 2 animation slot.

There are quite a few animation-related issues and the team should take a look:

Daaaang >.< I was really hoping they’d put automated tournaments back in. Feelsbadman :’(


Eula is protection from the fool. Any large company with good lawyers recognizes the nullity of the contract. As Valve did in due time in relation to DOTA.

One more thing xD
The trees, just like the units, why are not updated just like the demo? any idea? do u think they are the same beta-demo trees model with no effect?


I’m tired of repeating. It was a starcraft engine.Seen by render, Path Finder and Lighting. Oh yes and no bugs.

Too many animations within the WC3 engine will - the game will not withstand and will crash. It is easy to see that without this WC3R constantly loses data from memory. (Loss of sound, animations, textures)


Units are better than demo. they need fix the trees.