Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update — Player Profiles

Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update — Player Profiles

For this month’s update, we want to dive into our next high priority feature currently in development: Player Profiles.

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that is. can you save notes on other players? nm that’s useful.


Even if that were good I would’t buy it.

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Months. Say it ain’t so. :frowning:

Why would the match history be placed so prominently instead of statistics for different game modes? Do I really have to click on each 1v1, 2v2, 2v2 at, 3v3, … tab individually to see the players stats for those modes? Why no quick preview for past matches instead like in the Dota 2 profile and then you can click on it and see past matches?

Has any of the devs actually played the game, or any game for that matter?

“For Reforged, we felt it was very important to maintain this.”

No, the truth is you felt you could simply ignore it.
Then, after 8 months of complains, you added just part of it back.

See? If you said something like

“For Reforged, we had missed it, but thanks to many posts, we have realized that it was very important to maintain this.”

Right perspective -> Nice customers


NEXT FEW MONTHS :clown_face: :poop:


The Personality campaign and the Reforged campaign are coming in a year or two.
Try looking at program 1 \ 4 programmer. xD


Would be amazing if you guys also can add a “zoom out” feature. It’s coming really handy playing on Pad’s ladder with 24 inch monitor, I have to zoom out; otherwise its like am playing WOW.


Wasn’t expecting this Developer Update to come a month after the Ranked Play one. Great Job Blizzard, nice that the ladder and profiles will be coming together in the 1.33 patch. BUT in “the next coming months” like are you serious. This might make some people happy and rebuild trust with the playerbase but I will trust you once I see it. This is just another proof that Reforged should have either been announced at Blizzcon 2019 or delayed for at least 2 years even with the Pre-orders.


they would have to refund all preorders coz EU consumer law states that u cant sell something incomplete more than one year into the future (or something along those lines.)


Could care less. You’re bringing in exactly what we had before. Everything was available to us at battle . net. W3champions still provides more detailed statistics for those who still care about the intergity of wc3. I certainly don’t. The games dead and nothing matters. Unless you’re adding in more servers or host bots then just stop. You’ve killed the game and now you’re hyping up a major content patch in a couple of months? Why hold onto features and release it as one giant patch? We all know how much bugs comes with your updates. Just release whatever you had planned feature by feature so the bugs can be fixed.
One giant content patch sounds like a giant mess that you won’t be able to clean up. It’ll most likely be the last thing this team does with the game before moving onto whatever poo they have planned next and we’ll never get the fixes we need.


this is nothing to be remotely excited about. it’s nothing new. it’s nothing innovative, it’s nothing that’s not existing at W3Champions, it’s not even a big upgrade compared to the 20 year old battle.net.

i don’t know what you get paid for. Pad created more exciting profiles one week after Reforged was released. I hope you’re ashamed of what you call work


Oh, by the way, since the main interface problem seems to be related to text frames I guess that for typing 255 character it will take like another year?^^


not the way around…

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The fact that this isn’t ready at release and you decided to remove profiles, clans, ladder and custom campaigns and automated tournaments even though they were working properly is disgusting. There is no way to justify this. You gained nothing from taking away half the content of the old game. Instead, you lost tons of potential players and blizzard is forever branded as the company which killed not only one, but now two of their big franchises. The first one being Heroes of the Storm of course.

You should be ashamed of what you did. For the lies and all the features you overpromised and underdelivered. You could have just talked to us and said “we need more time.” Instead you remain silent and destroyed the work of the original developers.

You are still keeping up the scam that is marketing playable hero skins from the campaign. You are still trying to lure potential buyers in with false advertisement and blatant lies.

Shame on you! Blizzard is officialy dead and doesn’t care about making good games anymore.


Why I am even reading this?


Suggestions for player profiles:

  1. Landing page for player profiles should have aggregate statistics for each game type, not match history. When we open profile, show us a breakdown of win % by game type. I envision an ‘Overview’ tab as the landing page, with a ‘Match History’ to the right to look at specific matches. To the right of this tab, include a ‘Competitive Seasons’ match history tab.

  2. Add a thumbnail of the map played for each match in the match results.

  3. Provide a breakdown of win % by map and game type, as we had on classic battle.net ladder results. Add additional statistics that appeared on classic battle.net ladder results: average gold mined/minute, average lumber mined/minute, average hero kills/game, average hero deaths/game, longest win streak, longest losing streak, average match duration by game type (e.g. 1v1, 2v2, etc.).

  4. In match history in the player profile, display both our player race and the opponent(s) race.

  5. In match details following a game and when we click on match details in the profile, indicate each player’s race either with an icon or label.

  6. Include game duration, in addition to date and start time in match history.

  7. In the dropdown menu, arranged game types should appear together in sequential order after random team - e.g. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 2v2 arranged, 3v3 arranged, 4v4 arranged.

  8. Allow direct access to a match replay when viewing match details of previously played games.

  9. Add graphs to the match results with resources, largest army, units killed, buildings razed, and hero experience gained.

  10. In the lower lefthand side with Lifetime Stats, include a ‘Current Season’ tab with race, win, loss, and win %.

  11. Add achievements to the game.

  12. Move ‘Collections’ into the player profile, with the ability to select icons from here.


im surprised they said they are going to release this in the coming months again.


Wonder what pad ladder has in the next couple of months :innocent:


This project lacks accountability. The director is the main blame. the devs seem to be in over their head but who did the hiring? ish rolls down hill. should of remastered the game. we all play classic graphics, how are they gonna monetize skins for reforged, when it is terrible to play/look at. They have the blue print for stats from overwatch, and the ladder from sc2 but refused to use it? The leader of this team is the main issue, and the troops follow, or maybe its laziness. bad habits are contagious in any work place, if the boss doesn’t care why on earth will you care. the project lacks passion. it’s a true clock in, clock out job.
P.S. If they start off a patch note saying “ZugZug” ever again im flying down to the next blizzcon, and slappin’ the hell outta them. enoughs enough!