Warcraft® III: Reforged Update – 1.33.0 PTR Patch

Warcraft® III: Reforged Update – 1.33.0 PTR Patch

We have a new update in the works which brings Ranked and Unranked play, Leaderboards, Player Profiles, and more.

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Reconnection button and original way of hosting custom games not relying on 43242ping and disconnections?
…maybe a proper menu too?


obviously i want to be excited but i have no faith in your company. how can i even be excited? you call yourself the “warcraft 3 team” now? there were people working on this game who cared and were laid off for it…

when you call yourself “warcraft 3 team,” even though we modded warcraft 3 for twenty years and you didnt as much, it basically means youre announcing you want to hurt us more, and you’re ignorant of that you’re even doing that


Please prove me wrong???

now i will go check what this patch contains and research your plans

2 years later and we get…ranked play? leaderboards? profiles? That’s it? Really, that’s what you’ve been working on this whole time?


I still can’t get over how bad the menu is. Those overlapping windows absolutely drive me insane.


Just launched the game, and very first game crashed after 5 min. ffs… I thought this issues with disconnection was fixed…

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This has been happening to me too! just recently. Cant even play a full game. Dont know if its the game or my computer?

2 Years…thats all we had to wait to finally see something from features the original game already had…2 years…


Wait, Reforged is out? The summoning worked!

Well, it’s a start.


Today seems to be the day of updating games that are waaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue.
Funny enough, Battlefield 2042, which tanked seemingly almost as bad as W3R, finally got its first significant update since its launch 8 months ago.

Its 2022 and all respectable games like csgo, battlefield, dota2 and just about any game out there have a disconnection protection as an assumed and expected functionality. Back in GProxy days I could restart my router and still remain in wc3 game. These days a 0.01 seconds hiccup in the connection will not even cause the “drop players” countdown, it will just disconnect you.

At this point its not even the Blizzard’s fault. Its playerbase not bumping Can u fix desync? - #52 by Woodeasy-1831 to the top and keeping it there until this is bloody well HOTFIXED. I don’t even play multiplayer anymore because I don’t want to invest my time into something that can just be taken out like that with a “you were disconnected” snap.

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This would be super appreciated!


Through the combination of official announcements, journalistic investigations, leaks, insider info, etc, it’s overly clear that development ceased at some point, likely late in 2020. So, it hasn’t been this whole time.

So for those who are still hoping for more original features like custom campaigns, etc, it appears that development simply picked up where it left off 2ish years ago. Meaning, there’s a possibility that there’s more down the road.

As for the menu lag, way back when Reforged was still being developed, I was working one-on-one with an SFA trying to toubleshoot the menu performance on my laptop. While chatting, the SFA did mention in passing that the dev teams were looking into a better technology for the menus. Disclaimer: This info was off the record (not official), AND it’s not known if they are still looking into it now. So take this last paragraph with a grain of salt.

Isn’t this an automated bot announcement ?

some moderators are gazing on these forums again though, so it seems.

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I cant download 1.33 , the option to download doesnt appear in the battle.net app, so i´m still in the 1.32 version.
Could it be because i havent bought “Reforged” and i play with the old key , which i have twice original since i bought ROC and TFT back in the days.

But it represents Reforged quite well^^

Please only blame the “MA INTERNEZ GUD! YO INTERNEZ BAD! ME NO LAG NO DISCONNECTZ! FIXZ YO CONNECTIONZ!” part of the community^^
I have reported this problem over and over and over…

This is what we all wished since ages ago…

Not really. You don’t need all this. Many people understood it 2 years ago at the first “soon” just considering the awful quality of the release. Then there has been a trail of “VV will magically fix everything!” or “they said soon so tomorrow we’ll have a brand new game!” or “we got footprints now it means they have already solved 99.9% of the problems!”.

Now they have built a ladder and it is on the testing server, it means that when they release it, there will be a ladder. This is a fact. All the "soon"s and so on of these 2 years just fed the minds of fools…


So I’m guessing we don’t have an assigned community member anymore. Was Kaivax fired or did he quit? the world may never know.

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I will not forget or forgive Blizzard for what they did to our beloved game, however, I am really happy to see progress and I optimistically hope that WC3R will one day reach its full potential. Lok’tar Ogar!

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