Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

Gives us Warcraft III back.

That’s it.

That’s all you have to do to fix this.

Decouple the original Warcraft III and Reforged.


Anyone else like how Blizzard tried to gaslight everyone in the post to ignore their responsibility and make it sound like they aren’t breaking their promises?


My god…what happened to this company?.


They can’t. Its a game engine from 2000.

This is an SMM manager - his job is to explain other people’s failures. He did not participate in the work on the game. To demand something from him is that there is water from a goose. Give us a really responsible person: Producer, Team Leader, Art Director.



I know you probably won’t rely this message or even read it. Just realize there are A LOT of long time Blizzard fans who over the years of “do you not have phone” moments have lost faith in the company. What the final product of Reforged has done has only solidified these views of disappointment to your company.

This game is so bad, it actually attacked my childhood.


Assimilation by Activision, which began in 2008, has been successfully completed.


I also find it odd that they send some CM to write this post. Most other responses from other devs, including Blizzards own had the Lead Dev or Producer come to address an apology. Hell even Mike Morhaim once had to come to the forums to quell the flames on Diablo 3. And here, they send some CM to the wolves.
One with no real apology or real answers at whats to come than “obvious” patching out bugs, and stabilizing the game and i guess the removed chat features which will take months probably to come. I don’t see them ever bringing any of the “promised” hyped features, no update to UI, or reforged cut scenes, and likely no update to customize hotkeys. Wish i was wrong, but it’s unlikely they will go beyond just simple patches.


What they mean there is “make it yourself”

Os recursos do clássico que vocês tiraram, e as cerca de 4 horas de animações novas que prometeram e outra coisa: Estão mostrando no site do “jogo” e no launcher uma cinemática que simplesmente não existe.
Preciso dizer que isso é picaretagem? Uma empresa deste tamanho com uma atitude como esta não é diferente do vendedor do Alliexpress que vende um produto e envia a caixa vazia.

we miss you :Ccccccccccccccccccccccccc

I would love to see the quality-of-life features you added to StarCraft 2 over the years. Keybinds, Streamlined UI, Able to select all army and group more than 12 units. Just take the things we love in StarCraft 2 and put it in! Please. Do right by one of the greatest games of all time.


Damn, this post was just some damage control. Basically the game will stay garbage, but now with less bugs.


Aka “Everything good about Reforged is going to come from Classic, we are just gonna repack it”.

And what about the damn bans for players helping players?
J Allen Brack and Bobby Kotick need to go #StandWithHongKong

How do u know that they can’t update the engine?
How they added option for violence switch ? why can’t they add for other things ?
That is my main problem with the game after they fix the bugs and everything Kaivax mentioned.

Because a full update takes time. This is not done in a couple of months. So they throw shaders. Change the Main menu to the Chrome browser.

How much did Starcraft develop? 6 years since 2004. But at the core he had just the WC3 engine

Then go takedown the cutscene on your website, youtube, etc that MISLEADS EVERYONE into thinking they would still be done in that style. Also this is a poor excuse because you originally planned to allow people to play both the original and new version of the campaign. Except now we’re in a world where you can’t play the original version and current/new STILL has some changes anyway so it’s not identical to the old one.

This is a poor excuse. You guys cut corners left and right and it damn well shows whether you want to admit it or not.

Also, give us Aussie servers. All your other games have them (outside sc:remastered maybe? - wc3 is a waaay bigger game for aussies though), SC2 your other RTS has them. Also add in a preferred server option like SC2 & HOTS.

Get to work.


atleast 2560x1080 is listed in config that why is supported in window mode. for 3440x1440 it’s not even listed(where’s no way overwrite or change it, since there’s no configuration for that in engine settings). It becomes something that hard to even wish to your worst enemy


I think with regard to cutscenes, people just want the overhauled experience shown off at the Blizzcon demo. That doesn’t mean straying away from the original story; it means altering camera angles, taking that opportunity to highlight the enhanced art assets and visuals. I appreciate the update, however I feel more must be done to adequately make amends with the Warcraft III community.

This was written by someone who doesn’t even play video games.