Warcraft 3 Reforged, release date?

wow classic will likely not require a lot of work since they likely just dig out the old version. on the other hand, the 2 games might attract different people.

The ‘end of 2019’ date is more like a safety net than 100% set in stone date.

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Most likely other way, they might release reforged before WoW Classic to build more hype for it.


I , for one, would not have bought it already if I’d paid attention and saw that it was 2019. Hell, I might not be alive in a freekin year. I preordered it when they first started advertising (I’ll admit the meat wagon for WOW was a big selling point - but do we even know when that will be in game? )


The mount for WoW came out this week, Monday I believe. Still have to wait until some time in 2019 to get pet for Diablo3.

Look at this guys:

Reforged will be released until November 2nd.

APM are you from germany?
Are you still active on Europe bnet?

only RoC ? no TFT contents???

click on TFT icon close to “Single player” button.

ewww… end of 2019… which means they have a year to gather pre-purchasers. nice move, blizz… nice move.

I wouldn’t have pre-ordered it either…no solid date and just a mount and they other perks aren’t even available either. You don’t set something up for sale and not even have a vague guess at when you are releasing it. Oh gee by the end of next year.

they say on or before December 31st purely because they are legally required to have a date to be able to offer pre-orders. they have no clue when it will be done but know it will be in 2019.

I had the feeling that the 12/30/2019 release date was an estimate but what people also need to realized that from the other forum topics the Game itself is in at worst Alpha or Pre beta or at best mid Beta version. that alone tells me that the game is close to being released in full because they did the same to the WoW Expansions if I recall correctly. however to be honest Warcraft 3 is my all time fav and it is worth the wait


Maybe the initial question was about if there was any news for an early release date?

Jokes on you. You were my google search result.

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Several months after WOW Classic

When is the release date?

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Will be disclosed in 2 days

Today is November 30th. I hope it comes out in the next month sometime.

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